• Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 24 (5, 11, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 150hrs+ (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 - The Stalker, The Patron, The Dood and The Hikikomori
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the EU and US versions have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Cross Edge is a turn-based grid battle RPG developed by Gust and contains characters from 5 different gaming companies. Battles are somewhat random but a color-coded orb on the screen shows when you're about to be attacked so you'll have time to prepare. Health and status is regenerated automatically after battle so the focus is more on fighting and less on healing. Characters can combo for large damage amounts and several of the trophies deal with these battle mechanics. This Roadmap will walk you through the process of earning all trophies in the game in a single playthrough.


Missable Trophies
The Stalker, The Patron, The Dood and The Hikikomori are all missable.

The Stalker and The Patron are missable since you must make certain chocies in order to make certain characters join your party during the game. The character art only opens when that person joins your party, and you can't unlock costume art for characters you don't have. In order to keep yourself from missing them, follow the True Ending walkthrough provided below.

The Dood requires following a specific set of requirements which aren't mentioned anywhere in the game or booklet. For this, users from different sites have come up with checklists and even put it all into a chronological order with descriptions. I would like to point out that you may be able to do some of the events in a different order as I have, but make sure to read ahead a few spots every time to make sure not to progress too far into the story and miss an event you cannot go back to.

The Hikikomori is the final trophy you will unlock before your platinum. Whereas unlocking the costumes is just a simple task of releasing more and more souls, every title has a different requirement, and they are very wide-ranging. Many mirror requirements for other trophies, like finding all item types and dealing 1 million damage in a combo. Others require owning a certain number of an item, certain numbers of a group of enemies to be killed, or a number of syntheses or upgrades to be completed. The requirements for each title are viewable just by selecting it on the titles screen, so it's not hard to follow those directions along with the directions for the trophies in this guide.

Step 1: Setup
First, you can select any difficulty. Many have speculated otherwise since the last part of the last world (5-3) is unattainable on anything other than hard, but in reality, there are no needed souls, titles, or items of any kind that are specific to that area, so any difficulty can be selected for your Platinum run.

Second, always have some form (printed list, laptop, whatever) of the True Ending walkthrough available to you while playing. Even though some of the requirements are fluid (mainly the Hot Spring, Ayatane and Alchemy events), some are required at certain times and, once missed, cannot be redone. This will make it impossible to get the true ending on the remainder of that playthrough, so be very careful to not progress too far and miss something. Make it a habit to know what the next 2 to 4 steps in the list are so you know when to stop and read through again. Making many saves is also a safe practice so you can go back if you accidentally play too far. The list is in the description for the The Dood.

Step 2: Playthrough
Make sure you follow the True End guide thoroughly. Other than that, just make sure not to sell off anything. At no point will you really need money, so since there are a few once-only items, don't sell anything. Once you get/make an item/weapon/whatever, it will be registered in the item encyclopedia, and that's all you need for it to count towards the trophies. Many, many items are only attainable through alchemy, so you'll spend a lot of time there after you complete the game. Many of the titles dealing with damage, collecting, hunting, and others aren't anything you'll need to do before finishing the game, so you can just run through the story if you want as long as you follow the true ending Guide.

Step 3: Postgame
After beating the game, you'll get very used to the alchemy menu and backing out to make saves. Also, you'll make runs back to older areas to hunt monsters for titles if you didn't do this during the game. Whether you try to do everything before the final boss or not, you'll log many, many hours alchemizing and grinding, and the only 'shortcut' is to play on hard. On hard, you get a final area (5-3) that you won't get on the other difficulties where bosses drop many hard-to-make items. That choice is up to you but playing on hard means a lot more grinding, so it may not actually be quicker. Costumes are all unlocked by releasing souls and you're allowed to run around in the endgame, so don't worry about missing any of those although searching for them each time you level your search up will unlock more costumes quicker, a worthwhile benefit.

That's it. The biggest thing is following the True Ending guide, as the other missable achievements will fall in line if you follow everything. This game will take a very long time but it's very enjoyable and grows more fun as you unlock more characters and skills for battle.

[PST Would Like To Thank Korix for this Roadmap]

Cross Edge Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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24 trophies ( 11  9  )

  • Earn this trophy by unlocking all other Cross Edge™ trophies.

    Unlock all other trophies.

  • (Don't forget to check title conditions.)

    This trophy is earned once you unlock your first title. Go to a safe area and select 'Database' followed by 'Titles.' Several titles throughout should be visible from the beginning. Selecting it will show the requirement(s). Once you've met the requirement(s), you must come back here, select it again, and unlock it, gaining various bonuses. The first two you unlock will probably be the titles with requirements matching the next two bronze trophies.

