• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 Vote Here
  • Offline trophies: 31 (9, 17, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ hours Vote Here
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 with some backtracking
  • Number of missable trophies: 6 (Alternate Alias; Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer; Monster Master; Supporting Cast; A True Visionary; Medalhead)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to Dark Cloud 2. In this game, you play as Max, a young boy wanting to see the outside world. In his exploration, he gets caught in a mission to save the world. In order to do so, he will need to team up with Monica and go through the various dungeons and rebuild the world. In terms of trophies, the game is fairly simple. Nothing overly complicated, but they can be time-consuming.


This walkthrough is written as if you have not yet started the game and only wish to do one playthrough.

All links are used with permission from their original creators.

Step 1: Get the Camera

The camera is obtained naturally through the story. However, it is important that, once you obtain it, that you be on the lookout for missable photos and scoops, as they appear almost immediately. At this point, I recommend you pull up the web app made by Reddit user u/tedmeat. It is a nice checklist with all photos and scoops divided by the chapter they are found in.

After this step, you should have the following:

Tinkering Away
Freak Show

Step 2: Reach the Final Floor of Chapter 7

Proceed through the game, getting all of the scoops and ideas, along with as many medals as possible. You should also complete all of the Georama requirements in the "Analysis" menu. Stop before facing the boss of Chapter 7, however, as once you beat the boss here, you will be locked out of not only Moon Flower Palace and Kazarov Stonehenge, but all future areas as well.

After this step, you should have the following:

Weapon Synthesis
Playing with Time
Mechanical Upgrades
To the Outside World
Resurrection of the Great Elder
The Sage of the Stars
Good-Bye Shingala
Conflict of the Past and Future
When Two Eras Collide
Core Strength
Partners in Time

Step 3: Chapter 7 Clean-Up

Here, you will want to make sure you have all of the medals in the Moon Flower Palace dungeon along with all of the ideas and scoops found in Moon Flower Palace, Kazarov Stonehenge, and all future areas. Once you are sure that you have everything you need, you can go ahead and face the boss of this chapter.

After this step, you should have the following:

Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer
A Royal Arsenal
Palace of Flowers

Step 4: Chapter 8 & Medal Clean-Up

Next, you will want to proceed through the bonus dungeon, Zelmite Mine. Be forewarned, there is no mercy here. You will want ultimate weapons, and even then, it's tough. Even experienced players have trouble here. As you are going through, try to get as many medals as possible, as per usual. Don't forget about ideas and scoops, as there are a few in this dungeon. You might not need them to get to level 8 at this point, but you still need seeds for inventions.

You will also want to go back through the previous dungeons and get any medals you may have missed. At this point, those previous dungeons shouldn't present too much trouble.

After this step, you should have the following:

Fighting for Fun
The Forgotten Adventure

Step 5: Trophy Clean-Up

Here, you should get any trophies that you might not have gotten during your playthrough, like fishing-related trophies, inventing everything, and leveling monster transform.

After this step, you should have the following:

Past, Present, and Future
Birds and the Bees
Alternate Alias
Monster Master
What? Your Monster is Evolving!
Supporting Cast
Finny Frenzy First
A True Visionary
A Class of its Own

[PST would like to thank Exbando for this roadmap]

Dark Cloud 2 Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 17  4  )

  • Collect all trophies.

  • Synthesize a weapon.

    This trophy should come naturally as you progress through the game. The description is a little misleading, however. You don't need to synthesize a weapon necessarily. What you need to do is press and go to the "Item" menu. From here, select an item and press . Select "Spectrumize" from the little drop down menu and confirm how many you wish to spectrumize. After spectrumizing, take the new version of that item and place it on any weapon you have. This will increase the stats of your weapon slightly, and also net you this trophy. CAUTION: Your weapon must have more synthesis points than what you are placing onto it. The only way to get more synthesis points is to level up the weapon.

  • Create your first invention.

    Story related and cannot be missed. After you receive the camera from Cedric, you will be tasked with taking pictures of a belt, a milk can, and a pipe. Set the camera as an active item. While walking around, press to bring up the camera. Press again to take a picture. Once you have taken the pictures of what you need, press and go down to the "Make" menu. Select "New Invention" and select the three pictures with the button. Hit and confirm the invention. Congratulations, you've made your first invention and the trophy is yours!

  • Transform Monica into a monster.

    Story related and cannot be missed. In Chapter 2, you are required to get Sun Drops to access the boss of this chapter. To do so, you will need to transform into a Himarra monster and talk to one of the other Himarra monsters. To do this, you will need access to the Tailor Shop in Jurak Mall. You will need the following in the georama of Sindain to make this shop: 15 river parts placed, nose tree between eye trees, nose and eye trees near river, Gordon and Adel reside in Sindain, and 30 culture points. Once you have this, travel to the future, talk to the Firbit running the Tailor Shop in Jurak's nostril, and purchase the Himarra Transformation Badge for 500 gilda.

    Once you have the badge, go to the first floor of Rainbow Butterfly Wood. There are 2 ways to transform into a monster. Either press and select "Character," go to the left and select "Monster Transform," and finally select the badge and select "Transform" from the drop-down menu, or simply press as Monica while walking around in the dungeon. You will get the trophy as soon as you have transformed.

  • Breed a pair of fish.

    To breed a pair of fish, you will first need an aquarium. You are required to have an aquarium about halfway through Chapter 4, but you can make one as soon as Chapter 1. To make it, you will need pictures of a fountain, a window, and a wooden box. Refer to Tinkering Away if you need a reminder on how to invent things.

    Once you have the aquarium, you will need a pair of fish, obviously. You will get your fishing rod about halfway through Chapter 2 as a natural progression of the story. There are multiple places you can fish, and any one of them will do for this trophy. You will get your first fishing rod for free. To use this fishing rod, you will need some bait. Bait can be obtained through a few different ways. They can be obtained from monsters, found in treasure chests, or bought/made from Fabio once he is recruited.

    Once you have all of your bait ready, it's time to go fishing. To fish, first you need to equip the fishing rod. The fishing rod equips just like weapons do. Press , go to "Item," select the fishing rod, and finally, select "Equip." You will also need to put bait on the fishing rod. To do this, while in the "Item" menu, select a bait, and select "Put on Fishing Hook." Once you have your fishing rod out, you will be able to fish at most bodies of water.

    You will know you can fish at a particular body of water when you have the fishing rod out. There will be a small message in the lower left corner of the screen that says ": Start Fishing." Press and you will see a little marker our on the water. This determines how far you will cast. Use the to move the marker. Once in the desired position, press to cast. When a fish starts to nibble on the bait, the controller will vibrate. Once the buoy is beneath the water, an exclamation point will appear above Max's head. Pull back on the to begin reeling the fish in.

    Once you are reeling the fish in, the HUD will change. On the right you will see a meter that goes from safety, on the bottom, to danger, on the top. This meter indicates line tension. There's another, smaller meter right next to it that shows how close the fish is to your position. To actually reel in the fish, you have to hold . As you do this, the tension meter will go up towards danger. If it gets to the top, the line will break and you will have to try again. The heavier the fish (but not necessarily the length), the faster the tension meter goes up. I recommend not letting the tension meter go past the halfway point. On top of all that, occasionally, an arrow will appear next to the buoy of your line. This indicates that the fish is trying to move in that direction, and you need to tilt the in that direction to reduce tension. Once the fish is around 1.5 meters away, you will have caught the fish.

