Maximum Power! Trophy in Chronos Before the Ashes

  • Maximum Power!


    Upgrade Any Weapon to Max Level

    How to unlock Maximum Power!

    You can do this on any of the weapons you pick up throughout the game. Which one you choose depends on your personal play style. Each weapon has 5 levels of upgrades that you can do. The breakdown of materials needed for each is as follows:
    • Upgrade 1: 3 Dragon Shards
    • Upgrade 2: 5 Dragon Shards
    • Upgrade 3: 8 Dragon Shards
    • Upgrade 4: 3 Rare Dragon Shards
    • Upgrade 5: 5 Rare¬†Dragon Shards
    The normal Dragon Shards are occasionally dropped by Krell enemies when you kill them and can also be found in Dragon Inscribed Boxes. The Rare Dragon Shards, which glow red, will sometimes be dropped be Krell enemies in the end-game portion of the story but you'll more than likely need to craft them to get the upgrades done before you reach that point. Each Rare Dragon Shard will require (1) standard Dragon Shard and (1) Dragon Oil (found inside Dragon Inscribed Boxes). You'll need to craft one Imbued Dragon Shard anyways for Do it yourself trophy_bronze.png but again, you'll more likely be crafting well more than 1 to finish upgrading your weapon. You'll be about 1/2 through the way before you get this trophy so just upgrade as you go and once you've reached level 5 on any weapon, the trophy will unlock. 

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