• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (14, 7, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Chapter Select is available)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, see below for list of cheats.
  • Are any extra peripherals required?: Yes, an additional PS3 controller.

Welcome to my Trophy Guide and Road Map for Damnation, a third person shooter from Codemasters and Blue Omega Entertainment. Damnation was put out in 2007 to a modest reception but I personally found it easy to pick up and play and found the actual gameplay itself as good as anything that Prince of Persia and similar games could come up with. As multiplayer was powered by GameSpy, there is no longer any multiplayer aspect to speak of since that shutdown in 2014 but fortunately there are no online trophies so the Platinum is still achievable. There are however still two trophies for playing co-op which are still possible via splitscreen 2 player mode so as mentioned in the overview, you are going to need an extra PS3 controller to ensure you can unlock them. Also as mentioned in the overview, you can enter cheat codes into the 'Unlockables' menu of the main screen. Here's a list of them and what they do:

  • Revenant – Unlock Insane Difficulty
  • BlowOffSomeSteam – Super Weapon Unlocked
  • LincolnsTopHat – Big Head Mode Unlocked
  • PeoplePerson – Custom Characters Unlocked
  • LockNLoad – Custom Loadout Unlocked
  • LockNLoadAll - Unlocks All Weapons

Trophies are not disabled when you use cheats and as such you can feel free to use any or all of them to suit your approach and because of the application of cheats combined with the fact that splitscreen co-op can be used to pretty much make you invincible, you can reduce the time to Platinum depending on how authentic an experience you want this game to be. For the purposes of this guide I will assume no cheats are used but will mention in each circumstance where it would be particularly advantageous to use them. Also note that you can back out to the main menu at any point, activate a cheat then restart from the last checkpoint.

Good luck with the Platinum and I hope you enjoy the guide.

Step 1 – Solo Campaign on Casual/Hardcore + All Emblems

Because the difficulty trophies stack and you will be doing an Insane run after this, it's up to you whatever difficulty you wish to complete this step on, the default is Hardcore but set it to Casual if you wish. It's not a difficult game by any standard really and the emphasis here should really be on ensuring you pick up all emblems which are the collectible element of the game. There are only five levels to this game but with the exception of Arrowtree in the beginning, they are all very long and because of this I recommend checking the guide for the best places to carry out any misc trophies instead of using chapter select later on. It should be stated here that this step is optional, if you use the cheat code to unlock Insane Difficulty and have an extra PS3 controller then you can just go straight on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Split Screen Co-op Campaign on Insane

The reason that the co-op trophies should be done on Insane is that once you have unlocked he ability to spirit heal your downed allies at the end of Chapter 1 – Arrowtree, you can pretty much run through the entire game with the second controller stood idle. If you die, pick up the idle controller and spirit heal to revive your downed main character to continue from anywhere you are on the level. For obvious reasons this makes the hardest difficulty somewhat redundant, though you do only have half the screen to work with and you will naturally be downed more often, feel free to counteract this by using the cheat to unlock the super weapon if you want to even the playing field up a little bit. You can also pick up any emblems you might have missed during Step 1 here as any you have found on any previous playthrough carry over to your new game.

Step 3 – Clean Up

There will be few if any trophies left to do here but this is the time to grind them out if there is. There aren't that many combat/button action related trophies to speak of either so what there is of it won't take too long to work through but it can sometimes be a little arduous to trek through a level to get to the most effective area to farm whatever you need so ideally you should keep an eye on the Trophy Guide where I will mention where to get each trophy. Also if you happened to miss any emblems, then this is where you'll need to grab the last few that remain via Chapter Select.

[PST Would Like To Thank smartbomb for this Roadmap]

Damnation Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 14  )

  • Unlock all Damnation™ Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy.

    Unlock all other trophies in Damnation to unlock the Platinum, congrats!

  • Complete Arrowtree on Casual.


    See Arrowtree – Hardcore for more info.

  • Complete Boomtown on Casual.


    See Boomtown – Hardcore for more info.

  • Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual.


    See Mesa Dorado – Hardcore for more info.

  • Complete Terra Verte on Casual.


    See Terra Verte – Hardcore for more info.

  • Complete the Game on Casual.


