• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (28, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 14 (6, 7, 1 Unobtainable, Server now Closed
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 plus Cleanup and many online matches.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 2, Suited-up and Geared-up
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you have to finish the game on Supersoldier difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the difficulty ones do.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.

Welcome to my Trophy Guide for Crysis 3, the third instalment of the futuristic FPS which sees you reprise the role of the talismanic 'Prophet', a super soldier thanks to his alien technology Nanosuit. Things have gone from bad to worse from the last instalment and there's a handy 'Crysis so far' cinematic from the options menu for anyone coming into the series for the first time. Trophy wise there's nothing here too challenging with excellent variety, not too much emphasis on collectibles though there is quite a few and the obligatory difficulty trophies stack so you can save some time and play on Supersoldier from the start. The Trophy for levelling up your upgrades is a little involved so I have made a Supplemental Guide for it and linked to it so check that out, otherwise there's the Multiplayer trophies which can be boosted but in Public Matches only so they are just as easy to get solo if you put the time in. The only other thing to say is that there is a Mission Select from the Main Menu once you complete the game so you can go back and collect anything you may have missed and also farm your upgrade modules so nothing is missable at all.

I do have to stress the following as well as it not only gets you a trophy but will help you to use this guide and know what to press when I say do things like perform an Air Stomp, Hack a door and so on- Complete the Tutorial at the start of your Campaign in SP mode to brush up on what buttons do what, how to operate your Nanosuit and the basics of gameplay. Once this is done you will receive a Trophy and be ready to get going, see the Walkthrough for a suggested path to the Platinum.

Step 1 – Campaign Mode on Soldier Difficulty (Optional)

Since the difficulty trophies stack, you don't have to play this on a lower difficulty the first time around but there are advantages in doing so. You will not only get a good handle on how the game plays and collecting the INTEL items and weapon attachments a little easier but your Nanosuit Upgrades will carry over to new playthroughs so you will be super tuned when it comes to taking on the hardest difficulty. If you do this step then make sure you do all of the collectable trophies as well and the misc stage related trophies so you don’t need to worry about anything else on your Super Soldier run except the mission objectives.

Step 2 – Campaign Mode on Supersoldier Difficulty

The difference in difficulty on Supersoldier is definitely noticeable but is easily overcome by adapting your style to suit a more stealthy approach. There are a host of gameplay tips in the Professional Superhero walkthrough to aid you in your quest, all of which can be applied to any difficulty really but are more prominent on the harder settings. If you jumped straight into things on this difficulty then you’ll have to also contend with collecting every collectable in the game which can sometimes be a little tiresome as you have to take your time and calculate your approach much more carefully.

Step 3 – Single Player Cleanup

There are many misc trophies in Crysis 3, all of which can be cleaned up via Mission Select at the end of the game. There are a handful of mission specific trophies as well as for getting certain kill types and with various types of ammo. Nothing will take too long except maybe for Suited Up which will almost certainly need some grinding to get all of the modules to their maximum.

Step 4 – Multiplayer

Unobtainable, Server now Closed

Finally we have Multiplayer. All trophies must be earned in Public Matches so bear this in mind if trying to organise a boost. You will have one Rank based trophy based on your experience just from playing and the others can reasonably be earned legitimately within that timescale, nothing is too complex so just follow the descriptions to earn them in reasonable time.

[PST Would Like to Thank smartbomb for this Roadmap]


Lost Islands DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 10 (7, 3Unobtainable, Server now Closed
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10hrs but is dependent on if you boost or not (Personal opinion).
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple Public Matches
  • Number of missable trophies: No
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


All 10 trophies in this DLC can only be done Public Matches. Boosting is recommended because the online community is basically dead. 12 people would be ideal but we managed with 5-6 people and if you try to do it legit, save time by only playing Team Possession mode.

[PST Would Like to Thank leowtyx for this Overview]

Crysis 3 Trophy Guide

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61 trophies ( 18  41  )

  • Earn all available trophies for Crysis®3

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This is the same as any other game, just collect all the other non-DLC trophies to unlock this one. Congrats!

  • Complete Tutorial

    Whenever you begin a new campaign you are given the option of playing through a quick tutorial to learn the basics of the game. Whether or not you know your way around the Crysis games you still need to complete the Tutorial for this trophy so follow the instructions when prompted, to complete the module.

