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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (poll)
  • Offline trophies: 38 (20, 13, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25-35hrs (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2.5
  • Number of missable trophies: 8
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options

Welcome to one of the great, if not the greatest, games Square has made. Originally released for the original Playstation in 1999, it has been remastered with updated graphics for the models, text, character portraits and upscaled backgrounds.

You play as a silent protagonist named Serge. After completing a task for your childhood friend, you suddenly collapse and awaken in a world that does not recognize you. With a miriad of characters to recruit, you embark on a journey to find out the truth of your circumstances and to ultimately save the world.
  • One of the things the game does not tell you is how the leveling system works. After almost every boss, you recieve a star. This star upgrades your stats of the three characters you have in your party. What the game neglets to tell you is how to further advance your stats inbetween Stars. Characters get random stat upgrades during regular battles. The boosts do stop, anywhere between 8 to 13 battles. With the remastered "skip random battles" feature, you now don't have to battle more than you need to. This might seem redundant to know but there are certain bosses that happen one right after another that you can miss these stat boosts forever. There 3 instances where you can't leave to battle to gain stat boosts: Pierre's Route - Acacia SGT to Ketchop, Solt, Peppor, between Polly to Fargo and Viper to Lynx.
  • Elements do not matter as much as the game wants you to think they do. You can do, if not more, damage just physcially attacking. They still can do damage though.
  • Certain endings take priority over another depending on whom you decide to recruit to take you into Viper Manor. More details in trophy descriptions below.
  • They patched out of at least two exploits that I know of: Pausing to cheat at the Roulette and Viper's Level 7 Tech dupe.
  • I will try to keep things almost spoiler free to the best of my ability but to help with trophies, I will be putting the answers to puzzles and how to get certain endings to properly unlock.

Step 1: Play the game normally.

During this step, you will earn all story-related trophies. Pick whatever branching choices you want. You can also earn miscellaneous trophies now if you want. They are not missable unless you get rid of a save where you're far enough for proper free roam.

In this step you'll earn:

Story Trophies
Miscellaneous. Trophies

Step 2: New Game+

Pick the opposite choices of your first playthrough to earn the chance to recruit the other characters.

In this step you'll earn:

Ending Trophies

Miscellaneous Trophies

Step 3: New Game++

Play until you choose the last of choices of whom you're going to have take you to Viper Manor. Keep playing till you leave the Temporal Vortex, beat the game and save the Gold Star Save. Then load up a playthrough 1 save via Continue+ to use the Chrono Cross to recruit all allies from previous playthroughs for The Recruiter trophy_gold.png and Radical Dreamer trophy_platinum.png 

In this step you'll earn:

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 13  20  )

  • Acquire all trophies.

    Congrats on getting rid of Lavos and saving the world (again). Hopefully he'll stay gone this time.
  • Wake up after having cleared the labyrinth for the first time in the dream.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    You earn this after the beginning battle sequence, after you wake up.
  • Re-visit the labyrinth in Fort Dragonia—this time, for real.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    You will earn this when you complete the puzzles and use the elevator in Fort Dragonia for the first time, again.

  • Defeat Lynx at Fort Dragonia.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    First you'll fight Viper. He's a chump, so just attack him and heal if needed.

    Then you'll fight Lynx. Use your best White Elements and Level 3 Hits. His main focus will be on Serge, so heal and/or revive if needed. For some odd reason, he can use the same elements that you have equipped. You can use Turn Black on Serge if he's taking too much damage. Other than that, he's not a tough boss.
  • Defeat Dark Serge at Fort Dragonia.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    He is not hard at this point in the game. Just attack him with Level 3 Hits and your best White Elements. He has the same moveset as you so he can use ForeverZero, and since you're Black Innate right now, he will do little to no damage to you. If you choose to have a White Innate character with you, equip the Black Plate on them.
  • Use the Dragon God relics at the Dead Sea Ruins to enter the Sea of Eden.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    If you played the original, you'll remember this is the start of Disc 2. Enter the Dead Sea Ruins via boat and go to the middle of the glowing circle. Watch the FMV and as soon as you arrive at the Sea of Eden, it'll unlock.
  • Arrive in Chronopolis, the Time Fortress.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    After defeating one of the three bosses, Chronopolis will appear. Enter and you'll earn this trophy.
  • Defeat FATE, the mother computer of Chronopolis.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    Pro-tip: Serge will be invincible if you equip the Black Plate, as FATE uses Black Elements in this fight.

