Ball and Chain Trophy in Chronos Before the Ashes

  • Ball and Chain


    Craft a Krell Mace

    How to unlock Ball and Chain

    You'll get the Krell Mace from the Blacksmith but will need to defeat the Stone Golem (for All Seeing Eye trophy_silver.png) before he'll give it to you. The Stone Golem is the first optional Guardian you can defeat in the game and will become available after you defeat the first story-related Guardian and have returned to the main area (with the wise Tree). To reach the Golem, you'll need to solve a bit of a funky puzzle. When you're back at the tree, head right towards the lift but go inside the door on the right before you reach it (you should have the Master Key to unlock it if it's not already open). Go down into the dining area and through the doorway on the left. Turn right at the T and follow the path, through a door, then eventually you'll come to two large statues (along with a handful of Krell enemies). The Statue on the left is the one you want to memorize (the horns, face and tunic to be more specific):

    Now backtrack all the way to the dining area and this time, head through the doorway on the right side of the room. Follow the ladder down and keep going until you reach a small room with a strange metal device. You want to turn the wheels (3 in total) on this device so they match the Statue above:

    When you're done moving them, hit cross.png and the bottom section will open up, revealing a knife. Pick it up and bring it all the way back to the Statues and place it on the pedestal just underneatht the left Statue. When you do, the ground will open up and reveal a path that leads to the Stone Golem. Head down and defeat him. He's pretty straightforward along with most of the Guardians. Just block and evade his attacks and time your own after his when he's open and vulernable. If you're having any issues, please reference the video provided under The Hero's Journey trophy_silver.png (this fight starts around the 01:05:00 mark).
    When you've defeated the Stone Golem, you'll automatically pick up his eye. Bring it back the Krell Blacksmith and when you give it to him, he'll give you the Krell Mace in return, unlocking the trophy.

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