  • Complete Post-Human

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 1: Post Human. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophies:
    Who Needs Rockets?
    Improviser (Recommended)

    CELL Intel:
    Data Pads - 7
    Black Boxes - 2

    Weapon Attachments:
    Silencer/Iron Sights/Rifle Laser Sights (Starting Weapon)
    Reflex Scope
    Assault Scope

  • Complete Welcome to the Jungle

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophies:
    Can You Hear Me Now?
    Clever Girl! (Recommended)
    Bang For The Buck! (Recommended)

    Cell Intel:
    Datapads - 3
    Black Boxes - 2
    Propaganda Posters - 1

    Weapon Attachments:
    Extended Ammo Box (4mm)
    Double Magazines (4.7mm)
    Extended Magazine (4.7mm)
    Match Barrel

  • Complete The Root of All Evil

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 3: Root of All Evil. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophy:
    White Rider

    Weapon Attachments:
    Sniper Scope
    Muzzle Brake
    Tech Scope

  • Complete Safeties Off

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 4: Safeties Off. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophies:

    Weapon Attachments:
    Mini Typhoon

  • Complete Red Star Rising

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 5: Red Star Rising. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophy:

    Weapon Attachments:
    Double Magazine 12g
    Grenade Launcher
    Extended Ammo Drum 12g

  • Complete Only Human

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 6: Only Human. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophy:
    Ping Pong!

    Weapon Attachments:

  • Complete Gods and Monsters

    Story related and can not be missed.

    This will be earned upon completion of Mission 7: Gods and Monsters, which is also the final mission of the game. For gameplay tips and strategies to help you progress, please refer to the Professional Superhero trophy.

    Related Trophies:
    I'll Have That! (Recommended)
    Taste of your Own Medicine (Recommended)
    Post-Human Warrior (Recommended)

    Weapon Attachment:

  • Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty

    See Professional Superhero for more info.

  • Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty

    See Professional Superhero for more info.

  • Finish the campaign in any difficulty

    See Professional Superhero for more info.

  • Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

    See Professional Superhero for more info.

  • Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty

    Playing on Supersoldier difficulty is a challenge made only as big as you let it be e.g. doing your best Rambo impression will get you killed very quickly but if you learn the art of stealth and strategic combat, then there shouldn't find too many tricky parts at all. It would be an advantage if you made sure you didn't also have to contend with finding all collectibles and such but it's not a huge deal if you do, it just helps if you are able to focus on nothing but the task at hand.

    Here's my tried and tested tips for making Super Soldier no more of a hardship than it has to be.



    • Always have your HUD equipped. To do so, press and you will get a Visor view of things but your visor will uncover enemies, weapons, ammo, collectables and any environmental hazards or turrets. You are unable to engage enemies in this mode but it is essential to fully scout an area and 'tag' all enemies and hazards before you switch back into combat mode.
    • When approaching an enemy patrol, the best way to move is in stealth mode, crouching and moving forwards slowly. In this state you can neither be seen nor heard and your suit energy cells deplete much slower than when you are walking/running, thus allowing you to stay cloaked for longer.
    • As in all combat situations, use cover and terrain to your advantage. Your suit energy will often run out in key situations and it's vital that you are able to find cover before you uncloak and recharge your suit energy. Never venture too far from a good cover position until you are sure that all enemies are dead.


    • If you can avoid it, then do so. Not every enemy has to be engaged and if you can sneak past a patrol without being detected, you not only conserve ammo but save time and potentially a restart because you got yourself killed.
    • When you do engage enemies, do it from afar and quietly. If you get close to a target then stealth kill them by melee attacking them from behind but if you get spotted, run for cover and cloak as soon as possible so you can regroup.
    • Your Predator Bow with Carbon Impact Tips must be your weapon of choice, I would say almost exclusively. You only get 9 arrows but you can retrieve them from dead soldiers, thus ensuring you always carry a good supply. There are no comparisons, it is quiet, super powerful and takes almost no energy cells to fire unlike guns.
    • When you do have to use a gun however, ensure you equip the Silencer’ attachment by holding down and cycling through the mods until you equip it. If you are carrying a gun without a silencer, do your best to find one that has.
    • Hack every single turret you can. It can often wipe out a whole platoon saving you any kind of confrontation, this is especially the case with Ceph turrets which are highly powerful and capable of tearing down a heavily populated Ceph area.

    Just scout any new area and tag absolutely everything that shows up as a white mark on your visor. Use Carbon Impact arrows to kill all enemies as you quietly creep around in cover collecting all the spent arrows, hacking any turrets as you happen upon them. Remember, slow and quiet every time.

  • Single Player: Save a Nanosuit module package

    This is a very simple trophy. During any point in the game, tap to bring up Nanosuit Module selection screen. Here you can set any sequence of 4 abilities to unlock whenever you find a Nanosuit Upgrade Kit. Align whatever 4 attributes you like the sound of that will ideally compliment your gameplay style and once you are happy, hold down either , or to save them as a quick and easy selection. Once it converts to the left side panel, the trophy will unlock.