    The boss will start a countdown, from 5 to 0, so attack hard via Level 3 Hits and your best White Elements in between counting. Have Fargo steal a HolyHealing. If you fail, run away and try again. There are not that many in each playthrough and it is the best healing element in the game so it's worth mentioning here.
  • Obtain Chrono Cross, the rainbow-aligned Element.


    When you obtain both the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love, return to Steena and recruit her. Put her in your party and when you're in Another World, go to the the hidden area on the Main Land inside the Waterfall, to the left of the Hydra Marshes. This takes you to Divine Dragon Falls (Another).

    Go all the way up into the cave. Once inside go all the way left to see two pedestals. Steena will tell you about them. Put the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love in each pedestal to create the long lost element, Chrono Cross.
  • Defeat the evolved form of the Time Devourer.

    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    The Time Devourer has a base HP of 10,000. On NG+ it's 20,000. Since it's Element Innate is White, Serge does less damage so it's good to have a Black Innate character like Grobyc. Whether or not you go for the good ending or not, he is very easy if you got rainbow equipment and you properly leveled prior to the fight.
  • See the good ending.

    You have to defeat the Time Devourer using the Chrono Cross Element. It can only be activated by using colored elements in a certain order.

    It's a good idea to attack to fill up your element grid, then have each character use an element to create the right order to activate the Chrono Cross.  Put the Chrono Cross in Serge's first level grid for easy access.

    1 - Yellow
    2 - Red
    3 - Green
    4 - Blue
    5 - Black
    6 - White
    7 - Chrono Cross

    If you can get the Time Devourer to cast Yellow and Red, then you only have to cast 5 elements. If not, you can easily do it yourself.

    I had Serge use Turn Yellow, Kid Magma Bomb, Grobyc Heal, Serge CurePlus-2, Kid Imbecile-3, Grobyc Turn White, and finally Serge Chrono Cross. Make sure all your elements are in Level 1 so you can easily replenish your stamina to cast again via physical attacks or defending.
  • See the bad ending.

    Just defeat the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross.  It isn't particularly difficult during your first playthrough.
  • See Ending 1: The Developers' Room.

    New Game+ Only.

    As soon as you wake up in Serge's house, leave and go to Opassa Beach. Use the Time Egg on the purple portal to take you to the final boss. You will be by yourself and the Time Devourer will now have 20,000 HP.

    This one is one of the harder and time consuming trophies to get but not impossible. If you remembered to level up properly, Serge should do decent amount of damage to the Time Devourer. Equip your Spectra Swallow, the Green Plate, and 3 Power Seals, as ATK is more important than DEF in this fight. Put a bunch of CurePlus on the first 2 levels on your element grid. Doesn't matter if it's -2. It still heals a decent amount without (hopefully) triggering an element change from the boss. Also equip Magma Bursts on the first 2 grids for quick access, Level 3 and above if needed, for when it starts using Yellow Elements. Equip all your best Black Elements, like Freefall. You can even use your better White elements if you so need. MagNegate can help you towards the end of the fight if he starts spamming Yellow elements so you won't take any damage from that.

    The Time Devourer will use Green Elements for the better half of the fight. With the Green Plate, it'll heal you. Soon he'll use Yellow. When he does, use one of the Magma Bursts to change what elements he'll use, hopefully back to Green. He can and will use Blue Elements that can freeze you. If you're frozen, the fight is over as you can't make moves no more. His Red elements don't seem to do much damage so you should be fine there. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.

    This is what I had equipped:
  • See Ending 2: The Acacian Empire.

    New Game+ Only.

    Recruit Poshul and as soon as you have the option to recruit Kid, do it. Immediately go to Opassa Beach and use the Time Egg.

    Remember to equip your best armor/weapons (hopefully rainbow) and the Green Plate on Serge, Yellow Plate on Kid, and you should be ready to go. With 3 characters, it'll go faster in killing the Time Devourer, but you can still be wiped out if you don't pay attention. Element equipment should be the same as the first ending. You can equip revives on Kid and Poshul if you so desire but keeping them alive is not the priority. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 3: The Magical Dreamers.

    New Game+ Only.

    You need to recruit Nikki to get this ending. Choose to save Kid and rescue Razzly. This ending can only be achieved before you enter Fort Dragonia for the first time.