    You will unlock this upon completion of Campaign Mode. Since the difficulty trophies stack stacks you will also unlock this if you complete the game on a higher difficulty whether in Co-op or Solo mode. See Peacemaker for general gameplay tips, you can expect pretty much the same on this difficulty but with less resistance.

  • Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore.


    Arrowtree is the first chapter in the story and serves as more of an introductory session than anything else, introducing you to combat and teaching you all of the different platforming techniques. Pay attention to the on screen hints as they won't be shown again and experiment with different weapons to see which one suits you. There are also a couple of trophies that can be farmed on this level, see Sniper and Where’d They Come From? for more info on those.

    Once you reach the bridge that is constantly referred to throughout the level and successfully use the turret to guard Winslow whilst he plants the explosives, hop down and pull the lever to end the mission and unlock the trophy.

    Emblems in this chapter: 1

  • Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.


    Boomtown is a significant advancement on Arrowtree and opens up the gameplay to introduce you to more involved platforming and enemy numbers also start to increase. You will also be introduced to vehicles on this mission which are used primarily to get from one part of the level to another but can also be used as a weapon to run over enemies. The first half of the level is underground and spent trying to reach the surface, the next part is getting to the main part of Boomtown via the cable cars. This is also a prime level to work on the misc trophy, Pyro.

    Your final objective of reaching the top of the generator is complete once you pull the four levers on the roof to blow up the mines, the trophy will pop while the cinematic of the explosions unfolds.

    Emblems in this chapter: 3

  • Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.


    Mesa Dorado is a very long and drawn out level with plenty of combat and a huge amount of platforming. You must bring down the artillery that is shelling Terra Verte and then pursue the hooded assassin through the bowels of Mesa Dorado, then back up to the surface again only to descend once more to the 'Juggernaut' mobile artillery that PSI are sending to mount the main attack on Terra Verte. You will experience your first boss fight of sorts mid-way through the level too, though you will be shown a brief cinematic of how to end this quickly. You will also be introduced to a new kind of enemy called 'Automen' quite early into the mission too, see the Peacemaker trophy description for more info on how to deal with them. By now you should be familiar with the gameplay and know what to do and where you need to be going, you will also have noticed by now that the camera likes to pan through the level when you reach a new area to show you where you need to be going.

    The final objective on this level is complete when you reach ground zero and part ways with Zagato as you ride off in pursuit of Selena and her bodyguard.

    Emblems in this chapter: 5

  • Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore.


    Terra Verte is the last vestige of freedom in Damnation and as such is under attack from PSI. The level begins with a large amount of platforming across the city and breaks down into an underground section as you attempt to reach the Governors HQ. Once you do you will then need to head to the Waterworks to activate the city defences to head off the attack from PSI. You will face off against a couple of bosses on this level including the mysterious hooded assassin which has an interesting twist as well as a showdown with Selena. There aren't any new enemy types to speak of but standard PSI troops have now been upgraded and are much more aggressive and resistant to damage. There is also the introduction of puzzles which consist of moving statues to divert a stream of water to end up powering water wheels but it's such a basic task assisted by the camera that more or less showing you exactly what to do that it's generous to even say it's a puzzle.

    Once you release the final lever in the Waterworks building to make the giant statue release the reins on the seahorses during the cinematic, your trophy will pop.

    Emblems in this chapter: 4

  • Complete the Game on Hardcore.


    This will unlock once you complete Campaign mode on at least Hardcore difficulty. As difficulty stacks you will unlock this if you complete the game on Insane Difficulty and will also unlock in both Co-op and Solo mode. Each level of the game is not particularly hard, just time consuming as they are very long. Here are a few general gameplay tips to help you through each mission:

    • Though there is no button to back up against cover, retreat often to gather back any lost energy.
    • When trying to work out where to go next, use spirit vision to locate your comrades. If the enemies have been cleared out, then they will proceed to the next checkpoint and show you where you need to be.
    • When using vehicles, stay on the gas. There's no benefit in trying to round up attackers so just storm past them and continue to your next checkpoint.
    • When dealing with snipers, allow your A.I comrades to draw their fire thus allowing you to get a good lock on them to blast them to pieces.
    • Like almost all other shooters, headshots are critical. Conserve ammo and take out enemies faster by always aiming for the head.
    • Remember that you can always back out at any time and activate the cheat which unlocks the super weapon, it is a one shot kill on all enemies and you will restart at your last checkpoint and there's absolutely no penalty for doing so.
  • Complete Arrowtree on Insane.