  • Single Player: Unlock all weapon attachments


    There are a total of 20 different weapon attachments in Crysis 3 and you must find all of them for the trophy. They are not an actual 'unlock' in the sense you have to achieve something before being awarded them, they are all unlocked simply by picking up and carrying a gun that an enemy has dropped which carries the requisite attachment. However, there has been a handful of reports that this is glitched so to ensure you don't have this problem, you need to not only equip the gun but open the attachment wheel (by holding down ) and cycling through all the attachments until you highlight to one you have just obtained. Only when you see the notes to the left of the screen detailing the attachment on this screen, can you consider it as registered. Once you have cycled through and seen the notes to class it as done, you can drop the weapon if you wish and move on since you don't actually need to get a kill with it.

    Weapon locations can be quite sporadic in that enemies move around freely so it can't accurately be described where they are exactly but below, you will find a list of all 20 attachments and where to come across enemies which carry a gun that has an attachment needed for this trophy. Bear in mind though, that this is not a set remit as you can find many enemies with the same attachment throughout the game - the following is just an example.

    Weapon Attachments

    1/2/3 - Silencer/Iron Sights/Rifle Laser Sights

    The first three attachments are already in your possession when you start.

    4/5 - Reflex Sight/Single Shot

    In Mission 1: Post Human after the checkpoint where Psycho warns you about CELL and how they take your suit off you while you are awake, there's an area ahead abundant with enemies, most of them carrying the REFLEX SCAR rifle. Pick it up to check these two off the list.

    6 - Assault Scope

    Again in the first mission you will split up with Psycho and take an indoor path past what looks like a huge reactor core. Cloak and creep along to the first open partition leading to a catwalk with a guard standing on it overlooking the area. Shoot or stealth kill him to pick up his RANGED SCAR and check the item off the list.

    7 - Foregrip

    In Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle, you will have to creep along to find a weapon to blow up the Guard Tower. Once that's done you will be notified that reinforcements are on the way and in the next area there will be a ton of CELL soldiers, one of them is carrying a CQC SCARAB so pick it up to obtain the Foregrip.

    8 - Extended Ammo Box (4mm)

    In the same area as above, check the dead bodies with your HUD until you find the HIGH CAP SCARAB, pick it up to check this one off the list.

    9 - Double Magazines (4.7mm)

    In mission 2, once you reach the underground tunnels with Psycho, hack the turret in the first area where you encounter enemies and kill the rest via normal means. One of the ground level bad guys is carrying a SPEC OPS FELINE, pick it up to obtain this attachment.

    10 - Extended Magazine (4.7mm)

    Again in exactly the same area you get the attachment above, scout the area for dead bodies and weapons until you find the HIGH CAP FELINE. Grab it to check off this one.

    11 - Match Barrel

    This is a Handgun attachment again in mission 2. In the train wreck yard with the turrets up above and the many enemies, head to the opposite side of the map and climb the stairs to come back on yourself in the rafters above, hacking the turrets as you go. On the catwalk to the right you should come across a PRECISION HAMMER, though occasionally it will have fallen off the catwalk and in that case will be found in the grass on the bottom floor.

    12 - Sniper Scope

    In Mission 3: Root of All Evil, you will fall down a shaft and have to clear a large expanse of enemies and then take a route to the top of the Dam. If you go right then it will be at the top, if you go left then you will have to cross over to the opposite side but either way, hack the big red box and pick up the DGS-1 rifle to unlock this.

    13 - Muzzle Brake

    In just about the same area as #12, the dam is well patrolled and a few of the guards are carrying a gun called the REFLEX SCAR. Hunt one down, pick it up and cycle through the attachments to unlock this one.

    14 - Tech Scope

    After you enter the nexus area in Mission 3: Root of All Evil and clear the compound of its many soldiers, sweep around the external part of the base to find a long red tubular supply crate. There's a THERMAL DSG-1 on the floor right next to this crate, pick it up to get this attachment.

    15 - Bayonet

    In Mission 4: Safeties Off, near the start of the mission there's a heavy patrol of soldiers close to your starting position. Stalk them down and scan the dropped weapons until you find a MARSHALL which is a shotgun with the Bayonet attachment.

    16 - Mini Typhoon

    In the same kind of spot as the MARSHALL will be another enemy unit carrying a SCARAB MOD 2 rifle. These 2 guns wont be too far apart depending on where you dropped the enemies of course but you will generally find one not long after the other.

    17 - Double Magazine 12g

    In Mission 5, as you start you need to traverse two broken red pipes that span the street linking the rooftops. After the second pipe you will see the ALPHA JACKAL on top of a supply crate, pick it up to unlock this one.

