• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 43 (26 13 3 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 16-20hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 plus Cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: 14...Precious, Power of the Cross, Footsteps of a Traitor, Betrayed With a Kiss, Well Done, Judas, Relic Hunter, Light Relics, Dark Relics, The Damned, The Guide, Old Friend, Burning Eyes, Forbidden Love, Like Father Like Son
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Like Father Like Son
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Classic.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.

Step 1 - First Playthrough

This game is pretty easy and won't take you very long to finish off. You can set the game to easy (Classic) and still get all of the trophies. This will also make the Gates of Hell much easier as that mode will be set to easy as well. Most of the missable trophies are collectables. Fortunately, the relics and Beatrice Stones you find carry over to your next playthrough. Unfortunately, the silver coins, shades, and Virgil commentaries do not. Try to get all of the collectables on your first playthrough.

Also on your first playthrough, go exclusively on either the holy or unholy path. If you absolve or punish one shade or demon, then do the same until you hit level 7 holy/unholy. You should reach level 7 at some point during Fraud. Levelling up requires that you punish (unholy) or absolve (holy) the shades or certain enemies (minions, demons, and gluttons for example). With each punishment or absolution, you gain experience points that add to your level. To max out the holy path, you will need 89,000 souls and for the unholy path and 86,500 souls. Once you reach level 7, then start gaining experience on the other path if you still have shades or demons left. Advance as far as you can in preparation for your Resurrection mode playthrough.

Step 2 - The Gates of Hell

After you complete your first playthrough, begin Gates of Hell mode. Gates of Hell is Dante's Inferno's version of the God of War challenges, only, much, much easier. There are no specific requirements for each wave, there are just more and more enemies each wave. There are 50 waves in all. The difficulty that you completed the game on is what Gates of Hell will be set to. It takes about 30 minutes to complete if you have it set to easy. If you complete the wave within the time, you'll get a time bonus for the next round. Completing a round without getting hit and absolving/punishing demons will also get you a time bonus. Any holy/unholy abilities that you unlock will not carry over to your next.

Step 3 - Resurrection Mode

Now that everything else is out of the way, it's time to being Resurrection mode. Resurrection mode, is basically New Game+ but you will start out at the Shores of Acheron. You get to keep all of your relics, Beatrice Stones, any holy/unholy upgrades you've purchased, as well as the souls you've collected buy your pieces of silver, shades and Virgil commentaries are reset. Your goal here is to max out whichever path you didn't in your first playthrough. Also, clean up any collectables that you may have missed. The collectables guide here: LINK will lead you to everything you need to find (credit to rrushn for this).

[PST Would Like to Thank olsen77 for this Road Map]


Dark Forest DLC:


Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
Offline trophies: 2 (2)
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20 minutes to 1 hour
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable trophies: 1 (Clear Path not Lost)
Glitched trophies: 0
Does difficulty affect trophies: No
Do cheat codes disable trophies: N/A

[PST Would Like to Thank Labartu for this Overview]


Trials of St. Lucia DLC:

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
-Offline (breakdown): 0
-Online (breakdown): 10 (7, 2 Unobtainable, Server now Closed
-Approximate amount of time to /100%: 10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: multiple trials
-Number of missable trophies: none
-Glitched trophies: none
-Does difficulty affect trophies? yes, you'll have to play all levels of trials
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? no cheats

Dante's Inferno Trials Of St. Lucia is online only DLC. The trophies consist of creating community trials, playing community trials, rating community trials and playing through official EA trials.

Please be aware that in order to get 100% in this game you will need a strong boosting partner for the 2-player EA trials.


Step 1: Creating Trials
You will need to create trials to obtain three of the trophies. Trial creation consists of choosing your level, the length of your trial, how many waves your trial will have, the type of enemies the player will be fighting, the details of what those enemies can do, which character you'll control (Dante or Lucia), whether the trial will be single player or two player and what each wave will consist of.