    Equip your best armor/weapons (hopefully rainbow). 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Serge. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 4: The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes.

    New Game+ Only.

    Choosing Nikki to take you to Viper Manor will make his ending a priority. So choose any other guide.

    There are two versions of this ending and either will work to unlock this trophy.
    • The True Hero (Without Kid)
    As soon as Kid is incapacitated, you can earn this ending.
    • The True Hero (With Kid)
    After saving Kid, you'll return to Termina. Korcha will propose to Kid when you get there. As soon as you get that dialog, go Opassa Beach to defeat the Time Devourer.

    Equip your best armor/weapons (hopefully rainbow). 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Serge. If you got Kid, equip her with the Yellow Plate. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 5: The Rebirth of Marbule.

    New Game+ Only.

    When you escape the Temporal Vortex, go to Opassa Beach to defeat the Time Devourer.

    Now that you are Lynx, you'll do much more damage as your Element Innate is Black, and the Time Devourer's is White. Same strategy as the previous endings.

    Equip the Spectra Swallow, 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Lynx. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 6: The Last Stand.

    New Game+ Only.

    You only have a SMALL opportunity to get this ending. You must rescue Riddel and as soon as you have control again, go to Opassa Beach. Don't go to Hermit's Hideaway.

    Equip the Spectra Swallow, 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Lynx. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 7: The Viper Orphanage.

    New Game+ Only.

    Even though it says it's Ending 7, you cannot earn this before Ending 8 (unless you reload), as defeating Dario locks you out of 8.

    Defeat Dario and then head on down to Opassa Beach. If you need help with Dario, look under the description for The Second Coming trophy_silver.png.

    Now that you have the Mastermune, equip it instead of the Spectra Swallow. Even though the Spectra Swallow does more damage, the Mastermune has a higher chance for critical hits, so it makes it more powerful in my opinion. With 3 Power Seals, Level 3 Hits and criticals, you'll do massive damage.

    Equip the Green Plate on Lynx. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 8: The Dark Fate.

    New Game+ Only.

    As soon as Harle permanently leaves your party, go to Opassa Beach.

    Equip the Spectra Swallow, 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Lynx. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • See Ending 9: The Dragon God's Revenge.

    New Game+ Only.

    This is the most depressing ending in the game. As soon as you defeat FATE, go to Opassa Beach.

    Equip the Mastermune, 3 Power Seals and the Green Plate on Lynx. Elements don't matter as much so equip all your Freefalls and whatever else you think you might need for healing/reviving. Use Level 3 attacks, no matter the percentage, if you miss both times and you have your element grid built up, use an element.
  • Flee from a battle.

    During any battle, simply choose the option to run away.
  • Use Serge's unique level 7 tech, Flying Arrow.

    This tech unlocks after you get 35 stars but you won't be able to use it right away, for story reasons. After the change, go to any battle, build up the element grid, then use it.
  • Use Kid's unique level 7 tech, Hot Shot.


    During the orphanage flashback, there will be a machine in the very first room that requires a password. Kill all enemies and on the second floor with the Ice Gun, on the floor are scattered papers. Examine them and go back down to input the code.

    Password is Ltriangle.pngRtriangle.png (this is a reference to Chrono Trigger, the game that came before, and is the name of Lucca's mother)

    Equip the element to Kid's grid, go to any battle, build up the element grid, and use it.
  • Use Lynx's unique level 7 tech, Forever Zero.


    You will unlock this after you get 35 stars. Before the change, go to any battle, build up the element grid, then use it
  • Use Harle's unique level 7 tech, Lunairetic.


    The tech unlocks after you get 26 stars but you will lose the chance to use it when she permanently leaves the party. Before that happens, equip the element to Harle's grid, go to any battle, build up the element grid, and use it.
  • Use the triple tech Delta Force.


    You have to make very specific choices to be able to get all required Level 7 techs for the people involved. You need Serge, Leena, and Razzly.

    Serge's Level 5 Tech Luminaire is automatically obtained.

    For Leena's Level 7 Tech MaidenFaith, in the very beginning of the game when you are on the beach together, you need to tell her, "I remember." and "We'll never forget this day!". Then after you obtain the Tear of Love, go to Leena's house and talk to her grandmother in Arni Village (Home). She'll give you the tech.