    18 - Grenade Launcher

    After you get your first super charge in Mission 5 and then kill the big Ceph that appears through the gates, proceed and tag everyone doing battle in the area below you. One of the CELL agents has a SCAR MOD 2 which has this attachment so grab it and move on.

    19 - Extended Ammo Drum 12g

    In Red Star Rising once again, enter the Command Center either through the tunnels (recommended) or the front entrance, either way you arrive you should see a heavy concentration of CELL near a turret near the tunnel exit. Hack the turret to lay waste to many of them and search bodies for the ALPHA JACKAL to find this mod.

    20 - Flashlight

    The final mod if you've got all of the ones previous and probably the easiest. You begin Mission 7: Gods and Monsters, with the Flashlight Gun and this is the standard attachment. The trophy should pop before you even have the chance to inspect it.

    If this written guide is insufficient then here's a video, courtesy of SquareOneGames:


  • Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level


    Your Nanosuit is the ultimate combat weapon combining synthetic and alien technology, yet it isn't without room for improvement. Throughout the game you will find Nanosuit Upgrade Kits which allow you to spend the points each one awards you on perks and various upgrades to your suit. To access your upgrade grid just tap and you'll see what perks you have that are in a set of modules, what you have unlocked, how many points you have available to spend and information to the left of the grid.

    To upgrade a module, scroll along to it and it will have a red hue over it and a number which indicates the number of upgrade points needed to unlock it. When you do so, it turns a light green and that's when the info to the left becomes relevant. You'll see first a couple of details about the perks but beneath that and a tally which starts at 0, and finally what bonus will be triggered when you bring that tally up to the required amount.

    There are a total of 16 modules, each with a different requirement to get the maximum upgrade. For an in-depth Guide with descriptions of all perks and the quickest way to unlock them, see my 'Suited-up - Complete Guide': LINK.

    The Upgrade Kits are semi-glitched. In order to be glitched, you will need to collect the Upgrade Kit and then die before you reach a checkpoint. If this happens, the Kit will not be there when you go to pick it up again rendering it missable. Thankfully though, you can get it using Mission Select post game so it's not gone forever, but it will of course mean you will then have to spend more time working on the tally to upgrade it later on.

    As a best practice, ensure you completely wipe out every enemy in an area before you pick up the upgrade and apply it. Therefore you will reach your next checkpoint without conflict and basically ensure you don’t die before your progress is saved. If it happens though, carry on and just use Mission Select as stated to get it after you beat the game.

  • Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with every arrow type

    A self explanatory trophy and one that comes easily if you use the Predator Bow all the time as opposed to guns. The drawback however is the limited amount of ammo there is, both in capacity and replenishments so it won't be something you unlock right away. There are 4 kinds of arrows, each with a different tip:

    • Carbon Impact Tip
    • Super-Thermite Tip
    • Electric-Charge Tip
    • Airburst Frag Tip

    You get given 9 Carbon Impact Tip arrows and you can also retrieve them from dead enemies so these will tally up fast. The others however are a one time use and you'll have to find a cache of arrows before you can restock and you can only carry 3 at a time so try not to miss your targets and aim to kill groups of enemies if you can with the radial damage they cause to rack the kills up faster.

    Once you bag your last kill the trophy will pop.

  • Single Player: Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit's enhanced powers instead of guns

    This trophy is really quite simple on any difficulty and is effectively an accumulation of melee kills. To perform a melee kill you must press in close proximity to swing a punch but not from behind them or this will likely get you a stealth kill which wont count. The best way to rack these up are to cloak yourself and walk in front of enemies, then mash until they are dead, 2 punches is usually enough to kill a CELL guard. Just amass 25 of these and the trophy will pop.

  • Single Player: Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies

    This should be earned in tandem with Stick Around so see that Trophy for more details.

  • Single Player: Complete 20 hacking challenges

    Your Nanosuit is a complex and sophisticated piece of equipment and can hack most electronic devices with ease. Vulnerable objects include Mounted Turrets, Sealed Doors and Caches. You will very likely get this naturally but to help you along, hack every turret you come across to also contribute towards Inside Job. To hack a device you need to get within range and have a clear line of sight, both indicated by the HUD when you activate your visor (as shown in the Tutorial), then it's a simple mini-game of tapping whenever the frequency wave falls within the box shown on the screen.

    Once you've hacked your 20th object, the trophy will unlock.

  • Single Player: Rip off and use all alien weapon types

    You can do this one across all 7 missions, although Ceph weapons don't really feature all that much until Missions 6 and 7. There are 5 Ceph weapons that count towards this trophy:

    • Pinch Rifle
    • Bolt Sniper
    • Reaper Cannon
    • X-Pac Mortar
    • Incinerator

    Mission 7: Gods & Monsters, has one of each of these weapons.