    See Peacemaker for general gameplay hints which also apply to Insane and Arrowtree – Hardcore for a brief description of the level. Be careful here as for this beginner level only, you do not have the ability to Spirit Heal downed allies so tread carefully until you unlock this.

  • Complete Boomtown on Insane.


    See Peacemaker for general gameplay hints which also apply to Insane and Boomtown – Hardcore for a brief description of the level. If you are following the Road Map and completing this difficulty on splitscreen co-op then don't forget that you can heal yourself from anywhere on the map, see People Skills for more info on that.

  • Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane.


    See Peacemaker for general gameplay hints which also apply to Insane and Mesa Dorado – Hardcore for a brief description of the level. If you are following the Road Map and completing this difficulty on splitscreen co-op then don't forget that you can heal yourself from anywhere on the map, see People Skills for more info on that.

  • Complete Terra Verte on Insane.


    See Peacemaker for general gameplay hints which also apply to Insane and Terra Verte – Hardcore for a brief description of the level. If you are following the Road Map and completing this difficulty on splitscreen co-op then don't forget that you can heal yourself from anywhere on the map, see People Skills for more info on that.

  • Complete the Game on Insane.


    Insane is the hardest difficulty in the game and unless you use a cheat to unlock it instantly as mentioned in Step 1 of the Road Map, you will need to play through the game at least once on another difficulty before it will unlock. There is actually very little difference between Hardcore and Insane so whatever got you through Hardcore, should be enough for this. If you are following the Road Map then after Arrowtree you can call yourself invincible for all intensive purposes as you can heal yourself from anywhere on the map using the second controller.

    Though I never advocate cheats, I will point out that the super weapon cuts down every enemy in the game, even bosses, with one shot. If you were to combine this with the fact you can revive yourself an infinite amount of times from anywhere, it naturally makes a mockery of the difficulty but whether you use cheats or not is up to you.

  • Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any difficulty


    You will unlock this trophy during the course of earning People Skills so see that trophy description for more info.

  • Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty.


    Since the online servers are now closed, you are going to have to do this splitscreen which means you will need a second PS3 controller. This does not necessitate that there needs to be a second person join you to actually play as the second character, you can simply set the controller down and carry on. The second person will not time out because they are idle and are not required to progress to checkpoints with you, they are literally going to stand right where you first spawn whilst you progress as the first player to the end of the level.

    When you complete the first chapter in Boomtown you will unlock the trophy Double Time and you will also have unlocked the Spirit Vision ability. This makes things super easy because if you die as your main player, then pick up the idle controller and hold down to enter spirit vision, find wherever you are and face your downed main player then hit to heal them completely, no matter how far away they are. This is truly game breaking and considering you must complete the game on Insane Difficulty, it's prudent to combine these two requirements to earn both trophies in one swoop as recommended in the Road Map.

    One other thing to mention in passing is that all trophies must be earned by the Main Player, meaning you must collect all emblems, and carry out all action specific requirements for all other trophies with the main player.

  • Get 20 Headshots.

    There's no way you should finish your first Campaign Mode without this trophy, headshots should be your staple diet and certainly should come naturally during your campaign progression.

    Should you wish to farm it and ensure it's one less thing to have on your plate then the very first set of enemies in Arrowtree are ideal for this. Before you start, use the cheat code to use a Custom Loadout and ensure you equip the Dark Seraph Rifle. Progress to the point you encounter your first enemies, a team of 5 PSI soldiers patrolling an entrance to a tower. Armed with your Sniper Rifle, carefully headshot all 5 enemies, note that 3 are at ground level whilst the other two are on platforms higher up. As soon as you down the last guy, pause and choose to Load Last Checkpoint and repeat what you just did. Providing you don't miss (and therefore blow your cover), you should also unlock Where'd You Come From? at the same time but if you do miss, then just keep reloading until it also unlocks.

  • Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.

    This is also a trophy you shouldn't get too hung up about as it should unlock normally during campaign mode progression but if you want to farm it then see the Sniper trophy for an ideal method and location.

  • Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.

    At fixed periods in the game, you will be required to travel to another part of the area and the only way to do so will be by motorcycle. To ride a chopper press while stood next to it and hold to accelerate, there is a compartment on the bike for a passenger to hold on and fire at enemies in a drive-by style but note that any kills in this manner will not count towards the total as you did not necessarily do the killing.

    In certain parts of your journey from one point to another you will come across hostiles and it is these you need to line up and drive straight into. The bike is pretty fast and enemies move around a bit so it can be tricky sometimes, you can boost by pressing to activate a turbo if you are lined up properly which helps a little but this is pretty much sporadic in terms of results. Though instances of running over people are few and far between, there is a great place to farm this if you need to. Once you complete Mesa Dorado and start the Motorcycle Chase part of the game, the second checkpoint has a long straight bridged section about the width of three of the bikes that you're on and a stream of serum addicted zombie types just jump down in front of you from out of nowhere. Charge them down and once you reach the end, reload the last checkpoint then rinse and repeat. You can easily knock out about 10 per run without stopping to go back.

  • Pyro


    Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.

    Explosive crates are literally everywhere in this game and shooting them with any weapon causes them to explode and damage anybody in close enough proximity. It's fair to say that if you aim for all of the barrels during your campaign progress then you will unlock this naturally but it's more instinctive to aim for enemies so it might turn out you need to farm some of the kills. If this is the case then Boomtown is a superb spot and is literally right at the start. After you take care of the first couple of onrushing enemies, head into the tunnel and as you come through the other side there will be a few hostiles up on a platform with a stack of barrels next to them. You can even edge your way out and take a shot at the barrels whilst avoiding getting shot at but once the barrels go up and the enemies are dead, you can reload the last checkpoint and do the same thing all over again until the trophy unlocks.

  • Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.

    This trophy is very hard to get playing solo. For an explosion to occur you need to either shoot an explosive barrel or throw a trip mine and press to detonate it at the precise time enough enemies are in range. There are only a couple of places in the game where 5 enemies will group together and stay there long enough for this to work and both are in Terra Verte. One will be during a sequence where Yakecan will comment on the tragic state of overdosed PSI serum addicts, the other is when you surface from the sewers before entering the Governors HQ. On both occasions you need to stay on higher ground and let Yakecan be the bait. The trouble with this though is she tends to kill them before 5 can surround her so this is going to be a case of repeating the actions until you get lucky.

    The most reliable method is to obtain this in splitscreen mode in exactly the same locations but this time pick up controller 2 and have them stand there in the open while you use the First controller to position yourself properly for a well-timed trip mine. Here's a video of the second location using this exact method courtesy of sunnygrg:

  • Successfully wall-jump 100 times.

    A wall-jump is an action taught to you in Arrowtree whereby you jump against a wall and vault from it to reach an adjacent surface you couldn’t otherwise reach. The action is performed by pressing at the precise point you land on the wall you want to use to boost yourself. It may take a couple of tries to master but once you get it, it becomes second nature. By the end of a playthrough you may have it or you could be 20-30 behind. What I did was play through right up to when I was scaling the buildings leading to Prescott’s Tower in the last mission and found myself at a random place and thought I would just grind the rest out just to have it out of the way. I needed 21 jumps so rather than do it 100 times the first chance you get, know that if you leave it until late then you will either get it naturally or be so close that you only need to spend 5 minutes on it.

  • Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 seconds or less.

    This will be one of the first trophies you get. In Arrowtree you will be taught the basic controls as you go along and just after you encounter the second batch of enemies you will be shown how to climb ledges and swing off poles etc. In order to progress you are actually required to jump from a ledge, grab a pole, swing off the other end and hop over the ledge at the other side. This all takes about 1.5 - 2 seconds so you can even take a swing if you need to. If you miss it, then turn around and do it the other way until you do it in one fluid motion.

  • Collect 1 Emblem.


    See Emblematic for more info.

  • Collect 10 Emblems.


    See Emblematic for more info.

  • Collected 20 Emblems.

