Playin' Hooky Trophy in Costume Quest

  • Playin' Hooky


    Use the Pirate hook on 5 unqiue ziplines.

    How to unlock Playin' Hooky

    • The first grapple is located in the Grubbin village. It's right next to the treasure chest where you get the eye patch. It will take you from one side of the green river to the other.
    • The second is the zip line you used to get the wire mesh for the eyeball costume. It's on the pathways that run along the green river south of the secret cave.
    • The third is a required zip line. It's a zip line that's located near the Grubbin monster door on top of the tower. The entrance is a wooden pathway that you can't miss if you're by the Grubbin monster door. This is required when you are completing the quest Grubbin Lovin'.
    • The fourth is the only zip line in the Trowbog part of the DLC. Near the Trowbog monster door there is a wooden pathway. At the end of the pathway is the fourth zip line. This zip line is required for the quest Tome of the Trowbogs.
    • The fifth is located in the Crestwailers part of the DLC. Go to the most south east corner of the area after you start The Case of the Missing Yeti quest. Go through the cave and come out of the other entrance and the zip line is right there. This is a required zip line.
    • After you finish using the yeti costume to finish the festival you'll fine a pathway to the east that leads up to another zip line. This zip line will take you back down into the Crestwailer town.
    • The final zip line is required. This zip line is after the Crestwailer gate at the very top of the snowy hill. You need to use this zip line to get to the final area of the game.

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