You can make as many trials as you want, but for the sake of the trophies you'll be required to make at least one single player trial and one two player trial.

Upon completion of a trial you are awarded a medal based on the trial's difficulty. As you're creating your trial the amount of points your trial will award will vary depending on the factors you choose and how difficult you make it. The following are the point requirements for medals:

No Medal: 0-499 points
Bronze Medal: 500-2499 points
Silver Medal: 2500-4999 points
Gold Medal: 5000-7499 points
Platinum Medal: 7500-10,000 points

Step 2: Playing Through Community Trials
You'll need to complete 100 bronze trials, 75 silver trials, 50 gold trials and 25 platinum trials for trophies. There are many short community trials available that will make this go by very quickly. Some trials are as short as 10 seconds long. Search for these short trials and play them. You can check the details of a trial by pressing the button once its highlighted.

As you're working towards this trophy make sure to rate every trial once you complete it. You'll need to rate a total of 100 trials for The Critic. You can get this as you work towards the other trophies. You'll also to need to add 10 trials to your favorites. Simply add the first 10 trials you play as favorites.

You'll need to accumulate a total of 250,000 points in online trials. This should come naturally as you work towards the medal trophies. Remember you can get bonus points by completing certain trials over and over. The trial will have certain benchmarks set that will award extra points once you've completed it 10 times, 20 times etc.

Step 3: Playing the Official EA Trials
This is the step that gives the DLC its higher difficulty ratings. These trials are tough. I recommend playing through the training trials first. It takes patience and practice. Don't give up.

For the 2-player trials you'll need to find a strong boosting partner. If you're skilled but your partner continues to die you'll get nowhere. Visit the boosting thread here if you need to find someone: Boosting Thread

[PST Would Like to Thank tuffmuff for this Road Map]

Dante's Inferno Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

55 trophies ( 16  35  )

  • Unlock all other trophies

    The description for this trophy is very misleading as it implies that you need all the DLC trophies as well when you don't, just get all the trophies in the core game then the will pop.

  • Fight against the prisoner at Acre

    Story related, impossible to miss

    First fight and a good moment to get "Warming Up". This will be earned after the first battle of the game.

  • Break through the Gates of Hell

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    After the battle at Acre, you'll begin your descent into hell. Eventually, you'll reach a large gate with enemies on front of it. After you finish a fight and complete the quicktime event, you'll be able to open the Gates of Hell with this monster. Go through and descend into Limbo for this trophy.

  • Defeat King Minos

    Story related, impossible to miss

    Keep running around when he attacks with his tail, press R_1.png when he lifts his 'arms' and screams, jump off and attack until the R2.png appears to finish him off.


  • Defeat Marc Antony

    Story related, impossible to miss

    Use your cross attack (circle18x18.png) to attack him. While he's being healed by Cleopatra, cross attack her fingers to knock her back and make Marc Antony vulnerable. Watch the video below for help.


  • Defeat Cerberus

    Story related, impossible to miss

    Break open the yellow spots on the floor and dodge when the heads try to attack you. When they're stunned, attack away. Once you get to a quicktime event, that head will be taken care of and you can move onto the next. Watch the below video for help.


  • Defeat Alighiero

    Story related but can be MISSED and is GLITCHED

    Kill your father, keep spamming the Cross attacks with and you're good to go (when you're playing on easy ). Watch the video below for help.

    Warning: There is a glitch where you can fall through the level at the wheel and miss this boss fight.


  • Enter the lower circles of The Inferno

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    At the end of Anger, you'll come to the Styx Marsh. After a cutscene, you'll jump on the head of Phlegyas. As he comes out of the marsh, you'll take control of him as you enter into the city of Dis. Make your way through this section and enter the lower circles for this trophy.

  • Escape Heresy

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    At the end of Heresy, you'll have to go through a platforming section. You'll have to dodge falling stalactites that break away the path in front of you. Remember to double jump and don't forget to use R_1.png to hit the link points.

