• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-12 hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, Nuked! and Flap-ed!
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional Peripherals Required?: Either a SIXAXIS compatible controller or Playstation Move Controller.


Dare to Fly Is a linear flight-based game where players assume the role of various birds in attempting to save the day from the Falcon King. The gameplay is quite simple, consisting of travelling along a linear path and collecting various items on each stage. Similarly the trophy list is also simple, however the last task of mopping up collectibles can become quite a chore as you’re left replaying stages until you reach the number prescribed by each trophy. The game is still relatively short and fun, worth a purchase if you have some money left in your PSN wallet.


Step 1: Play through the single player campaign

Upon starting the game you will be required to complete a short two level tutorial which outlines the basic controls of the game. After this, you’re free to start the Campaign. The Campaign itself isn’t very long, only consisting of 20 levels that should take 5-10 minutes each to complete. In this step, you should focus on collecting as many objectives in each stage as you can. While the majority of the objectives will be cleaned up in Step 2, collecting more in Step 1 reduces the amount of time needed to reach the trophy targets in Step 2. The exceptions to this however are the Baby Birds as they are only available in the Campaign so make sure Baby Birds are your priority. It's worth collecting as many objectives as possible anyway as you are required to reach a certain score for each stage before you can move on to the next.

The trophies you should be paying attention to on your Campaign run through are Bull's Eye, Stamina Saver and Shark's Dinner. So you should be focusing on keeping stamina above 50% and landing on the bullseye at the end of each level, as well as getting eaten by a shark at the earliest opportunity (see individual the trophy descriptions).

At the end of this step you should have:

Dauntless Devil
Le Saviour
Fire and Forget
Shark’s Dinner
Bull’s Eye
Stamina Saver

Step 2: Clean up Remaining Objectives

Now that the Campaign is finished, you should have access to every game mode under the "Quick Flap" menu. In order to make earning the remaining trophies as efficient as possible, you should be using the bird "Falcon King" the entire time so you’re working towards Flight for Freedom while cleaning up the other trophies. Now it's just a matter of moving from mode to mode until you've reached the target number of objectives required for each individual trophy (see the individual trophy descriptions for tips).

At the end of this Step you should have:

Barrel Roller
Bustin Billboards
Fishing Spree
Target Practice
Time Warped
Flight for Freedom


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Dare to Fly Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 13  )

  • Complete your First Flight successfully.

    Story Related, Cannot be Missed

    This is earned after completing the first campaign level titled 'First Flight'.

  • Complete the Campaign Mode successfully once.

    This should unlock simultaneously with Nuked!

    General Tips:

    • Use power ups whenever they're available by pressing , they don't use stamina and most are much faster and more stable than regular flying.
    • If you don't feel comfortable with a power up (like the Unicopter) then you can use it and immediately discard it by pressing which will give you a new power up.
    • Try to fly through the middle of objectives as the edges often won’t register as a hit (this is particularly noticeable with Fish).
    • Avoid crashing into walls because aside from taking away chunks of stamina, you will often glitch through the wall thus ruining your run for that stage.
  • Rescue 100 baby birds.

    Baby Birds form one of the objectives you can collect across levels, they appear as a Baby version of the bird you are currently flying (e.g. Penguin and Kiwi etc.) suspended in the air by coloured balloons. These are generally placed in your flight path so there should be no need to search for them. If you go about collecting most of these in every level, you should earn this trophy at some point between levels 7-10.

  • Fly through 500 Rings in Campaign mode.

    Rings are another objective scattered about various levels. They simply appear as a Gold Ring which you have to fly through. Despite what the trophy description states, these rings can be flown through outside of Campaign Mode i.e. in Quick Flap Mode and will still count towards the trophy. Flying through most of the rings in the single-player campaign should net you around 250 rings leaving the other 250 free for you to scavenge in the Quick Flap mode: 'Rings Challenge'. I recommend replaying the third event over and over in order to earn this trophy as fast as possible. All rings earned are cumulative across Campaign and Quick Flap.

  • Flap 10,000 times.

    Flapping in this game (achieved by pressing and simultaneously) is how you keep your bird airborne when it's not being supported by other means of flight. There is no reason to grind this trophy as it will just come through the course of playing the game. It should unlock at some point after completing the Single-Player Campaign yet before completing 2 hours of flight with the Falcon King.

  • Tear through 500 billboards.