    Emblems are the collectible contingent of Damnation, they are glowing blue discs found throughout the game and there are 20 in total to be picked up. Gameplay wise they offer nothing whatsoever, they are simply just there to be picked up. Should you miss one, then you can come back via chapter select to pick it up but tick them off as you go as there's no way to identify which one you missed other than from memory. Below is a written guide to the locations of all 20 Emblems along with some videos for a visual aid courtesy of Rooster Teeth:

    Emblem #1
    Location: Arrowtree

    Early on in the first level you will zip wire across a large chasm and land at your very first enemy encounter. Dispatch the 5 PSI soldiers and proceed up the stairs to the empty building to pick up your first emblem, thus unlocking Found It!.

    Emblem #2
    Location: Boomtown

    As you ascend the mines to reach the surface you will come to a section whereby you can either use the glowing orange beams to platform your way up to the next section or jump over to the suspended box and shimmy up the rope that it's suspended from but however you get there, the Emblem is on the second floor of the building on the level you land on.

    Emblem #3
    Location: Boomtown

    On the surface of Boomtown you will encounter your first zombie enemy via a cutscene which pans out to show you a giant billboard with 'PRESCOTT STANDARD' emblazoned across it. Head past this and check out the area for a shack with a motorcycle beneath it, straight across from this is a small building with the Emblem inside of it on the floor.

    Emblem #4
    Location: Boomtown

    This is the last Emblem in Boomtown and is quite near the end. You will eventually see a cutscene which shows you a metal conveyor belt going upwards, it will pan around and show you two massive silos which is where this one is found. You will zip wire to one and then you have to jump over to a ladder on the other one, climb to the top and jump back over to the first one via swinging from a pole. Once done, head around to your left where it is lying on the grated floor.

    Emblem #5
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    As you end your very first motorcycle sequence, dismount your bike and mount the small ledge to the right of the plateau. Take care of the soldiers and check out the small stone building just overlooking the gorge before you reach the artillery to find it in the middle of the floor.

    Emblem #6
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    After the cutscene showing you the hooded assassin traversing the level and the one about the entire water supply being contaminated with serum, climb the walls and take out the enemies from higher ground before you descend. The tall building in this area below you is where this is housed, check out all of the ground floor spaces. You’re in the right area if you encounter the Automen for the first time.

    Emblem #7
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Once you get into the bowels of Mesa Dorado you will see you need to enter a sort of wolves head kind of entrance way down on the ground floor but before you get there you will pass a giant water wheel which you cannot miss. Once you descend the ladder which overlooks it and come to land in front of it, go inside the small building on this level to find it resting on the floor of the ground floor.

    Emblem #8
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Shortly after entering the wolves head entrance you will encounter Selena, the woman in green who hangs around with the hooded ninja. A cutscene will play showing you the route to take to defeat her but once it’s over you’ll resume play behind a rock for cover. Wait for her guns to overheat or shoot at them to disable them for a few seconds but either way, when the coast is clear, run to the right and into a narrow crook where you will find the Emblem on the floor. There’s a good chance she will kill you afterwards but that’s okay, you will have retained it and can go left this time as per the indicated way to go.

    Emblem #9
    Location: Mesa Dorado

    Despite it being on your route, this is a little hard to describe. When you are descending the outer part of Mesa Dorado to get to the Juggernaut you will ride a gondola to reach the opposite cliff. Once you disembark there will be an opening ahead of you leading to an internal enemy populated area with a few buildings. Take everyone out and head to the building at the far side then hop up the ladder to the second floor, now jump over to the next building along and take a right turn to find it on the floor in the middle of the room.

    Emblem #10
    Location: Convoy Chase Sequence

    Once you part ways with Zagato in Mesa Dorado and give chase to Selena on the motorcycle you will eventually get to a part where you have to dismount and shoot the golden hook that is holding the suspended totem so it falls and creates a ramp for you to use to proceed. Head up this newly created ramp and boost over the gap but as soon as you land, jump off again and inspect the area behind the totem pole to the left of your approach to find this one tucked away on the floor.

    Emblem #11
    Location: Terra Verte approach

    Once you pull up from the motorcycle chase, you will be overlooking Terra Verte. Proceed through this area normally until you come to a part where you need to climb to the platform above and the only way to do so is by using the poles on the bridge you are stood on, this is where you need to be. Once you get to the platform above, go left instead of right and look around the small square shaped pool behind the large statue to find this in the water.

