• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (19, 10, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-15 hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 19 (but they are hard to miss)
  • Glitched trophies: None (If game is patched)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, see Prepare to Die
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Your name is Alyssa and you're an agent working for the API. Your mission is to infiltrate a Lab on the planet Rhomu and retrieve the strange technology. Upon your return, you learn from your team what the technology can actually do, and decide to steal it and hide it from the API.

Welcome to Cosmic Star Heroine, a cyberpunk J-RPG set in a dystopian future. The game presents itself as classic J-RPG like the sort you would remember playing on your Super Nintendo. The art direction and sound is taken right out of the 90's and also features turn based combat like the earlier Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger games. If you are a fan of J-RPGs, you will love this game.

Before You Begin ~ a Note on Missable Trophies!

The MISSABLE trophies are not very missable. Because there is no free roam post game, you could technically miss all that are not story related. I have listed the trophies in order of obtainment, so as long as you follow the guide, and make a backup save after the asteroid mission you will miss none of them. The only one you can miss is Product Placement and this is earned in the first 15 minutes of play, so if you do happen to miss it, you will be able to earn it really fast.


Step 1 ~ Prepare to Die Trophy

For Step one you will want to set the difficulty to the highest and complete the first battle. You will not need to play beyond the first fight in this difficulty so you can restart the game and set it to what ever you feel comfortable with.

Upon completing this step will earn you the following trophies:

  • Prepare to Die

Step 2 ~ Play the Game (until after the asteroid mission)

There really is not a lot to this game. Just set your difficulty and play the game. You will need to stop after the asteroid mission. The game will tell you to make a back up save before this mission, and I recommend doing it as well.

Upon completing this step you will have earned the following trophies:

  • Bomb Squad
  • It's baaaack!
  • Rogue Agent
  • Safehouse
  • Kaiju Killer
  • Captain
  • Prison Break
  • Visionary
  • Crystals
  • Objection!
  • Full House
  • Betrayal
  • Practice Makes Perfect MISSABLE
  • Product Placement MISSABLE
  • Stylish MISSABLE
  • Rat Pack MISSABLE
  • Charming MISSABLE
  • Teamwork MISSABLE
  • Friendship MISSABLE
  • Red Button MISSABLE
  • Gourmet MISSABLE
  • Overkill MISSABLE

Step 3 ~ Optional Bosses

Before heading out to the final mission, it is time to take care of a few optional bosses and quests. These bosses have a lot of HP, so make sure you have checked equipment and abilities before you begin. You may want to give Alyssa her revive ability just in case someone does die.

Upon completing this step you will have earned the following trophies:

  • Crowded MISSABLE
  • Gunmancer MISSABLE
  • Braaaains! MISSABLE
  • Mad Skills MISSABLE
  • Dem Bones MISSABLE
  • Eldritch Master MISSABLE
  • Primer MISSABLE
  • Scavenger MISSABLE

Step 4 ~ Complete the Final Mission

With step three out of the way, go ahead and finish the final mission.

Upon completing this step you will have earned the following trophies:

  • Cosmic Star
  • Heroine

[PST would like to thank mort_hbeb9786 for this Roadmap]

Cosmic Star Heroine (PS4) Trophy Guide

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34 trophies ( 10  19  1  )

  • Achieve all possible trophies.


  • Complete the game.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    The final level of the game takes place on an alien spaceship. It is a pretty short level but longer than most others you have come across, and you will not find it very challenging to get through at this point.

    To beat the level, you have to complete four boss fights in a row. The first boss fight takes place against Echo and is pretty standard. The remaining three are against the Lumina device itself.

    The first fight with the Lumina Device is simple and straight forward. Attack the only part you can until you drain it of its HP.

    The second fight grants the Lumina Device three attachable points, two guns and a head unit. For this fight, I would cast a song to damage all three parts each round then focus on each of the guns and finally the head unit.

    The third fight once again sees the Lumina Device granted 3 points to attack, two tank like monsters and a third head unit. This time round, cast a song to cause damage each round but only focus on the head unit. When it dies, so do the two support mobs.

    After this fight the trophy will pop, and so will the . You do not need to watch the end or the credits, but you can if you like.

  • Gather at least 20 recruits for your ship.