    When you have caught a fish, a message will appear telling you the breed of the fish, how long the fish is, and how many Fishing Points you got. Fishing Points let you upgrade your fishing rod. The fishing rod has stats that can impact the size of the fish and how easily they can be reeled in. The fishing rod stats are here:

    • Flight - How far you can cast the line
    • Strength - How far the fish is reeled in when you press
    • Resilience - How quickly the tension meter goes up
    • Grip - How much the controller vibrates
    • Luck - How big the fish can get

    Of these stats, flight and grip aren’t too important, but the others make fishing much easier.

    There is another rod you can get later on called the Lure Rod. This rod takes lures instead of bait, and works differently because of it. It also tends to catch heavier fish. If you're having trouble getting the fishing medal in a dungeon, try this rod. You can make the lure rod as early as Chapter 2, but you won't be able to use it until you have won at least one Finny Frenzy and have recruited Olivie as an ally.

    To use the lure rod, equip it the same way you equip the normal fishing rod, and attach the lure you wish to use the same way you would attach bait. Once you are ready to fish, cast the line the same way you would cast the fishing rod. This is where things get different. Each lure has a different method of working. Instead of just waiting for the fish, you need to move the line to make the lure move like it's real world counterpart, so tilt the in the direction and press to reel the line in. Here are the different lures and how to move them appropriately:

    • Fork Lure - This lure is only used to catch a Baron Garayan. See A Class of its Own for details.
    • Frog Lure - Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, hold for about a second, wait for about a second, repeat.
    • Minnow Lure - Left, Right, tap , Left, Left, tap , Right, Left, tap , Right, Left, tap , repeat.
    • Spinner Lure - Same as Minnow lure, but hold for slightly longer (but not as long as the Frog Lure).

    Once an exclamation point appears over Max's head, tilt the back and begin reeling it in. Reeling in the fish with the lure rod works exactly the same as with the normal fishing rod. Also note that any Fishing Points earned with the lure rod can only be put to use on the lure rod, and same with the fishing rod.

    After you catch your fish, press and go to the "Item" menu. From here, find the fish, press and select "Put in Aquarium" from the drop-down menu. Next, go to your aquarium and select "Examine." Here, you will see your fish swimming around. Press and you will see a list of options. Select "View Fish Parameters." Now you can see the stats of the fish. For this trophy, you will need one male and one female fish. If you have two of the same gender, you can feed one of them a carrot to change their gender (go back to the menu, select "Feed Fish," select "Carrot," and press to drop it in). The species of your fish doesn't matter, as all fish can breed with any other fish.

    Once you are ready, go to the list options and select "Move to other tank." Select a fish, and then select "Breeding Tank." Do the same for the next fish. Next, go to the list of options and select "Look Into Other Tank." Select "Breeding Tank" and you will be taken to the tank. You will see the two fish start bumping each other, and then a bright light will appear. Congratulations, you've just bred yourself a new fish and netted this trophy!

    It is also worth noting that a fish's stats (See Finny Frenzy First) will never decrease through breeding, so it is safe to breed a fish that you just caught with a fish that you've been building stats for since the beginning. Once you have bred a fish, that fish will be unable to breed until you have fed it 5 times.

  • Close a time distortion in a game of Spheda.

    Spheda is arguably one of the most difficult parts of the game. For this trophy, you only need to win one game of Spheda. However, you will need to win all 119 games for Medalhead.

    To win a game of Spheda, you need to hit the sphere into the time distortion in less than the number of hits given to you. On top of that, the sphere must be the opposite color of the time distortion (if the time distortion is red, the sphere must be blue, and vice-versa). To change the color of the sphere, you need to bounce the sphere hard enough off of a surface (wall, pillar, ceiling, or floor). The time distortion also has a slight magnetic pull. If the color of the sphere is opposite to the time distortion, the sphere will home in slightly. If they are the same color, however, then the time distortion will push the sphere away.

    Actually playing the mini-game is very similar to Hot Shots Golf. Go to the sphere, and make sure you have a Spheda club equipped (press and go to "Item." Select one of your Spheda clubs and select "Equip"). Here are the various Spheda clubs and what they are good for:

    • Handy Stick - Great for beginners. Good for short-medium straight shots. Has the greatest room for error. Obtained as a natural progression of the story partway through Chapter 3. DO NOT GET RID OF THIS CLUB. It's only worth 1 gilda.
    • Turkey - Good for short shots. Has less room for error than the Handy Stick, but still good. Obtained if you have Monica close the time distortion for you in Barga's Valley.
    • Swan - Good for medium shots. Has about the same room for error as the turkey. Obtained if you successfully close the time distortion in Barga's Valley.
    • Flamingo - Good for medium shots and curved shots. Has less room for error than Turkey or Swan. Can be built up from Turkey or Swan, or invented.
    • Falcon - Good for long shots. Has very little room for error. Can be built up from Flamingo, or invented.
    • Albatross - Good for long shots and curved shots. Has literally no room for error. Can be built up from Falcon, or invented.

    Once you are close enough to the sphere, you will see an exclamation point over your head. Press to begin the mini-game. On the bottom of the screen is a bar. This will determine how hard you will hit the sphere. To the right of the bar is the maximum distance the sphere will travel if you hit it at maximum power (excluding any bounces). On the top right corner of the screen, you will see the distance between you and the time distortion. This distance is a straight line, and does not account for any walls in your path. You will also see how many shots you have left here. You can move the map around the screen using the , or get rid of it by pressing the left side of the . You can change the direction and angle of the shot by using . You will want to make it so your next shot will land you closer to the time distortion. You can do this by going all the way down a hallway until you have to turn and shoot in a new direction. Once you have your shot lined up, press to begin. Pay attention to the bar at the bottom. A line will move across it. You will want to press at the distance that you want the sphere to go. Next, you want to wait for the line to get as close to its starting position as possible and press again. This is to determine the accuracy of your shot. If you land in the pink areas around the area, you're still good. If you land outside of those areas, the sphere will veer off course, potentially causing serious trouble. Be warned that there is a slight delay between pressing and the line stopping for both distance and accuracy.

    Each area has its own challenges when it comes to Spheda. Here are all of the chapters and how Spheda works in them:

    • Underground Channel - One of the harder areas for Spheda. Most edges are out of bounds. Most of the walls are flat, making it fairly easy to predict how the sphere will bounce off of them.
    • Rainbow Butterfly Wood - The lack of high walls means you can potentially hit the sphere straight to the time distortion. However, you need to shoot between the trees, and it is possible to land out of bounds if you're not careful.
    • Starlight Canyon - Similar to Rainbow Butterfly Wood in that the areas are very open. However, landing in the water is out of bounds, making it very difficult to stay on the pathways. You will need to pay attention to how the walls are oriented here, as they can prevent you from making straight shots.
    • Ocean's Roar Cave - The walls here are all jagged, making bouncing the sphere off of them difficult. You will also need to hit the sphere slightly harder due to the water on the ground.
    • Mount Gundor - The worst area for Spheda. Similar to the Underground Channel in that most of the edges are out of bounds. All of the walls are jagged as well, meaning that bouncing the sphere is difficult, and could potentially be dangerous.
    • Moon Flower Palace - The best area for Spheda. Almost no areas are out of bounds, and most of the surfaces to bounce off of are flat. It's good that these ones are easy, as you'll need to get all of the Spheda medals before taking on the boss.
    • Zelmite Mines - This area can be tricky. The walls are jagged, but there are support beams that you can use to bounce off instead. Landing underneath a raised area is out of bounds, which can be frustrating.