    Emblem #12
    Location: Terra Verte approach

    This one is in the middle of the boss fight with the hooded assassin as you catch up to Selena. After the cutscene to introduce the battle and reveal who the assassin is, head to the small structure in the middle of this area (completely ignoring the boss for a minute) and wall jump up to the second level of the building where it is sat waiting to be collected.

    Emblem #13
    Location: Terra Verte

    As you pull up on your motorcycle to the gates of Terra Verte, search the far corner by the entrance for this Emblem lying on the ground before you approach the gates to be let inside.

    Emblem #14
    Location: Terra Verte

    As you ascend the Governors tower you will do quite a bit of platforming. A little over half way up you will be shown one of those camera pan cinematics detailing your route which will show you the area to collect this. Keep going until you come to a part where there are adjacent walls with a pole in the middle. As you face it from the outside, use the right wall to wall jump to the pole and use it to swing and grab the wall on the left. Pull yourself up and head up the small flight of stairs to find this one on the floor.

    Emblem #15
    Location: Terra Verte

    Just after the part where you move the artillery to get through a glass building by running down the turret, descend the rope line, it will be just by the small building when you land. You will know you are in the correct place when Selena announces her presence to engage you in another and this time final, boss fight.

    Emblem #16
    Location: Terra Verte

    When you reach the Water Works in the room with all of the moveable statues for the water puzzle, run to the back wall beyond the columns in the centre of the room and hang a small right, you should be able to see it glowing on the ground as you approach to help you find it. Don't expect much help from Yakecan in this area by the way, she just stands there the whole time.

    Emblem #17
    Location: PSI Complex

    After a ridiculously long motorcycle part to reach PSI city after the cinematic showing your arrival into PSI City, dismount your bike and approach the lone outpost in front of you and inspect the small area just to the right of it to find it lying in the snow.

    Emblem #18
    Location: PSI Complex

    Once more this is a tricky one to explain despite the fact it's pretty much in your path as you progress up towards Prescott’s Tower. In the huge area where you are overlooking an industrious network of walkways and pipes, ascend the metal conveyor belt, jump on the beam, edge along and jump across to the cabin opposite you. Wall jump to the next floor then circle around the back of the cabin and wall jump again to get to the roof. Jump onto the ladder overhanging the roof and climb up, head into the building in front of you and up the small set of stairs to the left and it's on the ground.

    Emblem #19
    Location: PSI Complex

    When you arrive at the lift which takes you up to Prescott's Office you will trigger a cut scene in which Prescott will say to his troops that they need not worry as his future is guaranteed. Once it's over, run past the lift and pick it up off the floor just to the right.

    Emblem #20
    Location: Final Boss Fight

    Once you trigger the final boss battle with Prescott on the roof of his Tower, check out the closest little building housing all of the guns that also acts as a hiding spot from his gunfire, it's right by the entrance and is pretty hard to miss.

    Once you collect Emblem #20 (providing you have collected all the others as well) the trophy will unlock. As mentioned earlier, here is a video guide (credit to Rooster Teeth):

  • Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.

    There's a couple of ways to get this I found but by far the easiest is in a solo session. Trip Mines are found all across all levels and are picked up by running over them. The most you can carry at a time is 4 and to throw them press and to detonate it press again, however for this we will be shooting them before they explode.

    Most of Damnation is set outside in the open so you can start work on this as soon as you have some Trip Mines but try to collect 4 and keep hold of them. When you pass a checkpoint and the auto-save icon flashes up on screen, it’s a perfect time to try for this. Equip your machine gun and hold down to aim your gun, now pull back as far as you can until you are practically looking straight up. Throw a Trip Mine into the air and shoot it clean out of the sky to register one for the count. Repeat this with the other 3 mines you have and then select to load last checkpoint. You will spawn with the 4 Trip Mines you had and the tally will still count, as soon as you blast 25 before they hit the ground your trophy will unlock.

    Here's a video of this method courtesy of Overlord73 though I don't recommend waiting until you are in the area he uses, which is in Terra Verte. Again as soon as you have Trip Mines and are in the open then you can start farming this trophy:

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