  • Defeat Francesco

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    Equip the "Memories of Acre" relic and spam circle18x18.png. Follow the video below for help.


  • Save Beatrice

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    You'll encounter Beatrice after surviving the trials in Fraud. There is no fight here, just a cutscene.

  • Defeat the Emperor of the Woeful Realm

    Story related, impossible to miss.

    Defeat the final Boss, three stages and when playing on easy it isn't hard at all. Follow the video below.


  • Find a Beatrice stone

    This one is missable!
    See "Power of the Cross"

  • Find all 3 Beatrice stones

    This one is missable!

    1/3 - After getting off of Charon, go past where his head is stuck in the wall.

    2/3 - In the very bottom right fountain in the mirror maze in the Gluttony area.

    3/3 - After the mirror maze area, you'll climb down a wall with several fire spouts.
    After you get to the bottom, you'll be in an area with mana and health fountains.
    Jump up to the alcove to the right. Then jump left across the gap.
    You'll see an item fountain behind you and one further ahead.
    You have to jump kind of around the wall to get to the one further along, which has the stone in it.

    Credits go to Sting7785 from x360a.org

    There are more than just three Beatrice Stones. There are a few backups available. This also carries over between playthroughs. If you only get two of them in your first attempt, when you start your second, they'll all be replaced, but you'll keep the ones you've earned. See the collectables guide on our sister site for all of the locations.

  • Find 10 pieces of silver

    This one is missable!
    See "Well Done, Judas"

  • Find 20 pieces of silver

    This one is missable!
    See "Well Done, Judas"

  • Find all 30 pieces of silver

    This one is missable!
    General tips, look around for paths leading to hidden fountains, not very hard but a pain if you miss one.

    Great guide for all Coins is found here:
    Collectibles Location Guide - Xbox360Achievements.org

    Thnx to rrushn from x360a.org!

    Note: If you find a silver coin and die before reaching a save point, you'll have to find it again.

  • Find a relic

    This one is missable!
    You can get Relics by killing certain enemies, absolving hidden statues and talking to the guide.
    See "Light Relics" and "Dark Relics" for all the locations

    General tips; look for paths that go a different way then the main path.
    Always talk to the guide, keep hitting R_1.png and sometimes you'll receive a relic.

  • Find all Holy relics

    This one is missable!
    Look around for hidden paths, talk to the guide and keep talking until he disappears, sometimes he'll give you a relic.
    You also get relics for defeating certain bosses.

    Great guide for all Coins is found here:
    Collectibles Location Guide - Xbox360Achievements.org

    Thnx to rrushn from x360a.org!

  • Find all Unholy relics

    This one is missable!
    Look around for hidden paths, talk to the guide and keep talking until he disappears, sometimes he'll give you a relic.
    You also get relics for defeating certain bosses.

    Great guide for all Coins is found here:
    Collectibles Location Guide - Xbox360Achievements.org

    Thnx to rrushn from x360a.org!

  • Find and absolve both Francesca de Polenta and Paolo Malatesta

    This one is missable!

    Both of these characters are in Lust. One is towards the beginning and the other is towards the end of the level. Absolve both of them. Their locations are listed in our sister site's collectables guide.

  • Find and absolve Brunetto Latini

    This one is missable!

    In the lowest circle of Violence, you can find him on top of a pile of rocks.
    Make sure you Absolve him for this trophy. His location is listed in our sister site's collectables guide.

  • Punish or absolve all 27 shades of The Inferno

    This one is missable!
    Absolve or Punish all the damned, go for absolving everyone on your first playthrough to get a couple of trophies (Holy level 7, absolving certain damned and this one). See the collectables guide on x360a for all of the locations.

  • Collect all Virgil commentaries

    This one is missable!
    Virgil is your guide through Hell. He'll appear as a blue ghost. Go up and talk to him by pushing until Virgil disappears to unlock all of the commentaries. If you happen to die right after talking to him, go back and talk again otherwise it won't count. Thank you to Jamby for the complete list of the Virgil commentaries below.