    Remember, the best way to get better at Spheda is to practice. I recommend at least trying every time once it's available on every floor you complete, but don't worry too much about going back to get them until towards the end, as you'll be able to plow through all of the enemies and get right into Spheda. Before getting too far with Spheda, it will be in your best interest to talk to Mena (See Supporting Cast) as she becomes an ally when you get 10 Spheda medals after talking to her.

    Once you win your first game of Spheda, this trophy will be yours.

  • Purchase an upgrade for Steve the Ridepod.

    You will be able to use the Ridepod partway through Chapter 1 after making an energy pack for Cedric. Purchasing upgrades for the Ridepod does not use gilda, however. It uses EXP. Use the Ridepod in the dungeons to take out enemies. Once an enemy is defeated, linger around a bit and pick up the blue orbs that fall out of them. This will increase your EXP for the Ridepod. Once you have enough EXP, talk to Cedric (either in the workshop, by the train, or in his house, depending on current game progress) and select "Upgrade the Ridepod." You will be taken to a shop where you can purchase new attributes for the Ridepod. Select whichever you want, and once you complete the purchase, this trophy is yours.

  • Use a Name-Change Ticket to change the name of a weapon.


    This trophy is very simple, but can take a while to get to. The Name-Change Ticket allows you to change the name of any weapon to anything else. Only Mayor Need has them, and one will cost you 40 medals. Once you have the ticket, press and select "Item." Instead of going to the ticket, go to the weapon you want to change the name of. Select "Change Name" and you will be brought to a screen with a keyboard. Here you can change the name of your weapon. Once you confirm the new name, the trophy will unlock.

    Because the number of medals you can get is limited, this is technically missable if you buy other things from Mayor Need first. Simply get a ticket before getting anything else to avoid this.

    If you change the name of the weapon to the name of a different weapon, the weapon will become the weapon that you named. For example, if you have a Battle Wrench, and you use the Name-Change Ticket and call it "LEGEND," the Battle Wrench will transform into LEGEND, bypassing all of the grinding you would have to do otherwise!

  • Complete Chapter One.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 2.

    To beat the chapter 1 boss, you need to use his bombs against him. He will turn his nose into a bomb and throw it in your general direction. Pick it up (guard with and press while in front of it) and throw it back at him (press while still holding it). This will stun him, allowing you to switch to the Ridepod (press ) and hit him for massive damage. Avoid any missiles he sends your way (after taking a picture of it for a scoop). Rinse and repeat until he is no more.

    To beat the car that Flotsam uses while you are on the train, use the same strategy with the bombs. Cedric will hand you one, and you need to throw it at Flotsam's car. Do it enough times and you will be set.

  • Complete Chapter Two.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 3.

    The Chapter 2 boss is definitely the easiest boss in the game. While it's flying around, don't aim at it. Instead, hit the tentacle-like things at the center of the flower petal. Once all of them have been raised, the butterfly will fly to the center, splitting into 7 small butterflies. Move very slowly and quietly now. You will want to hit them in the same order that a rainbow has: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Once you have done that, the fight is over.

  • Complete Chapter Three.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 4.

    The boss here will force Max and Monica to split up. Monica jumps aboard the Flying Battleship, and Max is defending Lin from the Evil Flames. While fighting as Monica, you have 2 options. Either use your sword, or use improved bombs. If you use your sword, make sure you guard when you need to, as you can't just switch to Max like you could in the dungeon. If you use the bombs, make sure you are actually aiming at Gaspard, as it can be easy to throw them in the wrong direction. As Max, simply switch to the Ridepod (), lock on to one of the flames (), and, using a barrel cannon, mash the button. Every time one flame is defeated, you should automatically lock-on to the next one, allowing for a quick fight on this front. Make sure that the flames never reach Lin, as that will cause a game over. Once Gaspard has lost all his health, you will have won the fight.

  • Complete Chapter Four.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 5.

    Here, you need to take out Doctor Jaming. To do this, you are going to use his Shigura against him. Occasionally, one of the Shigura will slam their head down on the ground. When it looks like Doctor Jaming is about to float above them, hit their head and they should bolt up, hitting Doctor Jaming in the process. Do this enough times and you will have won.

  • Complete Chapter Five.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 6.

    This fight is split into 2 different phases. The first fight is Max, all alone, against Gaspard. This fight works pretty much the same as the Monica segment in Chapter 3, just with Max. You can use your gun if he's too far away, and use your wrench/hammer when he's too close.

    After the first phase, Gaspard will transform into a giant fire demon. You will want to switch to the Ridepod here. Use whatever weapon you're most comfortable with and go at it. Once his health has fallen to 0, you will have won.

  • Complete Chapter Six.

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy when Max announces the beginning of Chapter 7.

    The only real "bosses" of this chapter are powered up versions of monsters you've already faced. Employ the same strategies that you've learned from those fights and you'll be fine.

  • Reach photography level eight.


    To reach photography level eight, you will need a photography score of 700. The score comes from taking pictures of scoops and ideas. Scoops are worth 5 points and ideas are worth 2 points. There are only 750 points in the entire game, and more than 70 points are from missables, which means you need to be careful. If you want to check your current score, bring up the camera with and then press . In the top right corner, you will see your photography level and your current score. After getting the camera in Chapter 1, you should pull up this web app made by Reddit user u/tedmeat. It provides a checklist that is conveniently divided into chapters and locations. Here are all of the missable scoops and ideas. The ones in red are used in inventions, and you will have to get them for A True Visionary:

    Chapter 1

    • Brave Little Linda - During the fight with Linda, the circus elephant, she will occasionally stand on her hind legs to do a stomp attack. This is when you want to take a picture.
    • Clown Robo's Attack - During the fight with Halloween, the giant robot, it will occasionally shoot rockets at you. Pay attention, as your moment to take the picture comes very quickly. You want the moment that the rocket leaves the robot.

    Chapter 2

    • King Mardan - When in Fish Monster Swamp, you will eventually fish out "The Holy One" with a poison apple. Before giving him what he wants, take a picture of him.
    • R. Butterfly United - During the boss fight with the Rainbow Butterfly, you will want to mess up once the butterfly has split into seven pieces. Instead of hitting the red one first, hit any of the others. Doing this will cause all 7 butterflies to fly towards the center and unite. Ready your camera and take a picture the moment it comes back together.