    1: If you kill an enemy with one of the weapons but die before you reach a checkpoint, then it will be chalked off and you'll have to get another one.

    2: The Incinerator can only be retrieved from a Ceph Scorcher and they only drop them if you melee kill them so be careful.

    3: You must get a kill with each weapon, because just picking it up and firing it isn't enough to meet the criteria

  • Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while supercharged

    Though there are a handful of places where you can be supercharged they aren't really that common, not enough to get 25 kills anyway. However, on the last mission, 'Gods & Monsters', there is a story related part where you are super charged indefinitely but only until you progress with the primary objective so forget about that and go off on a killing spree. You should easily find 25 Ceph to annihilate and you will also unlock Post-Human Warrior in the process for killing 10 enemies in one Supercharge.

  • Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel

    CELL Intel is the collectable component of Crysis 3 and there are a total number of 64 items spread across all 7 levels (excluding the tutorial, in which there are no collectables). The Intel is divided into 3 categories:

    • Datapad - An audio recording which pieces the storyline together. Listen to them by selecting 'Story Information' from the pause menu and scrolling along to 'Messages'.
    • Blackbox - An audio recording which pieces the storyline together. Listen to them by selecting 'Story Information' from the pause menu and scrolling along to 'Recordings'.
    • Propaganda Poster - Posters that are found on walls inside and outside of structures. You don't even have to be close to these ones either, you can scan them from afar with your Visor by activating your HUD.

    To find them, activate your HUD by pressing and they will be visually marked until you pick them up.

    For the locations of all 64 CELL Intel items with full descriptions and accompanying YouTube videos, please check out Maka's Intel Locations Guide here: LINK

  • Single Player: Kill a deer using explosive arrows

    This is a trophy best achieved at the beginning of Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle. When you are let out into the dome, go into cloak mode, crouch down and arm yourself with Super Thermite Tip arrows. Tip toe forwards and you'll see a deer in the tall grass, pull back and fire an arrow directly at it to blow it to smithereens and your trophy will unlock.

  • Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer

    In Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle, you will progress to a point where you will be outside just after running into the first Ceph enemies in the game. It's kind of like an overgrown train graveyard and you'll see CELL and Ceph in a bloody battle. Ignore the conflict and run to the opposite side of the area to find a small cemented platform with a stand on it, interact with the monitor attached to the stand to disable the jammer and the trophy will unlock.

  • Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow

    During the first mission 'Post Human' you will come to a checkpoint where Psycho will tell you about the horrors of having your Nanosuit ripped off you by CELL as he goes about punching a few monitors before he opens the door to an external area. Once outside, you will see Psycho head up some ladders to the spot you need to be in. To have the chopper appear, just uncloak or shoot an unsilenced weapon to give your position away and have the enemies ahead radio for backup. Hang around by the guard rail and equip your Predator Bow with the Thermite Tips and Heavy Draw Weight, while you wait for the helicopter to swoop in from the right and hover almost central to your position. You will have 3 arrows to do this, though it takes only 2 arrows to blow up the chopper. Just aim, draw back fully and fire.

    Once you land 2 successful arrows on target, the helicopter will blow up and the trophy will pop.

  • The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds

    This is a simple trophy. In Mission 3: Root of All Evil, you will blow the Dam  then embark down the resulting stream to a CELL stronghold but midway you will notice a rubber inflatable donut (life preserver) to the left. Hop on, hold to cast off then simply stay on it for about 20 seconds. It moves slow and there is one part where you need to duck and one where you need to jump, in that order so watch out for these. If you fail, then restart from the checkpoint but it will pop before you come to rest on the final bank.

  • Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy

    You must get this trophy during Mission 5: Red Star Rising. You will progress through the mission until you reach a buggy which must be used to progress. You wont get any kills with this one. It is in fact the second time you get a buggy which is your chance to get kills. You will be under attack by VTOL jets so shoot these down before they toast you but you will see ground based enemies highlighted by a light blue hexagon reticule that appears over them, just accelerate into them for a kill. You can get 3-4 kills in this first area, before you need to move on so quickly drive to the Nexus gates and up the left side of the platform then wipe out the CELL soldiers taking cover behind the barracks. Once you drive over the last enemy, the trophy will pop.

  • Only Human: Kill all Pingers

    You must get this trophy in Mission 6: Only Human. To the North East of this map, close to Bravo Tower, you will encounter a Secondary Objective to help out the Bravo Mortar team fend off a Ceph assault. Do so and they will avail themselves to help destroy Ceph Pingers if you mark them out by tagging them with your Visor. There are 3 in the vicinity, they will destroy 2 of them for you and leave you to kill the last one. Stealth and Super-Thermite Tip arrows followed by Airburst Frag Tip arrows are the way to deal with Pingers so take the last one down from cover and the trophy will pop.

  • Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns

    If you make a habit of hacking enemy turrets then this will come naturally, because they are an excellent tool in helping you move past a heavily populated enemy area. The art of hacking is taught in the tutorial so just make sure you do it every time you come across one and you could earn this ten times over.

  • Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost

    There are a handful of chances to be supercharged and waste enemies but not many, and it often runs out just before you nail the last few enemies. However, if you wait until Mission 7: Gods & Monsters then the story takes you through a small area where there are 3 devices that supercharge you by interacting with them. The first two are just normal but the last one supercharges you until you approach the next primary objective so ignore that for now and just hunt down all Ceph enemies in the area and you'll have it in no time.

  • Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!

    This is quite an easy trophy but you have to prep your Bow first, you want the impact to harm your enemy, not kill them. In the first mission 'Post Human', Psycho will hand you the Predator Bow. Hold and toggle the Bow settings to fire Carbon Point Bows and Low Draw and proceed just a little further to an area with a lot of enemies and catwalks. Cloak yourself and you can pretty much stand anywhere but line a shot up with the kneecap of a standing guard and gently tap for minimum draw. If successful, the enemy will drop to the floor screaming but jump back up and take cover then the trophy will pop soon afterwards.

  • Single Player: Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment

    This trophy is fairly easy so long as you approach it the right way. For the sake of explanation, environmental kills are equal to explosive kills, meaning you need to fire a round into an explosive barrel whilst two guards are stood in the blast radius. There are many opportunities to pull this off but perhaps the best and most common is the guarded platform area with stairs and catwalks in Mission 1: Post Human after Psycho gives you the Predator Bow.

    You may need to make your presence known to get enemies to bunch together as the standard patrol keeps them fairly spread out. Once the threat level goes to yellow, go into stealth mode and cloak yourself. Now arm yourself with a gun and prowl the catwalks watching the enemies movements. Once you see two or more enemies walking past a barrel, fire a round off at it and provided both are close enough, your trophy will unlock.

    If you are unsuccessful for whatever reason and run out of enemies, then you can always Quit to the Main Menu then choose to Resume your game and try again.

  • Single Player: Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies

    This should come very easily if you play the game properly and use stealth most of the time. To slay an enemy in stealth, sneak up behind them and press . There are a ton of opportunities to get kills like this so if you are effective at staying in cover and tactically recharging your suit, then it won't take long to get this. The only way you won't register a stealth kill is if they are actually facing you, in which case it will go down as a melee kill but then again you need 25 of those anyway for the Maximum Strength trophy.

    Once you make your 20th stealth kill, the trophy will unlock.

  • Single Player: Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows

    Kills for this trophy come from a single method. You must be armed with the Bow and use Carbon Impact Tipped arrows with Heavy Draw. Now, when you ID an enemy, you must have him in your crosshairs and draw back fully, and vitally, he must be close to a surface or wall, even the ground will do if you are at a higher altitude aiming down at them. When you let go, the force will lift the enemy off their feet and carry them for a distance and hopefully pin them against the surface. Do this 10 times for the trophy.

    Before doing anything else, make sure you approach your kill and retrieve the arrow by holding down each time you do it, not only to keep a steady supply of ammo but on the 10th time you will also unlock Hunter Gatherer.

  • Single Player: Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker

    Ceph Stalkers are first encountered in Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle and are easily set apart from CELL enemies, because they are the alien entities of the game and Stalkers are the only Ceph enemies in this mission. They are introduced in a cutscene showing their stealth prowess by killing some CELL operatives in a small chamber like room full of overgrown grass with a small platform to the right. Go into stealth mode and position yourself at the ramp to this platform then wait for a Ceph Stalker to walk past you, now sneak up behind him and hit when prompted to get this trophy.

    You can get this anywhere if you are in stealth mode and don't get seen doing it but the above is probably the easiest way to get it.

  • Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected

    As you progress through areas, much of the time you will pass by objects which can be picked up by pressing next to them. you will carry these objects until you throw them by pressing which you can do to kill enemies. Do this 10 times and be careful not to be detected doing so, meaning stay in stealth mode and target single enemies. It's not a hard trophy at all and is a rarer trophy only on account that it's not normal process to pick stuff up and carry it about but if you give it attention and make a point of picking up objects ready to throw it should come quite quickly and easily.

  • Reach Rank 20

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This trophy is awarded for reaching Rank 20 in multiplayer and as such is a cumulative grind type trophy which will come just by playing online multiplayer game modes. The plateau gets steeper the more you progress towards Rank 20 but just continue to play the game and score kills to boost your XP in each game. To reach Rank 20 will require just a little over 130,000 XP which sounds huge but playing normally, this should only take roughly 20 hours to get.

  • Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This another another easy trophy. Just play one match, win lose or draw, on each of the 12 available maps (not including the DLC ones). The required maps are:

    • Airport
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Financial District
    • Central Cavern
    • East River
    • Hydro Dam
    • Penn Depot
    • Museum
    • Skyline
    • Hells Kitchen
    • Chinatown
    • Williamsburg Dock

    You can check which ones you have done by accessing Multiplayer and choosing Player Profile => Dog Tags => 7th tab on the top. Once you complete a match on your final map, then the trophy will pop.

  • Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This one can be a little bit tricky, depending on how aware and competent your opponents are but you can generally get away with it as long as you stay cloaked by the object you wish to throw. Cloak yourself and wait on your prey to come close and grab the object by holding and throw it at them quickly with before they move. If successful then retrieve the object and apply the same tactic but try to set your trap elsewhere, because you will lose the element of surprise if you try it in the same place.

    You are allowed to die inbetween the two kills but you must use the same object you achieved your first kill with for the trophy to pop.

  • Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Sometimes on certain maps (Brooklyn Bridge, Museum, Airport and Financial District) when playing any sort of game mode, an aircraft will fly overhead and drop a Ceph Pinger into the battlefield. These alien mobile artillery units are very powerful and as such you will face stiff competition to get to it first to use it. Whenever you do, you can march around firing at will and can expect a good few kills. If you are going just for this trophy, cloak yourself and don’t engage in any kind of conflict, just keep a low profile and keep an eye out for the drop. Burst towards it when it comes and you should get it almost every time.

    You control the Pinger the same way as you move and look around as normal, with being to fire a long range gun and to melee close range enemies. You can expect to bag about 3-5 kills per time, sometimes more if you're lucky but once you get your 25th kill the trophy will unlock.

  • Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Kind of like a Jack-of-all-trades type of trophy, this is awarded for getting a Stealth Kill, a Rip & Throw Kill and an Air Stomp. The Stealth kill is easy and just like Single Player, melee an enemy from behind which there will be numerous chances to do. For a Rip and Throw kill, just grab an object and throw it at an enemy to kill them and notch this one off, a little tricky to do but it's all in the timing. The last one you need to either boost jump then Air Stomp the enemy or wait quietly in cover on higher ground until somebody passes you underneath and ambush them. These are probably the hardest ones to get so I recommend doing this one and if you nail it, the other two should be quite easy.

    Each move is performed exactly the same way as you do them in Single Player mode.

  • Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    To get an Air Stomp kill from over 15m in height is no easy feat, you first have to find somewhere high enough with a fairly even platform to hide on but then rely on an opponent passing you by unaware and still be in the vicinity of the attack when you land it. Your best bet is stalking objectives, Spears are a good example because you can guarantee that enemies will be trying to claim them so wait by a Spear for somebody to run in and try to get it then Air Stomp them to death.

    The Air Stomp is performed exactly how it is in Single Player.

  • Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon and explosive kill in one life (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    You have to meet the criteria for this trophy without dying but If you do then you have to try and get all 3 kills again. The explosive kills are the hardest to get so go for that first and if you nail it, try for the secondary weapon kill. If you pick that one off then the easiest one is all that remains, a primary weapon kill. Spears is a good choice as you can lay a mine near the spear to make a booby trap to get the explosive one. After that, you can just play stalker and cloak yourself then start picking off enemies as they try to claim the Spears.

    Note that a JAW missile counts as an explosive kill if you happen to find one. Just toggle through your Primary/Secondary weapons by pressing and hit to arm grenades like in Single Player.

  • Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Again the approach here it to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Rip a shield panel off a spear by holding down when close to one and cloak yourself slightly out of the vicinity but watching over the spear. When an enemy shows up, approach them then melee them with for the kill.

  • Rip an enemy player out of a Pinger (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    As stated in Lord of the Pings you will find Ceph Pingers are dropped into the action indiscriminately and are open to the first person to reach it. An enemy occupied Pinger is a tough nut to crack but a great tip is to get to it first and stand cloaked on the roof. As soon as an enemy runs up and jumps in, immediately rip them out again by pressing and the trophy will pop.

  • Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Pertinently, this is cumulative across matches so don’t worry about getting 10 kills all in the same match. This is obtainable by playing as a CELL Operative in the game mode 'Hunter' which is primarily about avoiding getting killed as opposed to being on the offensive. It is still however quite an easy trophy in that you need only pick up a shield by pressing near one and await a hunter to close in on your position. When they do, melee them with the shield or throw it at them by pressing for a throw kill. Repeat this cycle for the 10 kills and the trophy will unlock.

