In a min, Theremin Trophy in Cloudpunk

  • In a min, Theremin


    Sell old instruments to Sabra

    How to unlock In a min, Theremin

    You can do this as you play through the story or just wait until after you've completed the story and are cleaning up any Free Roam trophies/collectibles. There are 2 "old instruments you can collect.

    1st Instrument (Ocarina): Mercantile District (accessed via Gallows Row/Ochuba)

    2nd "Instrument" (Compact Disc): Ochuba

    When you have 1 (or both), take it/them to Sabra who is found in Nihon Minorus (accessed via Mochi District/Albena Majorus).

    The 1st one you give him will get you the trophy. The 2nd one will earn you some money.

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