Mask-O'-Raider Trophy in Costume Quest

  • Mask-O'-Raider


    Complete all Quests in the game.

    How to unlock Mask-O'-Raider

    The following are all the quests in each area:

    Auburn Pines

    • Robot Repair
    • Programmed for Protection
    • Pie for the Potterpam
    • The Patriot's Party
    • These Tombstones Aren't Styrofoam
    • Suburbs Bobbing for Apples
    • Auburn Pines Hide 'n' Seek
    • This Card is So Rare
    • Suburbs Collect 'em All
    Autumn Haven Mall
    • Tickets for Treats
    • Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge
    • The Mall-O-Rail is Broken!
    • The Dark Side of the Mall
    • Extreme Costume Challenge!
    • This Card is Rarer
    • Mall Collect 'em All
    • Mall Bobbing For Apples
    • Mall Hide 'n' Seek
    Fall Valley
    • The Original Costume Quest
    • All's Fair That Ends Fare
    • Children of the High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • Fall Valley Hide 'n' Seek
    • Fall Valley Bobbing For Apples
    • This Card is the Rarest
    • Fall Valley Collect 'em All
    There are also story quests for each area that are not logged in your notebook. These quests are not missable however so don't worry about them. Make sure to complete all the quests that are logged in the notebook before you fight the final boss because you won't be able to go back once you try to fight him. If you've missed a quest in an area you can teleport to the area where you missed it by using the mummy sarcophagus. You'll earn this trophy when you defeat the final boss because that is you're final quest in the game.

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