    Once you gain your ship, you will need to gather recruits. You need 20 in total and you start of with 5. Below is a list of all the recruits. You can start recruiting them after you escape from the casino prison:

    Planet Araenu

    • Paws: Go to the uppermost section of the festival area to fight the cat, Paws, by speaking to the guy near him. Also make sure to enter the raffle in the lower section. Now after you complete Fin's side quest, return to the festival to get the Clock from the raffle and speak to Paws and have him join you.
    • Brennan: While doing a side quest for Fin, before using the Piano to open a door, talk to Brennan. You will find him hiding on the east side of the building.
    • Lorne: Lorne is in Gehenna, leaning against the Gehenna Shelter under the yellow sign. Speak to her and she will ask for $10,000. Pay her and she will join. (I first had to pay her 600 before Fin's side quest, then another 10k afterwards for her to join)

    Planet Rhomu

    • Ron Cynbel: Back on Planet Rhomu in New Rhomu, go to the Sherriff's Department and speak to Ron Cynbel in the jail area, then speak to the officer at the desk and pay 20,000 Credits.
    • Vraxz: While in Scimirex Village, have Psybe in the party and speak to Vraxz
    • Joshua Collins: Go to the optional area northeast of Scimirex village to find Joshua Collins

    Planet Nuluup[

    • Correy: While in the town on Planet Nuluup speak to Correy, who can be found west of the main entrance
    • Sara Lav: Speak to Sara Lav here after completing the trial with Chahn in the party to make her join
    • Reginn: First go to the planet Nuluup and head north to the NuBurger Factory (it is north of the city). Reginn is the one in the middle. Talk to him and he will mention that he needs a ghost shroom, which is located in a cave in the north western part of the map behind the waterfall. Once you have located it go back to the chef and give it to him.
    • Endymion: Still on the Planet Nuluup, go northeast of the town and through the waterfall to the laboratory, speak to Endymion and he'll request that you defeat the boss in the area; after doing so speak to him again

      The Asteroid & Returning to Planets

    • Thompson: While on the Asteroid at the beginning area speak to Thompson, he's difficult to miss
    • Vendorr: Vendorr automatically joins after you complete the mission in the asteroids and return to your ship.
    • Noct Egret: Noct Egret is on the second floor of the New Rhomu bar on Planet Rhomu. Have Z'xorv in the party before speaking to him
    • Coolga525: On your ship, go to the crew quarters and talk to Dave. He will talk about Volts and his hi-score. Now travel to planet to planet Araenu and go east to Volts. Coolgal525 is at the counter.
      (after the arcade section we have a few more recruits to clean up on this planet)
    • Swane: Go to the Nightshade in Gehenna and have Clarke in the party, then speak to Swane on the dance floor
    • Kevin Clarke: Go to the homeless shelter in the southwest part of Gehenna and have Sue in your party, then speak to Kevin Clarke near the counter
  • Defeat a true hero.


    Optional Boss

    On Planet Nuluup, speak to the man lying down in the first cell in the police station who mentions Dem, then go west of the town, taking the first lower path to a cave (not the same cave area as the one you go through for the story, a little east of it and closer to the town), go through it and interact with the grave marker in the outside area.

    See video for more detail.

  • Defeat a cosmic entity.


    Optional Boss

    The trophy is obtained by killing the optional boss Cthulhu. He is very strong and has 90,000 HP and should not be fought until you reach the point of no return.

    Once you are near the end of the game or at the point of no return, travel to New Rhomu. He's is located in the desert area south of a town on New Rhomu. Once in the town, head over to the east side of the town then travel south and leave the town. Keep heading south, then travel to the left when you get to the sign "<- Zanzaran mines." Exit the screen and continue south and then right in this area. Cthulhu's lair is here. Enter the tomb and fight him. The trophy will pop once he is destroyed.

    See video for more detail.

  • Defeat the Prime Evil.


    Optional Boss

    After completing the asteroid mission, talk to Psybe on the spaceship to start his side quest. Now go to the Planet Rhomu and head for the lab. The Prime Evil is located behind the locked elevator door in the northwest part of the first area.

    See video for more detail.

  • Defeat a special bounty.


    Optional Boss

    After recruiting Noct, talk to him (he can be found in the Armory on the ship) and he will tell you that there is a vampire in the mines on Planet Rhomu. Head there and fight Lita.

    See video for more detail.

  • Win every round of Rock Paper Scissors.


    After you meet Lauren and head to her house, you will go to Freedom Festival. When you get here, head north until you see a green fountain. The Rock, Paper, Scissors booth is located here.