    Shores of Acheron
    Into the Blind World - Right after you climb some demon wall, there will be a Judas coin on a little cliff nearby.
    Shores of Acheron - After you kick open a door that you had to turn a lever and break a breakable wall to get to. You see Charon and people constantly falling in the background.

    Limbo - After ripping off Charon's head and getting back onto land (you had to run across a breaking bridge right before this).
    Unblessed Infants - You'll get to this right after you meet the unbaptized babies with scythe hands for the first time.
    Hall of Kings - Right before King Minos, the judge of the dead. Virgil will be in the corner and when entering the door before him you see him for a split second. Run to the bottom right to see him and then talk to him.

    Winds of Lust - Literally right in front of the Lust Storm. On the left.
    Semiramis - After the snake head that you have to break it's teeth to continue. You also receive a cutscene with Beatrice sitting in on a bed.
    Helen - After killing Cleopatra in Lust, you do a few jumps and he'll be waiting for you when you land.

    Gluttony - Before fighting Cerebus and after you do some platforming to get down to Gluttony.
    Valley of Mud - After the room with the three mouths and before the mirror puzzle.

    Greed - After descending into Greed, you'll see Virgil right in front a bunch of gold looking stuff and moving platforms.
    Earth's Treasure - After getting passed the room that closes in on you and/or enemies. Right next to a demon wall.
    Plutus - Right before the giant statue of Plutus.
    The Wheel of Fortune - After you climb up Plutus, open the door and go across the rope, Virgil is waiting for you when you drop off the rope.

    Anger - After descending into Anger, Virgil will be waiting for you.
    Pigs in the Mire - After using a box to make a platform go down.
    The City Draws Near - After going up the platform that you have to make sure the fire thing doesn't catch up. Right next to the rope that goes down and you'll get onto the big behemoth's head that you'll ride through the City of Dis (except that's not yet, you ride it across a pond).

    Heresy - After descending into Heresy, he'll be waiting for you.
    The Harrowing - Right after you go through the two hallways that have fire levers (one of which, demons try to catch you in it).
    Epicurus - When you get to the main room where you're moving up a statue so it gets hit by light (the first time), you'll have to get across some demon walls and once you are passed them, Virgil will be waiting for you. It's also right before the room with 5 fire walls needing to be closed.
    Three More Circles - This is after you get passed the room where all the platforms around you are breaking and falling (also known as the stalactite room).

    Violence - Right next to the River of Boiling Blood, when you first get there.
    Wood of Suicides - After crossing the River of Boiling Blood, Virgil will be waiting for you.
    Abominable Sands - After leaving the Wood of Suicides and before entering the sandy area.
    The River Phlegethon - After pushing the big piece of wood to continue on, you'll see red water/blood at a waterfall in the background. Right before the rope you descend to fight Francesco.

    The Final Circle - After you get done with the Malbolge, Virgil is waiting on the path.
    Treachery - Literally right at the beginning of the crumbling ice bridge (right before the final boss). He blends in with the scenery, so he's easy to miss.

  • Collect 60,000 Souls

    Impossible to miss, it's cumulative, this will come late in the game.

  • Send Charon back into the abyss

    This one is missable!

    When you've ripped off Charon's head in the Shores of Acheron, you throw it away.
    Right after the cutscene you enter a building and in this building you come across it's head.
    Get close to it and press R_1.png to push it away.

  • Perform a 50 hit combo

    You'll probably get this during the first fight.
    A 50 hit combo isn't hard at all, you just need enough enemies.
    Spamming Cross attack with circle18x18.png is the best way to get this.

  • Perform a 200 hit combo

    See "Poetry in Motion"

  • Perform a 666 hit combo

    You don't need to get exactly 666.

    The best place for this is almost at the end of the game, during the Malebolge challenges. There is one challenge (Malebolge 4) where you need to be in the air for 8 seconds. Make sure you don't go up in the air and keep spamming Cross attack with , the enemies will keep respawning which makes it a piece of cake to get up to 666+ (credit to GameOverSuckas for the video):


    Relics- Coin of Plutus this increases the combo window having it to Lvl 3 will help greatly that way the combo window will stay up for 3.3 secs and that gives you enough time to roll if they get close and block you or if they block your crosses.

    Lord's Blessing relic at lvl 3. It increases the damage of all cross attacks and abilities.

    Credit to Kingofdarkness for this info.

    If you're on the second playthrough, you can also do this on Malebolge 1. You have to set the difficulty to Infernal. You'll have infinite magic, so spam Sins of the Father (credit to mezrik100 for the video):


  • Kill 30 Minions

    Impossible to miss, there are more then enough minions. These are the most common enemies. They will appear once you enter the Shores of Acheron and remain for the rest of the game. If you punish or absolve them, it counts as a kill.

  • Kill 30 Demons

    Impossible to miss, there are more then enough demons. These are the large creatures with horns and first appear in the Shores of Acheron. You can kill them or absolve/punish them for more holy/unholy experience. If you punish or absolve them, it counts as a kill.

  • Kill 20 Unbaptized Babies

    Impossible to miss, there are more then enough Unbaptized Babies. They first appear in Limbo and remain throughout the game.

  • Kill 5 Gluttons

    Impossible to miss. They first appear in Gluttony and appear occasionally throughout the rest of the game. These are the very large, fat men that spit bile at you. Even if you play on Easy, you should find enough to get this trophy in your first play through. If you don't get it, you'll get enough in Gates of Hell mode.

  • Kill 5 Heretics

    Impossible to miss. Heretics first appear in Heresy and are the enemies that teleport around. If they have a purple symbol above their heads, they're immune to your cross attack (circle18x18.png) and will make every other enemy immune as well.

  • Kill 20 enemies using a counter move

    To execute a counter move, push L2.png just before an enemy attacks, then quickly push square18x18.png or Triangle18x18.png. You have to kill the enemy with the counter move or else it won't count. Even for minions, it'll take at least two counter moves to kill it. It's recommended to use the Hoarder's Purse relic to increase the time you can use a counter.

  • Kill 20 enemies using magic

    You can get this by playing normally through the game and attack with magic, or when you reach the Malebolge Circles. In the first challenge here, you'll have to do a challenge with infinite Magic and there's way more then 20 enemies there. Just use Sins of the Father spell (received from the Gluttony boss) during this challenge, and you'll get it easily.

  • Open 20 Health fountains

    Just open every Health fountain, the green ones.

  • Open 20 Mana fountains

    Just open every Mana fountain, the purple ones.

  • Reach Holy Level 7

    Absolve every enemy you get the chance to, you can grab most enemies too with R2.png and choose between Punish or Absolve. Make sure absolve all the damned you come across for lots of points. If you chose for the Holy path only you'll get this without problem on your first playthrough. Be sure to have the Charon's oar relic equipped. You'll get bonus holy experience.

  • Reach Unholy Level 7

    Same as "Light in the Dark" but now Punish all enemies. The relics that you should have equipped are Tail of Minos (bonus experience) and Francesca's Book (bonus unholy experience for every 50 kills with a scythe).

  • Max out the Holy path

    Buy all the Holy upgrades for this one.

  • Max out the Unholy path

    Buy all the Unholy upgrades for this one.

  • Defeat all enemy waves in the Gates of Hell Arena

    You'll unlock this Arena after beating the game.

    To make it a piece of cake make sure you finish the game on easy and then start this one.
    You'll have to go through 50 waves of enemies, there's a timer running and for completing a wave you'll get a time bonus.

    Completing a wave without taking damage gives you another time bonus as does absolving/punishing enemies.

DLC: Dark Forest

2 trophies

  • Complete the Dark Forest on any difficulty

    Just beat the DLC on any difficulty you want to. You will start with both the holy and unholy tree maxed out, but you don't have any relics from the main game. If you just want to get through with it quickly, choose the lowest difficulty setting.

