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    Collected 20 Emblems.


    Emblems are the collectible contingent of Damnation, they are glowing blue discs found throughout the game and there are 20 in total to be picked up. Gameplay wise they offer nothing whatsoever, they are simply just there to be picked up. Should you miss one, then you can come back via chapter select to pick it up but tick them off as you go as there's no way to identify which one you missed other than from memory. Below is a written guide to the locations of all 20 Emblems along with some videos for a visual aid courtesy of Rooster Teeth:

    Emblem #1
    Location: Arrowtree

    Early on in the first level you will zip wire across a large chasm and land at your very first enemy encounter. Dispatch the 5 PSI soldiers and proceed up the stairs to the empty building to pick up your first emblem, thus unlocking Found It!.

    Emblem #2
    Location: Boomtown

    As you ascend the mines to reach the surface you will come to a section whereby you can either use the glowing orange beams to platform your way up to the next section or jump over to the suspended box and shimmy up the rope that it's suspended from but however you get there, the Emblem is on the second floor of the building on the level you land on.

    Emblem #3
    Location: Boomtown

    On the surface of Boomtown you will encounter your first zombie enemy via a cutscene which pans out to show you a giant billboard with 'PRESCOTT STANDARD' emblazoned across it. Head past this and check out the area for a shack with a motorcycle beneath it, straight across from this is a small building with the Emblem inside of it on the floor.

    Emblem #4
    Location: Boomtown

    This is the last Emblem in Boomtown and is quite near the end. You will eventually see a cutscene which shows you a metal conveyor belt going upwards, it will pan around and show you two massive silos which is where this one is found. You will zip wire to one and then you have to jump over to a ladder on the other one, climb to the top and jump back over to the first one via swinging from a pole. Once done, head around to your left where it is lying on the grated floor.

    Emblem #5
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    As you end your very first motorcycle sequence, dismount your bike and mount the small ledge to the right of the plateau. Take care of the soldiers and check out the small stone building just overlooking the gorge before you reach the artillery to find it in the middle of the floor.

    Emblem #6
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    After the cutscene showing you the hooded assassin traversing the level and the one about the entire water supply being contaminated with serum, climb the walls and take out the enemies from higher ground before you descend. The tall building in this area below you is where this is housed, check out all of the ground floor spaces. You’re in the right area if you encounter the Automen for the first time.

    Emblem #7
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Once you get into the bowels of Mesa Dorado you will see you need to enter a sort of wolves head kind of entrance way down on the ground floor but before you get there you will pass a giant water wheel which you cannot miss. Once you descend the ladder which overlooks it and come to land in front of it, go inside the small building on this level to find it resting on the floor of the ground floor.

    Emblem #8
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Shortly after entering the wolves head entrance you will encounter Selena, the woman in green who hangs around with the hooded ninja. A cutscene will play showing you the route to take to defeat her but once it’s over you’ll resume play behind a rock for cover. Wait for her guns to overheat or shoot at them to disable them for a few seconds but either way, when the coast is clear, run to the right and into a narrow crook where you will find the Emblem on the floor. There’s a good chance she will kill you afterwards but that’s okay, you will have retained it and can go left this time as per the indicated way to go.

    Emblem #9
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Despite it being on your route, this is a little hard to describe. When you are descending the outer part of Mesa Dorado to get to the Juggernaut you will ride a gondola to reach the opposite cliff. Once you disembark there will be an opening ahead of you leading to an internal enemy populated area with a few buildings. Take everyone out and head to the building at the far side then hop up the ladder to the second floor, now jump over to the next building along and take a right turn to find it on the floor in the middle of the room.

    Emblem #10
    Location: Convoy Chase Sequence

    Once you part ways with Zagato in Mesa Dorado and give chase to Selena on the motorcycle you will eventually get to a part where you have to dismount and shoot the golden hook that is holding the suspended totem so it falls and creates a ramp for you to use to proceed. Head up this newly created ramp and boost over the gap but as soon as you land, jump off again and inspect the area behind the totem pole to the left of your approach to find this one tucked away on the floor.

    Emblem #11
    Location: Terra Verte approach

    Once you pull up from the motorcycle chase, you will be overlooking Terra Verte. Proceed through this area normally until you come to a part where you need to climb to the platform above and the only way to do so is by using the poles on the bridge you are stood on, this is where you need to be. Once you get to the platform above, go left instead of right and look around the small square shaped pool behind the large statue to find this in the water.

    Emblem #12
    Location: Terra Verte approach

    This one is in the middle of the boss fight with the hooded assassin as you catch up to Selena. After the cutscene to introduce the battle and reveal who the assassin is, head to the small structure in the middle of this area (completely ignoring the boss for a minute) and wall jump up to the second level of the building where it is sat waiting to be collected.

    Emblem #13
    Location: Terra Verte

    As you pull up on your motorcycle to the gates of Terra Verte, search the far corner by the entrance for this Emblem lying on the ground before you approach the gates to be let inside.

    Emblem #14
    Location: Terra Verte

    As you ascend the Governors tower you will do quite a bit of platforming. A little over half way up you will be shown one of those camera pan cinematics detailing your route which will show you the area to collect this. Keep going until you come to a part where there are adjacent walls with a pole in the middle. As you face it from the outside, use the right wall to wall jump to the pole and use it to swing and grab the wall on the left. Pull yourself up and head up the small flight of stairs to find this one on the floor.

    Emblem #15
    Location: Terra Verte

    Just after the part where you move the artillery to get through a glass building by running down the turret, descend the rope line, it will be just by the small building when you land. You will know you are in the correct place when Selena announces her presence to engage you in another and this time final, boss fight.

    Emblem #16
    Location: Terra Verte

    When you reach the Water Works in the room with all of the moveable statues for the water puzzle, run to the back wall beyond the columns in the centre of the room and hang a small right, you should be able to see it glowing on the ground as you approach to help you find it. Don't expect much help from Yakecan in this area by the way, she just stands there the whole time.

    Emblem #17
    Location: PSI Complex

    After a ridiculously long motorcycle part to reach PSI city after the cinematic showing your arrival into PSI City, dismount your bike and approach the lone outpost in front of you and inspect the small area just to the right of it to find it lying in the snow.

    Emblem #18
    Location: PSI Complex

    Once more this is a tricky one to explain despite the fact it's pretty much in your path as you progress up towards Prescott’s Tower. In the huge area where you are overlooking an industrious network of walkways and pipes, ascend the metal conveyor belt, jump on the beam, edge along and jump across to the cabin opposite you. Wall jump to the next floor then circle around the back of the cabin and wall jump again to get to the roof. Jump onto the ladder overhanging the roof and climb up, head into the building in front of you and up the small set of stairs to the left and it's on the ground.

    Emblem #19
    Location: PSI Complex

    When you arrive at the lift which takes you up to Prescott's Office you will trigger a cut scene in which Prescott will say to his troops that they need not worry as his future is guaranteed. Once it's over, run past the lift and pick it up off the floor just to the right.

    Emblem #20
    Location: Final Boss Fight

    Once you trigger the final boss battle with Prescott on the roof of his Tower, check out the closest little building housing all of the guns that also acts as a hiding spot from his gunfire, it's right by the entrance and is pretty hard to miss.

    Once you collect Emblem #20 (providing you have collected all the others as well) the trophy will unlock. As mentioned earlier, here is a video guide (credit to Rooster Teeth):

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