    Chapter 3

    • Flying Battleship - During the fight at the lighthouse, you will be switching between fighting Gaspard as Monica and defending Lin as Max. While defending Lin, take a picture of the blimp in the background (you can get this in a couple different spots, but only in those spots).
    • Phantom Memo Eater - After Lin has recovered and joined your party, you will eventually come to Yorda's Valley. After a cutscene, a boss fight will ensue. Take a picture of this boss before taking him on.

    Chapter 4

    • Doctor Jaming - During the fight where you are surrounded by the mind-controlled Shigura, take a picture of Doctor Jaming on his floating platform.
    • Flying Battleship - If you didn't get it in the last chapter, you can get it again during the fight with Doctor Jaming.
    • Puppet Shingala - After talking to Osmond in the future and obtaining the electrified fish, you can take on the mind-controlled Shingala. Before doing anything, as this fight can go by quickly, take a picture of him.

    Chapter 5

    • Cinders - Before destroying the Fire Squall, make a straw house and place it in Heim Rada. Leave the area and come back, and the straw house will be gone. In its place will be a pile of cinders. Take a picture of that pile before picking it up.
    • Flying Battleship - The last time you can get this scoop is during the fight at the Mount Gundor Peak. If you haven't gotten it yet, now is the time to do so!
    • Fire Squall - Take a picture of the large machine at Mount Gundor Peak before blowing it up.
    • The Ultimate Gaspard - After fighting normal Gaspard at the end of Mount Gundor, a cutscene will play, where he transforms into a giant fire demon. Take a picture of him before you start fighting him.

    Chapter 6

    • Dead Tree - Before entering the palace, there are a couple of dead trees around. Take a picture of one, as they will disappear the next time you come here.
    • Earth/Fire/Water/Wind Altar - In Kazarov Stonehenge, take a picture of each of the 4 pillars around for 4 easy ideas. These are NOT the same as the gem altars, which are not missable.
    • Gigantor Paznos - After bringing Paznos to the present, it will go into "Colossus Mode." Once you regain control, you can see it off in the distance in Kazarov Stonehenge. Take a picture of it.
    • Ixion - Any place the Blackstone One would be, the Ixion will be there until you complete Chapter 7. The Blackstone One will return in Chapter 8.
    • Kazarov Stonehenge - Take a picture of the central altars in Kazarov Stonehenge.

    Chapter 7
    Everything is missable if you defeat the boss at the end of the chapter without getting everything. Don't forget that, upon completing this chapter, you will be unable to go to the future. These are the ones that you will only see once, however:

    • Golden Door - Take a picture of the door leading to Emperor Griffon's room.
    • Labyrinth Door - Take a picture of the door you use to get into the boss area of Chapter 7.
    • Legend of the Moon - When fighting Dark Element, take a picture of the Moon behind him.
    • Sun Chamber Gatekeeper - Take a picture of one of the statues guarding the Golden Door.

    Chapter 8

    • Flotsam Revived! - The fight with Flotsam takes place in the floor "A Suspicious Opening." Take a picture of Flotsam before you start fighting him.
    • Mr. Big Shot's Shadow - Take a picture of the Dark Genie before you start to fight him in Zelmite Mine Depths.

    My personal recommendation is to not advance to the next chapter until you have all of the ideas and scoops from the current chapter. This way, you won't need to backtrack too much, and you can focus on what new ideas and scoops have come up.

    When you advance to the next photography level, a little message will pop up saying that your level has increased. Once you reach level 8, the trophy will pop.

  • Obtain every Monster Transformation Badge.


    This is only missable because the final Monster Transformation Badge is a reward from Donny for reaching photography level eight.

    All but 3 of the Monster Transformation Badges are obtained by defeating a monster after using a certain item. While most are using gift capsules, 2 are obtained for killing a specific enemy with a specific item. For the gift capsules, you will need to put 3 of a certain item into the capsule (Press and select "Item." Select the item you wish to put into the capsule and press . Scroll through the numbers until you get to 3. Press and you will have 3 of that item. Go to the gift capsule and press 3 times to put them all in. Press and select "Equip.") While in the dungeon, use the to select the gift capsule, and press to throw it at the enemy. If successful, you will see a little music note appear over their head. Kill them, and you will receive the badge.

    The following is a list of the Monster Transform Badges and how to obtain them:

    • Beast Badge - Sewer Rat: 3 cheeses in the gift capsule; Ram: 3 premium chicken in the gift capsule
    • Windup Badge - Kill a Bomber Head with a bomb
    • Aquatic Badge - Froggy: 3 battan in the gift capsule; Goyone: 3 evys in the gift capsule
    • Flora Badge - Buy from the Tailor Shop in Jurak Mall for 500 gilda
    • Magical Badge - Statue: 3 sturdy rocks in the gift capsule
    • Darkling Badge - Spider Lady: 3 gold bars in the gift capsule; Auntie Medusa; 3 rubies in the gift capsule
    • Reptile Badge - Wind Gemron; 3 wind elements in the gift capsule. To get the Gemron in a good position to throw an item at it, guard, and wait for it to roll at you. After it rolls, it will fire a blast at you. After that blast, if you have guarded everything, you will be in a good position to throw the gift capsule at it.
    • Spirit Badge - Pixie; 3 gooey peaches in the gift capsule. To get the Pixie in a good position, wait for it to come to you and try biting you. After the bite, it should be low enough to wear a gift capsule will hit it.
    • Undead Badge - Kill a Skeleton Soldier with a holy water
    • Card Badge - Diamond(Any of them); 3 diamonds in the gift capsule. It is recommended to save this badge for last, as diamonds are extremely useful in weapon upgrading. Save before going for this one, and once you get the trophy, reload your last save.
    • Sun Badge - Reward for reaching photography level 8
    • Moon Badge - Reward for reaching photography level 7

    If you need to check which badges you have, press and go to the "Character" menu. On the far left is "Monster Transform." Here you will see all of the badges you already have, and any progress in leveling them you may have made.

    Once you get the final badge, the trophy should unlock.

  • Acquire Steve the Ridepod's Master Grade Core.

    To get to the Master Grade Core, you will need to have bought all of the previous cores first. The cores allow you to add more powerful bodies, arms, and legs to the Ridepod. The cores will cost you EXP (see Mechanical Upgrades if you need a reminder on how to get EXP). The first core will cost 900 EXP, then 1400 EXP, then 2000 EXP, then 3500 EXP, then 5000 EXP, and finally 6500 EXP, grand totaling to 19,300 EXP. Once you have bought the Master Grade Core, the trophy will unlock.

  • Evolve a monster into its final form.

    Monster Transform is, by far, the worst of the characters. It shares the same health bar with Monica, but has its own, usually far lower, attack and defense. On top of that, you need to get one of the monsters to level 76 for this trophy. Unlike your normal weapons, however, evolving a monster does not make it easier to level up. This will be a grind. I recommend using the Reptile Badge, as they can stun-lock enemies fairly easily, making Monster Transform wipe-out goals easier. To start out, simply play as Monica. Once you defeat an enemy, press to switch to your Monster, and pick up all of the ABS. This is basically how you're going to level up Monster Transform the whole time. Once your monster reaches levels 26, 51, and 76, you can go into the "Character" menu and select "Monster Transform" on the far left. Select whichever badge you have been using, and you will see a "Change Class" option. When you evolve a monster, you will also get a Monster Drop. You can spectrumize these to get a boost in most stats for only a few Synthesis Points. Certain monsters also have a choice of what you can evolve into, and that decision is yours. Once you reach the final form of your monster, this trophy is yours.