  • Accept and complete 25 unique challenges

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This is awarded for completion of 25 unique challenges in multiplayer. You can view, and accept unique challenges in between matches in Multiplayer games and range from 'Stay cloaked for 90 seconds' to 'Get 3 headshots with the D.G.R. and all sorts inbetween. Most of them are quite straight forwards and should be achievable without much effort but if you do get any challenges that seem a bit far fetched, then you can back out of Multiplayer and enter it again to reset the challenges on offer. Once you rack up 25 of them, then the trophy will unlock.

    All challenges can be completed more than once so repeating a previously completed challenge will add another toyour total, infact you could technically do the same challenge 25 times over to unlock the trophy. (Credit to cr1s2412 for the confirmation)

    For any further info, please refer to the excellent 'Would you kindly...' Supplement guide by DaFaztFingaz found here

    You can track your challenge progress here: LINK

  • Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    The VTOL is another assault vehicle that makes appearances in certain maps (Skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Airport, East River, Hydro Dam, Central Cavern), a bit like the Pinger. The VTOL is different in that you have to power jump into it and then man the mounted rail guns to destroy enemies. You can rip the guns off and use them independently of the VTOL but this will not count towards the Trophy, because they have to be made whilst you are inside the VTOL itself. Again this is cumulative so there is no need to try and get them all in one match.

    Mounting the gun is the same as in Single Player i.e just hold down and fire with .

  • Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    This is a simple case of disabling the 'Auto-Armour' module during a Multiplayer match. To do so, before a match, choose 'Customize Equipment' change it out of the Armour perk, it doesn't matter what you change it to as long as it's not set to 'Auto'. When you begin the match, hit to activate your armour manually to register the requirements and the trophy will unlock at the end of the round.

DLC: Lost Islands

10 trophies

  • Get a kill with a boat Oar (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    There are Oars on boats on the following maps with water: Crossing or Coastline. Hold to pick them up and then try to kill someone by either throwing with or by pressing to swing.


    by QuantumMercury

  • Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play Frenzy mode.

    You get 1 new weapon each round, each round has 60 seconds, and there is a total of 10 rounds. The catch is that if anybody reaches the score limit of 10,000 points the game ends. So you want nobody doing super good so the game doesn't end before you get all 10 weapons.

    The trick is to keep each rounds score around 1000, so 10 rounds = 10,000 points. When one player kills 3 people in succession, they get a multiplier so their score earnings get multiplied, therefore you need to kill them to avoid people getting more than 1000 points per round.

  • Get the most kills and win by reaching the score limit in a game of Frenzy (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    The Score limit is 10,000 points, just try to kill as many people as possible, preferably in succession, and this trophy is yours.

  • Hold the flag for 4 minutes in a game of Team Possession (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play on Team Possession mode.

    This means you have to hold the flag a cumulative 240 seconds in one match. You can drop the flag and pick it up again. The trophy will probably pop at 260 points, check the score on the top right of your screen.

    Whoever is going for this trophy should be protected by his/her teammates.

  • Get 30 kills with the flag in Team Possession (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play Team Possession Mode.

    Kill a cumulative amount of 30 people across multiple matches. Hold to pick up the flag and or to kill people with it.

  • Get an 'Incoming!' Skill Kill from the top of the central rock on Coastline (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play on the Coastline map.

    Incoming!: Get Air Stomp kill by power jumping (hold ), then press .

    Open your map and run to the center, there you will see a giant rock that you cannot miss. Climb on top of it and wait for people to cross under it. Jump and air stomp them.

  • Slide for 1km on Creek (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play on the Creek map.

    Run and press to slide. The distance is cumulative over multiple matches. It's easier to slide down a steep ramp so you slide faster and further each time.

  • Kill the entire enemy team within 60s of activating the radar on Crossing (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play the Crossing map.

    There is a radar that you have to hold to activate in a room and for 60 seconds you can see enemy red dots on the minimap. Kill everyone in the enemy team within those 60 seconds to get this trophy, kills your teammates acquire during that time will count so you don't have to kill everyone yourself.



    by oG II GameGuides

  • Melee an enemy off the cliff face with a pole on Ascent (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Play the Ascent map.

    When there is an enemy walking close to the cliff, press to swing the pole you picked up by holding to kill him. His body needs to fall down the cliff for this trophy to pop.

    There are several place to farm this trophy, just cloak and wait.

  • Complete a match on all four DLC maps (Public Match only)

    Unobtainable, Server now Closed

    Self explanatory. Play all 4 DLC maps to get this trophy, you can check your progress in the dog tag menu, dot tag section 8.

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