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    How to unlock Nivalis Tourist

    This trophy will most likely be the last one you get as you'll need to explore every area you can drive in and every area you can land on to fully "discover" the entire map. When you land in a location, make sure you explore every area you can reach (through every teleporter, up/down every elevator etc). While driving, fly between every building and around the perimeter of each map area. You'll literally be going to every nook and cranny of the map so just keep at it. Once you've discovered the final area on your map, the trophy will unlock.

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  • Hi, and happy new years to anyone who will read me now.

    To help (maybe) with all the trickiest/easily missable locations :

    For me, after having finished the game with every other trophies, all collectibles picked, i was missing :

    - Lucille's garage (mechanic) in Gallow's Row (too bad for me, it's the very last one i did when checking all the locations with guide 😅 / don't know why i never went to this mechanic before)

    - the Nook bar in Oldtown district (it's a small location near an elevator)

    - Ash lane in Midtown district (i think it's a tunnel i never went through)

    - Metropol buildind in Midtown district (never went close enough)

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