    Talk to the lady here to receive all the clues then enter the following combination to receive the trophy:

    Round 1 - paper
    Round 2 - rock
    Round 3 - rock
    Round 4 - paper
    Round 5 - scissors
    Round 6 - paper
    Round 7 - scissors
    Round 8 - rock

  • Gain your final party member.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    There are eleven characters to collect throughout the game. Below is a list of characters and where to obtain them.

    • Chan - Joins your Party during the first level after you have made your ascent.
    • Dave - Joins your party while in HQ after the first level. Just enter the board room and talk to sue.
    • Sue - Joins your party during your escape from HQ and helps you defeat the Spectral Dragon.
    • Lauren - Joins your party after mission 3. Once you are in Gehenna, head south and enter Nightshade. Go over to the VIP area and talk to the man to start a cut scene. After this there is a fight and she joins your party.
    • Finn - During the freedom festival you will be tasked to go to a meeting point. Once here a cut scene will trigger. Finn joins you after the cut scene.
    • Z'xorv- Joins your party after the freedom festival. After the festival you will be tasked with stopping a giant Mech. Z'xorv joins you before the 2nd fight with the Mech. He will leave after the Mech is defeated.
    • Arete - Joins your party after you shut down the central force field in Astrea.
    • Clarke - Joins your party once you break into the office at the party and you are thrown in the jail cell.
    • Psybe - She will join your team once you leave Scimirex Village and kill the boss in the Hive.
    • Orson - Joins you after the mayor's death on planet Nuluup to help you investigate your innocence.
    • Z'xorv - Joins permanently after you clear your name in the Nuluup city. He is located north of the city, west of the Nu Burger factory in a cave.

    The trophy will pop when you are in Nuluup Falls, west of the Nu burger factory and Z'xorv rejoins your party permanently.

  • Prove your innocence.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Once you arrive on planet Nuluup, you will have a meeting with the town mayor. During the meeting, the mayor will die and you will be blamed. This starts of the quest for you to prove your innocence. Complete this level and the trophy will pop.

  • Win the first battle in the game on the hardest difficulty level.

    To earn this trophy you need to beat the very first fight in the game. Use the following order of moves to beat the first enemy:

    • Laser
    • Drown
    • Breather (in the prog tab)
    • Rest
    • Drown
    • Laser

    Once the fight is over the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat the ultimate zombie.


    Optional Quest

    After the asteroid mission, while on your ship, head to the shop and talk to Finn. He will tell you that all police have been called back to police HQ on Araenu. Head there and complete his side quest, killing the boss and unlocking the trophy (you can do this trophy once you have escaped the mob prison).

  • Reclaim your high score.


    Optional Quest

    After the asteroid mission, while on your ship, head to the the crew quarters and talk to Dave. He will tell you that his high score is in danger at Volt on the planet Araenu. Travel to the planet with Dave in your party and head to Volt. It is infested with monsters. Kill them and take down the "Game Master" and the trophy will pop. As an extra bonus, you will also earn the PWN Pad and Supreme Specs for Dave.

  • Gain Chahn's ultimate ability.


    Optional Quest

    Once you complete the Asteroid, head back to the city on Nuluup with Chahn and head to the Gunmaney Temple in the western side of the city. Head on in and examine the object at the back of the room. This will begin the trial. A fight between 3 enemies with 30,000 HP each. It is not too hard a fight, and the trophy will pop when you complete this trial. (Make sure you talk to Sara on your way out to recruit her.)

  • Deal over 9999 damage in a single hit.


    This is easy to do once Psybe is in the party and Dave has Cheat Code. Just have Dave, Alyssa and Psybe in the party and one other character with the Insight shield equipped (it comes automatically equipped on Arete) and make sure Dave has the Dark shield equipped (it comes automatically equipped on him) then use the following techniques in whatever order your characters act in:

    • Dave: Use the item Buffz on himself
    • Alyssa: Use Inspire on Dave
    • Psybe: Use Hyper Awareness on Dave
    • Fourth character: Use Program: Inspire on Dave
    • Dave: Use Cheat Code on himself
    • Next character: anything that inflicts Vulnerable, item or technique
    • Dave (Hyper): Void Blast

    Doing the above steps will net you the trophy.

  • Reach 300 style.


    In Level 2 you will have a character named Dave with you. Play through the area until you get into a fight. now what you want to do is have Dave use his "style" ability while having Chan and Alyssa kill all but one of the enemies. Keep using "style" with Dave until he reaches 300 style points. the trophy will pop as soon as it hits 300%. Once it does, kill the remaining enemy.