    For Razzly's Level 7 Tech RazFlower, you need choose to save Kid, rescue Razzly in the Hydra Marshes (Home), DON'T PUT HER IN YOUR PARTY TO FIGHT THE HYDRA, go to Arni Village (Home) and pay 100G to the old guy sitting on the docks to have him take you to Water Dragon Isle (Home), kill ALL the dwarves so it guarantees Razzly's sister dies, talk to the fairy by the dead tree to have the fruit planted. Then finally after the events at Chronopolis/Terra Tower rising, return to Water Dragon Isle (Home) and talk to that fairy again and she'll give you Razzly's tech.

    Equip each element to their respective person's grid, go to any battle, build up the element grids, and use it.
  • Use the triple tech Z-Slash.

    Missable.  New Game+ only.

    This triple tech requires Serge's FlyingArrow, Kid's RedPin, and Sprigg Doppelganged as Slash for DashSlash.

    Make sure to equip Serge and Kid with Forget-Me-Not Pots and have Sprigg for the third member. Keep Sprigg in her normal form so that way, not matter whom lands the killing blow, it'll unlock for Sprigg's Doppelgang.

    Go the the Bend of Time and in the back of the area is a door. Go inside and talk to Spekkio. It will tell you to run three laps, so run three laps clockwise along the fence. It'll disappear and you'll face the Three Mystical Knights, Ozzie, Flea, and Slash. You need Slash for Sprigg's Doppelgang. Once obtained, you should be able to use the tech in the same battle. If not, go to any random battle, build up the element grids and use it.
  • Triumph in 500 battles.

    This should come naturally if you're leveling up between Stars and farming Shiny materials. It should unlock early in New Game+.  If not, go through your subsequent playthroughs, killing everything as you advance the story.
  • Use the Chrono Cross item to recruit all party members.

    Missable. New Game++ Required.

    This will be the last trophy you'll probably get. You need to recruit 43 characters. You cannot get them all in one playthrough as certain characters can only be obtained by certain story desicions you have to make, locking some out via the opposite decision.
  • Create a rainbow weapon.

    There are a few steps that need to be done before you can forge rainbow equipment.

    Recruit Zappa in Termina (Home) by talking to him in his smithy. Then continue the story till you fight The Sage in S.S. Zelbess, defeat him then talk to Nikki on his ship to start his quest to save Marbule. Complete that quest and continue on to defeat all 6 dragons till you finish the part of the story that requires you to return to Fort Dragonia (Home) and defeat the boss there.

    Put Zappa in your party then return to Marbule (Home). You need to buy the Master Hammer from the demi-human that's in the back of the Black Dragon's cave for 10,000G. Equip it to Zappa, and talk to the other Zappa (Another) to unlock Rainbow forging.

    You'll more than likely be missing Shiny materials. You can easily obtain some by disassembling useless accessories.
    Shiny MaterialLocationSteal/Dropped LootAccessory
    Shiny DewViper Manor (Another) - SewerSpearFisher - StealAntiviral Cap
    Shiny SootFossil Valley (Another)ShadowCat - StealDaemon Charm
    Shiny EmberPyre Cave (Another)CatBurglar - StealPoultice Cap
     Pyre Cave (Home)LavaBoy - StealFlame Charm
    Shiny LeafGaea's Navel (Both)PreyMantis - StealForest Charm
    Shiny SaltTerra Tower (Another)Myxomocete - LootAngel Charm
    Shiny SandTerra Tower (Another)Whoot - LootEarth Charm
     Gaea's Navel (Another)Prehysteric - StealEarth Charm
     Earth Dragon Isle (Another)YellowBelly - StealEarth Charm

    Or you can farm Shiny material by killing enemies via Summons.

    White Summon: Saints - Salt
    Green Summons: Sonja and Genie - Leaf
    Red Summons: RedWolf and Salamander - Ember
    Blue Summons: FrogPrince and BlueWhale - Dew
    Yellow Summons: Golem and ThundaSnake  - Sand
    Black Summons: MotherShip and GrimReaper - Soot

    I like to go to The Bend in Time and go to the top fourth glowing circle to try and fight Mannequeens. They show up in groups of four and don't use any elements so they won't mess up your field. Equip a summon with a cooresponding Innate character, use equipped Element status effects in your Level 1 grid to make the field whatever color you're farming for, then fill up your elemental grid to use your Summon. I doubt that you will, but if you run out of Stars, replenish them in Inns or in free spots like Serge`s Room in Arni Village (Home) or Doc`s Room in Marbule (Another).
  • Create a piece of rainbow armor.