  • Defeat 200 enemies without dying.

    This trophy should come naturally as you progress through the game. If not, don't worry. Once you get to the later chapters, you can go back to the earlier dungeons and grind this out. All you need to do is defeat 200 enemies without letting any of your characters lose all of their health. Keep an eye on your health, always stock healing items, and abuse the block button (), and this trophy should be yours fairly quickly.

  • Recruit a companion to join your party.

    Story related and cannot be missed. See Supporting Cast for more details.

  • Recruit all possible companions to join your party.


    There are 20 characters to recruit. Some are necessary for certain georama requirements, while others can be placed where ever with no effect on the future. They won't come without a little help from you first, however. Here are each of the characters, where they are found, and what you need to do.

    • Gordon - After crossing the drawbridge in Palm Brinks, turn right at the fork. Cross a smaller bridge and turn left. Gordon will be tending to some plants in this area. Give him some holy water. This can either be found in dungeons or bought from Priest Bruno in the church.
    • Parn - After crossing the bridge in Palm Brinks, turn right at the fork. His house is the yellow one surrounded by sidewalk. Give him some Gold Paint. This can either be bought at the Tailor Shop in Jurak Mall for 1000 gilda or by restoring the Golden Egg in Jurak Mall.
    • Donny - In the Underground Channel Entrance, in front of the tent. He needs a dark coin and an indestructible coin. These can either be bought from either the tailor shop in Jurak Mall or from Julia (if she has been recruited) for 1500 gilda each or found in chests in the dungeons.
    • Ferdinand - Go in the building behind where Gordon was (Max's house). Go down the staircase and turn left (towards the camera). There will be a door next to a piano. Go through that door. Go through the next room and into the next door. Head towards the camera and you will see Ferdinand in front of the table preparing some food. He needs a roasted chestnut, which can either be found in treasure chests in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, or bought in the Eatery in Jurak Mall.
    • Claire - In Palm Brinks, go to the Police Station. Facing it, go left. Follow this path and you will eventually see a cafe that has seats that look similar to coffee cups. Claire can be found standing around here. Show her a picture of the Lafrescia Stem (the giant flower in the last floor of Rainbow Butterfly Wood)
    • Pau - He is in his cave in Veniccio. Give him a carrot. These can be found in dungeons or bought from Fabio (if he is recruited).
    • Stewart - In Max's house, as soon as you enter. He needs money. Make sure you have more than 2000 gilda before you begin to talk to him.
    • Adel - In Max's house, go to where Ferdinand was/is. Head up the staircase in this area and enter the next room. Adel will be found standing in front of the fireplace in this area. - She needs 1 thick hide, 1 hunk of copper, and 1 sturdy cloth. These can be found in dungeons or bought from Conda in the back of the train.
    • Polly - In her bakery, directly across from Cedric's shop in Palm Brinks. She wants you to deliver the crunchy bread to Morton, who is right next door (the shop with the pumpkins in front). He wants you to take it to his house (past the drawbridge, turn right, across from Parn's house, next to the pumpkin patch). There's a note that says the party has been cancelled, so go back to Morton, who tells you to give the bread back to Polly. Polly lets you keep the bread and joins your party.
    • Sheriff Blinkhorn - In front of the Police Station in Palm Brinks during the day. You need to race from Blinkhorn's position all the way to the boat at the lake (go left at the fork past the drawbridge instead of right. Turn right when the road turns from brick to dirt in front of the memorial. Finally, turn left onto the pier and press at the boat) and then back. In less than 2 minutes and 1 second, no less! This is far more difficult than it sounds. I recommend recruiting Fabio before Blinkhorn so that you won't accidentally talk to him in front of the boat.
    • Milane - The shop in Palm Brinks with the purple windows. You need to talk to her as Monica to start the challenge. You will be given a Gladius, and you are required to build it up twice. See LEGENDary for more information on building up weapons. You don't need to build up the Gladius twice, as long as you have a strong sword.
    • Gerald - In Max's house, go to the door beneath the staircase. Gerald is standing at the other end of this room. Gerald gives you a Trumpet Gun and tells you to upgrade it into a Bell Trigger. See LEGENDary for more details on building up weapons. The gun doesn't need to be upgraded from the gun he gives you, as long as it's a Bell Trigger or better.
    • Mayor Need - While standing in front of the Police Station, go right. Behind the fountain is City Hall. Go up the stairs and enter the office. Mayor Need will be in here. Mayor Need can't remember the combination to the safe. He remembers certain clues, which he proceeds to give to you. The combination, if you can't figure it out from the clues, is 1221.
    • Priest Bruno - He is in the church in Palm Brinks. Cross the drawbridge and it will practically be right in front of you. He wants you to turn off all the candles in the church. However, turning off one candle will also turn off the candles next to it and across from it. The solution is actually fairly simple. First, turn off one of the candles in the corner. Then, go forward 2 candles and to the other side and turn that one off. Continue this pattern and you will have turned off all of the candles.
    • Rufio - Rufio can be found wandering the park around the lake in Palm Brinks. Show him a picture of the moon and he will go with you.
    • Fabio - In front of the boat at the lake in Palm Brinks. You need to catch a Nonky that's bigger than 60 cm. Refer to Birds and the Bees for more information on fishing.
    • Olivie - In the area of Palm Brinks with City Hall any time there isn't a Fishing Contest or Finny Frenzy. You need to win the Finny Frenzy Beginner Class. Refer to Finny Frenzy First for more information on the Finny Frenzy.
    • Mena - Mena is in City Hall whenever there isn't a Fishing Contest or Finny Frenzy. Talk to her as Monica, and she will say that Mena is sick because of all the time distortions. You will need to get 10 Spheda medals after talking to her to make her feel better. Refer to Playing With Time for more information on Spheda. CAUTION: If you get all of the Spheda medals before talking to Mena for the first time, you will lose your chance at getting her as an ally, and thus lose your chance at the trophy. This is the only ally that this occurs with.
    • Corinne - Corinne is found in Morton's house. Corinne wants to play hide-and-seek. She will hide twice. The first time, she will hide in the house just beyond the fence of Max's house, on the second floor. The second hiding spot is in Max's house, in his room (the door on the staircase , above the door where Gerald is).
    • Granny Rosa - In Max's house, the room just before the kitchen. Granny Rosa is almost completely deaf. Type "Let's go together." exactly and she will join you.

    Upon recruiting the final ally, the trophy will unlock.

  • Build Up to Monica's Island King and Five Star Armlet weapons.

    See LEGENDary for more information.

  • Build Up to Max's LEGEND and Supernova weapons.

    The following applies to both this trophy and A Royal Arsenal.