  • Complete the SkyBreaker Tower scenario.

    Level 1 takes place in SkyBreaker Tower and you are tasked with rescuing the hostages. After your first boss encounter (Groff), you will have to diffuse a bomb. The trophy is awarded after the bomb has been diffused.

  • Share a soda.


    After you beat the first level, you will arrive at HQ. Once you regain control, move to the bottom left, around the central desk and into the kitchen area. Buy a soda from the vending machine, then head back towards the elevators and talk to the guard in the middle, unlocking the trophy.

  • Scare rats away in Gehenna.


    In Gehenna you will find a guy leaning up against a wall next to the shop. Talk to him and he will ask you to scare all the rats away. There are four in total. Locate them (they are all near the shop) and run at them to have them run off. Once all four have been scared away, go back to the same guy and speak to him again. This will unlock the trophy.

    See video for more detail.

  • Defeat the lab guardian.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Level 2 will have you investigate a lab, referred to as the facility on Planet Rhomu. The Boss in here is called Beast and "Beast - X". Defeat Beast - X the second time and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat the Spectral Dragon.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Level 3 takes place in the agency HQ & will have you steal back the technology that you found back in the Lab on Planet Rhomu. The boss of this level is the "Spectral Dragon". Defeat it and the trophy will pop.

  • Charm an enemy.


    Lauren joins your party after the third level. You will enter a club called Nightshade and she will be performing. Once you trigger the cut scene, you will get into a fight and Lauren will join you. Have her use her "Mesmerize" skill and the trophy will pop.

  • Reach Lauren's apartment.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After Level 3 you will head to Gehenna and enter a club called Nightshade. This will start Level 4. You will earn this trophy once you have reached Lauren's house and exited the elevator.

  • Escape confinement.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After the party, you will be sent to the secret mob prison underneath the casino. After you break out and reach the casino doors, you will have to face off with the mob boss and four of his goons. Kill the boss and exit the casino and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat the Nightmare.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After you escape the casino prison, you will be sent to look for Psybe in Scimirex Village. You learn that Psybe has returned to the hive to repair it. Go there and defeat the boss, Nightmare, and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat the Crystal Wraith.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After you have killed the Nightmare and gain Psybe as a party member, you will be sent to the mines to gather crystals for the counter device.

    At the end of this level, you will face off against the Crystal Wraith. Destroy it to earn the trophy.

  • Chat with your party members.


    Once you have taken control of the API ship and finished the story driven dialogue in the board room, you will regain control of Alyssa. Now talk to any person in the board room, either Woman or Sue, and the trophy will pop.

  • Commandeer your own spaceship.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After lowering the force fields in Astrea, you will board the API ship. Reach Level 3 of the ship and take out the Gorime in the control room, completing this mission. Once the cut scene finishes the ship will be yours and the trophy pop.

    (Also, talk to anybody in the boardroom for the Friendship trophy.)

  • Defeat the Blobmith.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    During Level 5 you will be fighting a giant Mech Robot. This level requires you to fight the Mech three times. First, attack its legs, then hands and finally head. After this is accomplished, Groff will emerge from the cockpit of the Mech and tell you about his pet, Blobmith. You will now gain control of the Mech and fight. The trophy will pop once you kill Blobmith.

  • Win a VR Battle.


    To earn this trophy you first must get into a fight. Once done, go into your menu by pressing and select Battle, putting you in a simulation of the previous fight. The trophy pops once you have completed the fight.

  • Use a Heroine program.


    Once you reach Astrea HQ and are reunited with your friends, Sue will had this shield over. The shield allows Alyssa to use unite abilities. Go rest, and the story will progress. Astrea is under attack and you will automatically enter a fight. When it is Alyssa's turn to strike, choose Force Field from the program tab and the trophy will pop.

  • Find the ultimate ingredient.


    First, go to the planet Nuluup. Once here, head north to the NuBurger Factory. Reginn is the one in the middle. Talk to him and he will mention that he needs a ghost shroom, which is located in a cave in the north western part of the map.

    See video for more details:

  • Use Clarke's Self-Destruct ability.


    Clarke will join you once you go to the party, break into the office and get thrown into the jail cell. After this, you will retrieve your belongings and get into a fight. During this fight, have Clarke use his "Self-Destruct" attack and the trophy will pop.


Secret trophies

  • A party member betrays you.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After Nuluup, you will head for the asteroid. After killing Steele Prime and learning who betrays you, the trophy will pop.

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