I'll take it! Trophy in Chronos Before the Ashes

  • I'll take it!


    Acquire the Krell Hidden Weapon

    How to unlock I'll take it!

    The Hidden Weapon you receive for this trophy will depend on what starting weapon you chose. If you chose the Sword, you'll pick up the Krell Axe. If you chose the Axe, you'll pick up the Krell Sword. 
    You'll be able to get this after you've defeated the first guardian (the Krell Guardian) and have returned back to the Wise Tree. Head to the right, towards the lift again but this time go through the door on the right. If you haven't already unlocked it, use the Master Key (story related item from the first Guardian) to open it up. Head into the dining area and go through the doorway on the left. When you reach the T, take the path going left. Head up the stairs and take out the Krell enemies. Ignore the door on the right and go back towards the large window in the back. Turn left and you'll see a wall with two torches, the right of which will be turned at an angle:

    Interact with the right torch to turn it vertical and also to turn it on. The statue between them will turn around, revealing the hidden Krell Weapon. 

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