  • Defeat 100 enemy units.

    See The God of Death.

  • Survive 35 battles.

    See The Higlander.

  • Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.

    See The World Champ.

  • Exceed a 50-hit combo.

    See The Aggressor.

  • Reach 300 AGI.

    See The Gambler.

  • Reach 300 VIT.

    See The Gambler.

  • Reach 300 STR.

    See The Gambler.

  • Reach 300 INT.

    See The Gambler.

  • Reach 300 LCK.

    Self explanatory, but note that equipment effects don't count for this. When your characters level up, you'll be granted extra points to level any of 5 attributes - Agility, Vitality, Strength, Intelligence, and Luck. These will level on their own automatically in addition to the extra points you assign. You may save points from level to level. PP can be used to raise these stats as well. While in the menu, go to 'Status' and hit triangle to bring up the same level-up screen where you can upgrade these stats on your party members. PP appears to be rewarded for story-related and sidequest battles.

    A quick way to get all 5 trophies at nearly the same time is to save up your PP; When you've got enough to make one of your characters hit 300, save first and then do it. Load your save, do it again on another if they're close enough. That way, you don't actually need to build everyone up.

  • Unlock all character profiles.


    For this, use the % on the upper-right screen. A character profile automatically unlocks when a character joins your party. They are accessible from the pause menu. You will not automatically unlock all of them just by playing through the game; at several points throughout, you will have certain requirement you must meet, and they're never spelled out for you. However, if you follow the walkthrough for the The Dood trophy, you'll get all of the characters in the game to join the party. The trophy won't pop up until you actually go to view the profiles and the 100% indicator is displayed on the screen.

  • Unlock all gallery art.


    For this, use the % on the upper-right screen. Gallery art is unlocked by unlocking costumes of all the female characters in the game. Simply unlocking the costume will cause the art to show. Costumes are unlocked periodically at certain increments of released souls. This is missable, however. Check the True Ending walkthrough and look at the note after #27. There is an event you must trigger before another to get the final members to join your party, so make sure to follow the guide for this trophy as well.

  • Defeat 3,000 enemy units.

    A unit refers to an individual enemy, not the group. Any defeated enemy counts; this may not apply to enemies defeated in a battle you subsequently escape from. The trophy will unlock at the end of the battle.

  • Collect every type of weapon.

    See The Packrat.


Secret trophies

  • Survive 900 battles

    Self explanatory. Battles escaped from are likely not counted.

  • Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage

    This must be in the same combo. Using various combos (where multiple characters perform specific attacks in order) and using area-effect attacks increase the damage counter much faster, as it tallies total damage, not just the damage inflicted on the target. Here's a video of a player going over 1.8 million just to show that it's not that hard with leveled characters.

  • Exceed a 400-hit combo

    Hits are counted towards a combo when they are added on before the Action Count reaches zero. Switch between characters using and during the other's attacks to speed up your actions. I purposefully stopped a combo at 50 and earned the bronze trophy, so it is misworded. The trophies unlock at the battle result screen.

  • Collect every type of armor

    See The Packrat.

  • Collect every type of accessory

    See The Packrat.

  • Collect every type of item

    So far, no one has come forward with proof that you can mess this up. However, I would advise against selling anything until you're in the endgame, alchemizing the higher-end items and familiar with what you need and don't need. You don't need money much in this game, so I'll stress again, don't sell. Most things can be used for alchemy in creating better items and most item you make will automatically become purchasable in the shop, so this shortens things. You do not have to own everything at once; once an item is registered in your encyclopedia (pause menu), it's counted. Make frequent Synth Recipe purchases. When selecting an item, the requirements to make it are displayed; hitting or will rotate through more menus for the item, one of which displays what it turns into when fully upgraded. These achievements will seem to take the bulk of your platinum hunt time.

  • Find 150 hidden items using Search

    You will get the ability to search very early in the game and it's impossible to progress without using it. Periodically, at certain story events after collecting so many souls, your seach level will increase, allowing you to find souls that previously would not reveal for you.

    Refer to this post for maps for almost all souls in the game.

  • Earn the true ending


    The requirements for the true ending are not found anywhere in the game or booklet, but refer to this post for a walkthrough of events to watch for and choices to make. Follow it to the letter to ensure you do not miss this achievement: you will have to restart the whole game if you miss a critical even on this list.

  • Spend far too much time unlocking dozens of titles


    This achievement is for unlocking every one of them, all 171. Selecting them when they start to become unlocked reveals their requirements, and they're hardly confusing. A full list would be wasteful here. You must be following the true end path to uncover several of them, so this is another reason to follow that list closely.

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