    Building up your weapons into more powerful ones is essential for completing the game. If you don't do it, eventually, you won't even be able to damage enemies with them. In order to build up weapons, you need to increase their stats to a certain level, depending on what weapon you are building up. You can find the stats for your weapon by pressing and going to the "Item" menu. When hovering over your weapon, press and select "Status." Here, you will find all the stats of your weapon. While the power stat will increase every time you level up, the others will not.

    In order to raise those stats, you will need to spectrumize items. Most items can be spectrumized, but some items are better than others. Gemstones (diamonds, rubies, etc.) are the best items to spectrumize, but those are rare and can only be bought in Chapter 8. Weapons can also be spectrumized, providing a variety of stats (depending on the weapon) for only a few synthesis points. However, it takes time to level up a weapon to the point where it can be spectrumized, and it might not be worth it (low-level weapons are not worth much effort later on). The items I recommend spectrumizing are crystals, as they provide 3 points to their respective stat per crystal broken down (with the exception of power crystals, which only do 2 points per crystal).

    Before you can spectrumize the items onto the weapon, however, you need to have enough Synthesis Points. Synthesis Points are gained by leveling up your weapon. You can level up your weapon by defeating an enemy with that weapon, thus giving all of the ABS to that weapon. You can also use an item, which will give the ABS to both of the equipped weapons. Similar to using items, you can use a different character completely, and the ABS will be distributed between both equipped weapons for the character that picked them up. Once you have enough Synthesis Points, it's time to start spectrumizing items. In order to find out what stats you need to upgrade, hover over the weapon you are attempting to build up, press , and select "Build Up." Here, you will see your weapon name in a box and one or more boxes connected to it with question marks in them. These are the weapons you can make from your current weapon. Hovering over each of them will make certain stats blink red. These are the stats that need to be increased. If you want to know how much you need to upgrade, you can look at the weapon build up charts for Max: https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/185524-d...d-2/faqs/22221 and Monica: https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/185524-...d-2/faqs/22222 (made by Gamefaqs user Valken), which will also show the paths you need to take to get to the ultimate weapons.

    Eventually, however, stats will not be enough. In order to stop you from getting powerful weapons early in the game, you will need to defeat certain monsters before you are allowed to build up into that weapon. These monsters are found in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7. You don't need to defeat the monsters with that weapon, just as long as you have defeated them at some point.

    Here are the crystals you will want to spectrumize and what stat they increase:

    • Chill Crystal - Chill
    • Destruction Crystal - Smash
    • Flame Crystal - Flame
    • Holy Crystal - Exorcism
    • Hunter Crystal - Beast
    • Lightning Crystal - Lightning
    • Power Crystal - Power
    • Protector Crystal - Durable
    • Sea Dragon Crystal - Scale
    • Wind Crystal - Cyclone

    Once you build up to the last weapon you need, the trophy will unlock.

  • Win the Finny Frenzy Master Class.

    The Finny Frenzy is a race for the fish that you've caught and raised. The Finny Frenzy will be available partway through Chapter 4. It will be available every 20 in-game days.

    The first thing you will need to do is catch some fish. See Birds and the Bees for information on how to fish.

    Once you have a fish, it's time to move on. Press and go to the "Item" menu. Select your fish and select "Put in Aquarium." Next, select the aquarium and select "Examine." If you press , you will see a list of options. Select "View Fish Parameters" to look at the stats of your fish. Here are the stats and what they mean:

    • Name - Breed of the fish, but you can name them if you want
    • Gender - Male/Female? You need one of each to breed
    • Mood - How the fish acts
    • Strength - How hard the fish will bump into other fish in either the Battle Tank or Finny Frenzy
    • Stamina - How well the fish will take a bump from another fish in either the Battle Tank or Finny Frenzy
    • Boost - How fast the fish can swim
    • Endur. - Short for endurance. How long can the fish swim before getting tired?
    • Tenacity - How fiercely the fish will bump into other fish in either the Battle Tank or Finny Frenzy
    • Size - How long the fish is
    • Weight - How much the fish weighs

    Freshly caught fish tend to have poor stats, so you should stick to fish you've been feeding and breeding. You can feed your fish any type of bait. Each bait, however, has a different impact on the fish's stats. Below is a list of all of the baits and what stat they increase:

    • Prickly - Tenacity
    • Mimi - Endurance
    • Evy - Stamina
    • Carrot - Boost + changes gender (male to female and vice-versa)
    • Potato Cake - Stamina
    • Minon - Boost
    • Battan - Tenacity
    • Petite Fish - Endurance

    Keep in mind that you can only feed fish once every minute and a half to 2 minutes. None of the baits increase strength, unfortunately. There are 2 ways to increase strength. One is through breeding, and the other is in the Battle Tank. The Battle Tank is a little risky, however, as fish CAN die. I would recommend increasing strength through breeding, or simply focus on other stats. The stats I recommend focusing on are Stamina, Boost, and Endurance. Boost and Endurance will help you stay ahead of the other fish, and stamina will help you in case some other fish is being aggressive.

    The other way of increasing is through breeding. See Birds and the Bees for more information.

    Once you think your fish is ready, it's time to enter the Finny Frenzy! To check if there is a Finny Frenzy occurring, press . Above the "Item" option there will be a green bar with scrolling text. This appears any time there is either a Fishing Contest or a Finny Frenzy. It will also state how many in-game hours you have left until the competition is gone. Once you enter, leaving it will cause the competition to end automatically.

    To start the Finny Frenzy, go to Palm Brinks. Head towards the Police Station and turn right. When there is a competition being held, you will be given a prompt asking if you would like to enter the area. Choose "Yes" to enter the area. There will be a large tent in the center. Enter the tent to enter the competition area. Go to the back of the area and talk to the owl to enter.

    When talking to the owl, select "Join in." You will be given a list of the fish that are currently in your Rec Tank. Select the fish that you feel is best qualified, and then you will be asked to enter a class. There are 4 classes: Beginner, Junior, Senior, and Master. Each of these have their own prizes. For the purposes of this trophy, you need to win the Master Class, though I recommend going through Beginner Class first so as to unlock Olivie as an ally first, allowing you to use the Lure Rod during fishing.

    After selecting your class, you get to choose what pre-race preparation tank you will use. This will determine how your fish will act through the race, as you actually have no control of the fish during the race. Each of the tanks has a different strategy to it, using one or two skills over the others. Below is a list of the prep tanks, what they mean, and what stat they are best used with:

    • Keep A Steady Pace - The fish will keep the same speed through the whole race. Boost
    • With All Your Might - The fish will go as fast as it possibly can, but will eventually get tired. Endurance
    • Come Out Fighting - The fish will come out of the race accelerating, but will keep a steady pace later. Endurance + Boost
    • The Last Shall Be First - The fish will start out at a steady pace, but will accelerate later. Endurance + Boost
    • Settle It In The Ring - The fish will try to bump into the other fish, slowing them down. Strength + Tenacity
    • Go With The Middle - The fish will aim for second or third place. Boost

    After you have selected your prep tank, the first race will begin. You need to get first place in this race to advance to the next one. At the top of the screen during the race, you will see a bar with 6 fish icons going across it. These represent the fish in the race. Yours is the blue one. You will see your position, lap number, and lap time in the upper right corner. If you manage to get first place, you will move on to the next heat.