  • Defeat Dario and reforge Serge's Sea Swallow into the Mastermune.

    Dario is not as hard as everyone seems to make him. His AI is programmed to respond certain ways depending on what element you use. As long as you use Red elements to attack him, you'll be fine. His main focus will be on Riddel anyway so if she dies, it doesn't matter. You can choose to revive her or not to have him continue his focus on her. He shouldn't hit you hard otherwise, except for his special move ConductaRod.

    It goes like this. If you cast:
    • Red -> Numble (Lowers EVD%)
    • Yellow -> BatEye (Lowers HIT%)
    • Green -> LoRes (Lowers RES/DEF)
    • Blue -> Weaken (Lowers STR/ATK)
    • Black -> RecoverAll (Heals himself for over 250 HP)
    • White -> ConductaRod (A black tech which has the ability to kill/nearly kill a party member.)
    Heal when necessary and you should be able to take him down in a few turns.
  • Collect all 15 types of window frame.

    Missable. New Game+ Required.

    You start out with three frames: Arnian Wood, Iron Plate and Simple Line. The others are gained from exploring, talking to people, or story choices.

    Window Frames:
    1. Arnian Wood - Starting Frame
    2. Iron Plate - Starting Frame
    3. Simple Line - Starting Frame
    4. Shellfish - Arni Village (Home), check the shopkeeper's cart.
    5. Tea for Three - Termina (Another), Go up to the Viper Statue and head left to talk to a guy. Say, "Understood." to recieve the frame.
    6. Skullduggery - Shadow Forest (Another), instead of killing the Quaffid, lure the red octo to the Quaffid using the Aroma Pouch on the top tree for the red pollen. He'll apologize and give you the frame.
    7. Porre's Furnace - Return to Viper Manor (Another) after visiting Guldove for the first time. Head back to the Library and behind the desk you'll find a secret area to climb down. Go all the way down and talk to the Beach Bum you find inside.
    8. Guldovian Stitch - You have to choose to save Kid. When you finish that Main Quest, you'll learn Mel took Kid's Elements. Choose, "You need those Elements." and "No, let's go after Mel." Go to the Dragon Shrine and talk to the guy standing at the entrance, then head all the way right to the residential tower. You'll end up catching her. After all the talking, go back to the docks, talk to Korcha so he'll take you back to Termina. Go to the entrance for Glenn's cutscene. Head back to Korcha and talk with him. Get the boat then head back to Guldove with Kid in your party, talk to Mel again and she'll give you the frame.
    9. Tropical Paradise - Automatically recieved if you choose not to save Kid.
    10. Valencian Cloth - You must have a party full of demi-humans. Go to Marbule (Another) and talk to the blue demi-human to get this frame.
    11. Infrared Vision - As soon as you have defeated Radius (the second time), go to Fossil Valley (Home) and go up the ladder, behind the big skull, to open the chest containing this frame.
    12. Monster Mouth - This can only be retrieved during the S.S. Zelbess (Home) Main Quest, go to Sneff's Magic Show to get turned into a cat, then proceed out and go to the kitchen. Talk to the cat in there, but be quick as he likes to leave in a hurry. If he does leave, just wait for him to come back.
    13. Our Favorite Martian - Go to the El Nido Triangle (Home) to retrieve the Star Fragment, then proceed to the Sky Dragon Isle (Home) and go all the way up top till you see a chest. Open it and Mega Starky will attack. Defeat him, then afterwards he'll run around. Catch him and recruit him. Leave the isle and then go back in to the top and talk to the guy that's up there.
    14. Snakes & Orbs - In Gaea's Navel (Another) there is a Prehysteric enemy up in a tree, 2 areas to the left of the starting area.
    15. Quill and Papyrus - After Serge's change back, the S.S. Zelbess (Home) Main Quest, Saving Marbule Quest, and the Black Dragon defeated, Return to Marbule (Another) and in the Black Dragon's Cave, talk to Toma twice to recieve this frame.
  • Successfully feed the dragons 100 times in the dragon-feeding mini-game.

    When you infiltrate Viper Manor, you'll need to find the key to the front door. