On Fire! Trophy in Dance Collider

  • On Fire!


    Clear a stage with an unbroken streak.

    How to unlock On Fire!

    This trophy will unlock when you beat any song, on any difficulty, with an unbroken streak (commonly called Full Combo in other games).

    Don't worry about this unless it is your final trophy and you therefore need to actively attempt it. If however you didn't get it naturally, play on Easy difficulty and pick a song that you are comfortable with or you got close to getting an unbroken streak naturally. I would personally recommend Mindcrusher (Uriel) or Enforcer (Dre) because these were 2 songs that I found were not glitchy and had fairly simple notes to hit, especially in the case of Mindcrusher, since you don't even have to turn your body for the duration of that song.

    There are some songs that are definitely a little glitchy and register phantom misses or don't register hits. They can be frustrating so if you think you've found one and are adamant it should have worked, don't bother retrying, it's likely not your fault. Pick another song and once you have the rhythm down, you should get this without too much stress.


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