    For the second heat, you get a choose a new prep tank, but not a new fish. You only need to get second place to advance to the final heat.

    For the final heat, you get a choose a new prep tank, but not a new fish (again). To get a prize, you only need third place. For this trophy, however, you need to place first.

    If at any point you fail to advance or don't place, don't worry. You can enter the preliminary 3 times per contest.

    Here are the relevant stats of the fish that won Master Class for me:
    Stamina - 100
    Boost - 71
    Endurance - 76

    I used the “With All Your Might” prep tank for all three heats and won easily.

    The trophy will unlock when you are on the podium after winning the Master Class.

  • Invent every possible object.


    There are 128 things to invent in the game. You don't need to actually make them, just come up with them from the idea seeds. You can use this web app made by Reddit user u/tedmeat. There is a checklist for all of the inventions along with what you need to make them. To get all of the inventions, you will need to have certain missable scoops and ideas. See Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer for the missables used in inventions.

    If you have missed something you need, don't worry. In Max's house, go to the bedroom (the door on the stairs). You will see a book on a desk. This is the Photo Album, and it is used to share photos between save files. If you've missed an idea/scoop, you can start a new game, get what you're missing, transfer it over, and use it. This works best with early ones, as they can be obtained fairly quickly.

    Upon inventing the final item, you will unlock this trophy.

    You won't be able to invent everything until after beating Flotsam in Zelmite Mine.

  • Earn all medals in every chapter.


    This will most likely be the longest trophy in the game. This is only missable because of the Moon Flower Palace becoming locked when defeating the boss there. There are 396 medals in total, divided between 4 different types:

    Time Trial
    There is a time trial medal for every dungeon floor in the game. You are timed from the moment you enter the floor to the defeat of the final enemy. Any time in menus is counted, but pausing the game pauses the timer. Each dungeon has the same general amount of time for each floor, and as such, have the same basic strategies:

    Underground Channel
    This dungeon is the hardest for time trials, as you're only given around 2 and a half to 3 minutes. As such, it is not feasible to get these on your first go. In fact, even coming back with weapons that can kill enemies in one hit might not be good enough. I recommend coming in with Pau as your ally, as he will automatically show you the map. With this, you can tell if there is a door that needs to be opened. If there is, you can open treasure chests until you get the Channel Key. Just go from room to room killing all of the enemies you see without picking up the ABS. You may also want to use the Ridepod with either the Propeller Legs or Jet Hover, as these legs allow for faster movement than normal. The final 2 floors have mimics, so you will need to open chests until you find all of them (3 in Steve's Battle and 1 in Sweet, Scary Treasure Chest).

    Rainbow Butterfly Wood
    This is where things get easier, but can still be challenging. You're given 4 to 5 minutes, including the floors for Chapter 6. You still probably won't get these medals on your first go. Instead, come back when your weapons can kill the enemies in one hit. I recommend using Max's gun, as you will be able to shoot once and keep moving. I also recommend keeping Pau in your party as having the map from the beginning will make things that much easier. You should have time to get treasure chests as well, making finding the Slash Branch and mimics. However, you still don't have time to pick up the ABS.

    Starlight Canyon
    At this point, time trials become much easier. You are given between 6 and a half to 8 minutes. This is mostly due to the sheer size of the dungeons. If you know what you're doing, you can get a lot of these medals on your first go if you have equipped the Ridepod with either Propeller Legs or Jet Hover. If you are having trouble, just come back with some stronger weapons. You should have time to both open treasure chests and pick up ABS. On top of that, there are no doors to unlock, meaning that, for the early floors, you can wait until you've defeated all of the monsters before opening the treasure if you need to. One enemy to be on the lookout for is the Masked Tribesman, as their masks make it so you can only hit them from behind, making the time trials slightly more difficult.

    Ocean's Roar Cave
    You have around 5 and a half to 7 minutes here. This should be plenty of time to take out enemies, find the Luna Stone Piece, the mimics, and pick up the ABS. If you aren't getting them on your first try, simply come back with stronger weapons, as per usual.

    Mount Gundor
    You are given around 7 to 8 minutes here. At this point, the time trials become ridiculously easy provided you have the right equipment. Keep Pau so you know where all of the dead ends are, that way knowing you won't need to needlessly backtrack as much as without him. You have plenty of time to go through all of the chests and pick up all the ABS.

    Moon Flower Palace
    You are given around 6 and a half to 8 minutes here, just like Starlight Canyon. Unlike Starlight Canyon, however, the maps aren't as big. You should be able to get most of these on your first try. If not, make sure you get them before taking on the boss.

    Zelmite Mines
    Here, you are given anywhere form 8 and a half to 13 minutes. This sounds fairly easy, but it can be difficult, as the enemies are insanely powerful, and even ultimate weapons have trouble putting them down. Make sure you've been spectrumizing items onto your weapons to take the enemies out as fast as possible. In terms of map size, the dungeons aren't too big. As long as you know where you're going, navigation shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    The only floors with fishing medals are found in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Starlight Canyon, and Ocean's Roar Cave. There are only 23 medals for fishing. Each floor has a size requirement to meet for the medal. See Birds and the Bees for more details on fishing.

    Most floors have a Spheda medal. Only some of the floors in Ocean's Roar Cave don't have Spheda. They are the ones where you can go out to the beach and fish. See Playing With Time for more information on Spheda.

    All floors have some condition to clear to get a medal. Some are simple, while others are tedious. For all except clear without healing, you must defeat all of the monsters in the floor. Below are all of the conditions you will find:

    Clear Without Healing
    This one is pretty simple, but can be tricky depending on your stats and skill. You are not allowed to use any healing or recovery items. There are a couple exceptions, however. If you have a weapon with either the Heal or Absorb abilities, you can use them. You can refuel the Ridepod with Ridepod Fuel if you need to. You can even heal from the coin if they come up Angel. You cannot, however, use the Healing Fountains (the question mark on the map). For these floors, I recommend using the Ridepod, since you are allowed to refuel it. This way taking damage won't be as harmful. Unlike the other condition medals, these do not unlock once you defeat all of the enemies. You must advance to the next floor without healing to get the medal.

    Max's Gun
    For these medals, you must defeat all enemies using only Max's gun. These medals are very easy. Just keep your distance and keep shooting.

    Max's Right-Hand Weapon
    These medals are slightly trickier. You can only use either wrenches or hammers. Unfortunately, hammers can knock magic attacks back at enemies, voiding your chance at a medal for that run. This is very easy to do if you aren't paying attention. Therefore, single enemies out. That way, monsters that use ranged attacks can't mess you up.

    Monica's Magic
    These medals are mostly just annoying, as Monica's magic is arguably one of the weaker forms of combat. On top of the armband, you can also use Monica's Magic Absorb Blade (block with , release elemental charges with while still blocking), but you will swing your sword when you do so. If your sword hits an enemy, you will void your chances of a medal on that run. Therefore, I recommend not bothering with Magic Absorb Blade if you are going for these medals.

    Monica's Sword
    These are very straightforward. Just use your sword throughout the floor and you will get the medal.

    Ridepod Only
    Again, very straightforward. Simply use the Ridepod for all the enemies and you will get the medal.