  • Complete the Dark Forest without getting lost once

    This one isn't that bad either, you'll probably figure out how to not get lost after the first playthrough on your own, but here's how to do it so that you can get both trophies in one playthrough:

    You'll reach the statue of a Puma during the DLC which you can activate. By activating it, you'll get a short description of what to do and the moon starts shining. All you have to do now is always choose the entrance to the east. But, you have to be careful: the moon always shines from the north, so you have to use that to determine which one actually IS the eastern entrance. In other words, north isn't always the top entrance, if the moon shines from your left, the top entrance is the eastern one.

    After you've made it out of this part of the forest, you'll reach the statue of a lion. This one requires you to use the lion to enlighten certain entrances with the moonlight. The first one you have to choose is the one on the west side of the screen. After that, just turn the lion to the entrance the murder uses and then follow him until you make it out of the forest.

    NOTE: The statue of a wolf you'll reach now doesn't count for the trophy, so just mess around there until you catch the murder, it doesn't matter. The trophy unlocks after you've beaten the Dark Forest.

DLC: Trials of St. Lucia

10 trophies

  • Upload a Single Player Dante Gold Trial

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    You'll need to create a gold medal single player trial using Dante as your character. The following are the point requirements for obtaining medals in the trials. You'll want to make sure that your trial offers enough points to obtain the gold medal.

    Bronze Medal: 500-2499 points
    Silver Medal: 2500-4999 points
    Gold Medal: 5000-7499 points
    Platinum Medal: 7500-10,000 points

    The difficulty of your trial will raise depending on what you choose to put into it. Be creative. It doesn't take much to bump up the difficulty.

  • Upload a 2P Lucia & Dante Platinum Trial

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    See Creationism
    Make sure this trial is a 2-player trial and that you're using Dante and Lucia.

  • Receive a vote of at least 4-stars on any of your uploaded Trials

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    One of your created trials needs to receive a 4-star rating. This may come naturally however if no one is rating your trial you can visit the boosting thread and have someone help you out by rating your trial.

  • Rate Any 100 Trials

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Rate every trial you complete while working towards completing the required amount of community trials and points needed for other trophies. You can rate a trial even if you fail it.

  • Add 10 Trials to Your Favorites

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Simply add the first 10 trials you play as favorites.

  • Earn 100 Bronze Medals and 75 Silver Medals Playing Community Trials

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Simply play the required amount of trials. Look for quick trials that last mere seconds long. You can check a trial's details by pressing Triangle18x18.png over the trial title. Many trials will be titled "Super Fast Platinum Trial!!" or something similar. Seek out those trials.

  • Earn 50 Gold and 25 Platinum Medals Playing Community Trials

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Simply play the required amount of trials. Look for quick trials that last mere seconds long. You can check a trial's details by pressing Triangle18x18.png over the trial title. Many trials will be titled "Super Fast Platinum Trial!!" or something similar. Seek out those trials.

  • Beat 25 different single player and 15 different two-player EA trials

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    First off this trophy should have been a gold. It's tough. Best advice is to be patient and practice as much as you can. Don't give up on them. They're hard but not impossible. Complete the training trials first.

    For the 2-player trials you'll want to find a strong boosting partner that has a good understanding of the game and that won't die repetitively. If you're a strong player but your partner isn't you won't get very far at all with the 2-player trials. Boosting Thread

    In my opinion the Divine Armour magic is the biggest help in these trials. This is the spell that regenerates health. Make sure to have it assigned to one of the controls and then to activate it press .

  • Earn a Player Score of 100,000

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    See You're The Best Around!

  • Earn a Player Score of 250,000

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    You should accumulate these points while working towards the two medal trophies. The platinum and gold trials will award more points. If you play a certain level repetitively it will contain certain benchmarks that award bonus points for completing it 10 times, 20 times etc.

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