Boomtown- Hardcore Trophy

  • Boomtown- Hardcore


    Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.


    Boomtown is a significant advancement on Arrowtree and opens up the gameplay to introduce you to more involved platforming and enemy numbers also start to increase. You will also be introduced to vehicles on this mission which are used primarily to get from one part of the level to another but can also be used as a weapon to run over enemies. The first half of the level is underground and spent trying to reach the surface, the next part is getting to the main part of Boomtown via the cable cars. This is also a prime level to work on the misc trophy, Pyro.

    Your final objective of reaching the top of the generator is complete once you pull the four levers on the roof to blow up the mines, the trophy will pop while the cinematic of the explosions unfolds.

    Emblems in this chapter: 3

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