    Monster Transform Only
    This is difficult simply because Monster Transform is incredibly weak. See What? Your Monster is Evolving! to see how to level up Monster Transform. I recommend using Gemrons, as they can stop enemies from getting too close to you very easily. Remember that Monster Transform is on a timer. If that runs out, you won't be able to use that Monster Transform until you exit the dungeon completely. If you are using Gemrons, simply get within lock-on distance of the enemy, lock-on with , and then start mashing . This will stun-lock most monsters. I also recommend that you wait until you are in Chapter 7 before going for these ones, as you'll need to be level 51 before you'll be able to get these medals in Chapter 7.

    Items Only
    These are the most tedious of all of the medals. You can't use any of your weapons. There is an excellent guide made by Darth Mom on Gamefaqs right here that goes into depth on each floor that has an item only medal. I highly recommend using that guide for these medals.

    Also know that some monsters can mess with you by using attacks that can damage other monsters (cannon type monsters come to mind). Try to take those monsters out quickly so they don't get a chance to ruin your run.

    Don't forget to get all of the medals in Chapter 7 before taking on the boss! Once you get the final medal, the trophy will pop.

  • Fulfill 100% of the requirements for every Georama.

    Once you get access to Carpenterion in Chapter 2, you can start rebuilding the world. You can't just rebuild it however you want, though. There are requirements that must be met in each area. While walking around in towns, you may see a small symbol in the lower left corner of the screen. This means that you can press the left side of the to access Carpenterion. You will have a bird's eye view of the area. Press to access the Carpenterion menu. On the far right you will see a tab called "Analysis." This is where you will find all of the requirements for the area. Unfortunately, when you first start off, there will mostly be question marks. You need to go into the dungeon and collect the Geostones to learn what the requirements are. The Geostones are not needed to fulfill the requirements, however. If you already know what they are from previous playthroughs, then go ahead and do what needs to be done.

    Of all the requirements, "X Culture Points Obtained" is the one that doesn't explain itself. To get culture points, you need things like fences, benches, mailboxes, chimneys, etc. You can check your culture points by going to the Carpenterion menu and going to the "Culture" tab. You will see not only your total culture points, but the amount of culture points each house gives you as well.

    While you can get through the majority of the chapters without reaching 100%, it is recommended that you do so anyways, as you will get a reward upon entering the future.

    Chapter 7 is the chapter that can give people the most trouble, as you aren't given anything to go on in the analysis menu. Instead, go to the Moon Flower Palace Foyer and examine all of the pictures. You can also access the pictures by going to the "Paint" tab in the Carpenterion menu. You must have 100% completion for Chapter 7 before facing the boss.

    Once you complete the final georama area, the trophy will pop.


Secret trophies

  • Escape the circus tent.

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the first trophy you will earn. Once you finish your first combat encounter with Max, you should get this trophy.

  • Catch a Baron Garayan.

    To catch a Baron Garayan, you must have the Lure Rod with a Fork Lure. The Fork Lure can only be bought from Olivie once she has been recruited as an ally. You can also buy the Lure Rod from her if you haven't made it or won it in the Fishing Contest already.

    The Baron Garayan is only found in the Hot Springs of Heim Rada between the hours of 4 pm and 9 pm in-game time. To check the time, press . There is a bar on the bottom left corner of the screen telling you the adventure day and the time. Keep in mind that time will continue to advance while fishing.

    Once you have the Fork Lure attached to the Lure Rod and the Lure Rod equipped, cast your line into the Hot Springs. The Fork Lure works similarly to the Frog Lure, except a slightly longer cycle. Tilt the Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, tap , wait, repeat. Continue this pattern until an exclamation point appears over Max's head. Pull back on the once this happens, and you will begin to reel in the fish, just like any other fish. Keep in mind that a Baron Garayan is heavier than most other fish, meaning it's harder to reel in. You can increase the stats of your Lure Rod before attempting to catch the Baron Garayan, but it is not necessary.

    PlaystationTrophies user Zertonium has made an excellent video on how to catch the Baron Garayan.

  • Defeat the Dark Genie.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The Dark Genie is found in the Zelmite Mine Depths. To get to the depths, you will first need to get through the massive dungeon. There are 38 floors in total. Getting through can be a challenge, but you will need to be up to it if you want this trophy. Keep in mind that all of the monsters you face here are simply powered-up versions of the monsters you've already seen. Abuse the block button, keep plenty of healing and recovery items, and you'll get through.

    Before you go to the Depths, make sure you have the following:

    • A full stock of Premium Chicken
    • A full stock of Stamina Drink
    • A Supernova with very high Power and Exorcism

    When you get to the Depths, you will not be able to advance due to a large rock. You will need the Dynamite, which can be found in the room Dead End 3 after taking care of the 2 mini-bosses there. Once you use the dynamite, there will be a cutscene, revealing the final boss. After the cutscene the fight will begin.

    He will start off by flying around, spawning little clones. Take those things out, as they can do some damage. You can't hurt the real one quite yet, so make sure you don't take too much damage. Remember how the fight with Dark Element worked? Same rule applies here. When he glows blue, that is your time to strike. Power up with the stamina drink and start shooting the guy, while avoiding both his attacks and any clone's attack. If you see a pink beam, that is your time to RUN, as that can potentially one-hit you. Keep this up, heal if you need to, and you should eventually be able to beat him. Congratulations!

  • Defeat the Dark Element.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Once you have all of the medals, ideas, and scoops associated with Chapter 7, it's time to take on the boss. Make sure you not only have repair powders, healing items, and recovery items, but revival powders as well.

    In the first phase, Emperor Griffon will be flying around. You can aim at the Atlamillia floating around him for serious damage, but they are extremely difficult to hit. Once you bring his health down to around 66%, a cutscene will play, and the second phase will start.

    Here, Griffon is on the ground, and his wings have become swords. Keep your distance, heal when necessary, and keep the pressure on him. Once his health is down to 33%, another cutscene plays, and the third phase begins.

    Emperor Griffon has abandoned his swords and is now using his fists. Same rules apply as last phase: keep your distance and heal when necessary. Once his health is down completely, the real fun begins.

    After a series of cutscenes you will be confronted with a boss rush. These bosses are powered up versions of enemies you've faced before, so you should know their patterns. Heal if you need to, and keep going to the top.

    Eventually, you will come to Dark Element. This boss presents you with a 5-minute time limit. Don't worry too much about it, as, if you have ultimate weapons, you should be golden. First thing you should do is take a picture of the falling moon for a scoop. Now you can focus your attention on Dark Element. Dark Element can switch between colors: red and blue. Remember those sealed floors? Same type of rules apply. Max can't hurt him if he's glowing red, and Monica can't hurt him if he's glowing blue. While he's red, try getting in close, as Monica's sword is usually better than the armband. While he's blue, keep your distance, as your gun is usually better than your wrench/hammer. Sometimes, Dark Element will disappear. Be ready with your guard, as he will grow giant and attack you. This is the point where you may need those revival powders. Otherwise, there will be long gaps where you're not even damaging Dark Element. Once you finish him off, the trophy is yours.

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