Almost like Home Trophy in Cloudpunk

  • Almost like Home


    Purchase all available apartment upgrades

    How to unlock Almost like Home

    The Apartment Upgrades become available as you progress through the story and complete deliveries. By the time you finish the game, you'll have them all unlocked. Unlike HOVA Enthusiast trophy_gold.png, you do need to buy everything available for purchase in the store (you access the store through the computer in your apartment). You'll need $6,575 to buy everything. The items are as follows:

    Pizza Subscription: $350
    Plant: $25
    HOVA Model: $90
    Fridge: $600
    Desk Chair: $190
    Lamp: $120
    Fish Tank: $500
    TV: $450
    Mirror: $250
    Holographic Object: $370
    Retro Game Console: $200
    Music Player: $100
    Bonsai Tree: $350
    Birdcage: $900
    Second Bed: $490
    Dog House: $290
    Dining Chair Set: $420
    Framed Photo: $70
    Dolly Poster: $30
    Food Dispenser: $780

    Once you buy the last item/service available, the trophy will unlock.

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