Load "" Enter Trophy in Cloudpunk

  • Load "" Enter


    Sell ancient computer games to Danya

    How to unlock Load "" Enter

    You can do this as you play through the story or just wait until after you've completed the story and are cleaning up any Free Roam trophies/collectibles. First, you'll need to grab 1 of the 3 "Ancient Video Games" available. Their locations are:

    Game #1: Located on Botev Avenue (by Ochuba). 

    Game #2: Inari Gardens (accessed via Avalon Heights).

    Game #3: Meadow Market (accessed via The Marrow).

    When you have 1 (or more) of these, take it/them to Danya who is found near the Waterworks (accessed via Oldtown).

    The first one you give her will unlock the trophy. Any further games you give her will earn you money.

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