    Billboards are another of the game's objectives, however they aren't as common as some of the others. Upon finishing the campaign you should have around 50. The rest can be torn through in the Quick Flap billboard game. I recommend the 3rd event to get this trophy done as quickly as possible, because it's a relatively simple track to follow and still yields around 50 billboards on each attempt.

  • Destroy Falcon's nest in "Avian Outlaw" level.

    Story Related, Cannot be Missed

    In the last campaign level instead of landing on a target at the end, you will be tasked with flying a rocket into the Falcon's Nest. The game should automatically supply you with a rocket to use which is accessed by pressing .

  • Land on the Bull's Eye for 10 times.

    The end of most stages consists of landing on a target, with score bonuses added depending on which ring you land in. For the purposes of this trophy you'll want to be landing right in the centre as much as you can. The game teaches you easy ways to control your descent onto these targets through the use of an Umbrella and a Parachute. The controls for both are quite simple, however the distance of the targets can be deceptive so try to open your Umbrella/Parachute early so you have plenty of time to correct your approach.

  • Destroy the Lighthouse in the "Lighthouse" level.

    Story Related, Cannot be Missed

    At the end of the level 'Lighthouse' (the last snow-themed level) you will be given a Rocket power up, which you will then use to fly straight into the lighthouse as opposed to the normal procedure of landing on a target. The game should automatically make the rocket available to fly in your inventory which can be accessed by pressing . The Trophy should pop in the following 'Mission Accomplished' screen.

  • Get yourself killed by a Shark.

    Sharks first start appearing as an enemy in the second snow-themed level titled 'Watch Out Fins' and they swim in a circle of four, underneath objectives like Baby Birds and Fish. Sharks will attempt to jump out of the water and eat you if you fly too low to the water, they’re not very good at hitting you though so most times you'll make it through unscathed if you are flying normally or with a Glider. Instead I recommend using either of the copter power-ups and tilting the controller backwards as you pass above them so you can slow down and allow them to hit you.

  • Collect 1000 Fish.

    Fish are another objective item in this game. They take the form of a Goldfish surrounded by a bubble floating in mid-air. Collecting most of the Fish in the single-player campaign will net you around 130 Fish, leaving you with quite a considerable amount left to scavenge. The rest can be achieved by replaying the Quick Flap mini-game 'Fish Collection' over and over again. I recommend the second event in order to get this trophy as fast as possible. All Fish caught are cumulative across the 'Campaign' and 'Quick Flap' modes.

  • End any level with 50% stamina intact 5 times.

    Stamina (required to flap your wings) is displayed in a bar in the bottom left of the screen. In order to earn this trophy you will need to finish the end of 5 levels with at least half of the bar still full. This shouldn't pose too much of a challenge as the first few levels are very generous with the stamina provided to you as well as with their placement of Clouds (which refill stamina). Glider and Copter power ups are also plentiful and allow you to sustain flight without the use of stamina so make sure to use these when available. If your stamina does drop below 50% at some point during a level, refills gained by flying through clouds won't void the trophy as long as you finish the stage with more than 50% stamina remaining.

  • Score 10,000 points by hitting targets in Quick Flap's Target Practice mode.

    These targets are specific to the Target Practice mode found in the Quick Flap menu so don't expect to find any in the campaign. The good news is these are the quickest of the objectives to mop up. Hitting each target yields 100 points for a bullseye or 50 points for the outer rings so try to hit the bullseye when you can. The 1st event offers 50 targets to be hit so 3 attempts should be enough to rack up the 10,000 points needed for the trophy.

  • Accrue 1 hour time bonus in Quick Flap's Virtual Gates mode.

    Virtual Gates mode can be found under the Quick Flap menu. This mode requires you to fly through a series of gates to a finish target without running out of time. Each gate you fly through adds more time to the clock. This trophy doesn't require an hour spent in this mode (it equates to roughly 30-40 minutes though) instead you just need to have added an hour worth of time to your overall time. This means every 5 second block that most gates yield added together until they total an hour. In order to earn this trophy as fast as possible, I recommend replaying the 1st event over and over as it features the simplest course and yields a constant 5 seconds (or more) for every gate.

  • Fly 2 hours with Falcon King.

    As the description states, you need to accumulate 2 hours of flight time with the bird called 'Falcon King' and he will become available to use upon completing the Campaign. The 2 hours of flight time required is actual in-game flight time so unfortunately time wasted in loading screens does not count. This shouldn't require any actual grinding, providing you use the Falcon King exclusively while mopping up the Objective trophies as they are likely to take up two and a half hours flight time anyway.

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