Stamina Saver Trophy

  • Stamina Saver


    End any level with 50% stamina intact 5 times.

    Stamina (required to flap your wings) is displayed in a bar in the bottom left of the screen. In order to earn this trophy you will need to finish the end of 5 levels with at least half of the bar still full. This shouldn't pose too much of a challenge as the first few levels are very generous with the stamina provided to you as well as with their placement of Clouds (which refill stamina). Glider and Copter power ups are also plentiful and allow you to sustain flight without the use of stamina so make sure to use these when available. If your stamina does drop below 50% at some point during a level, refills gained by flying through clouds won't void the trophy as long as you finish the stage with more than 50% stamina remaining.

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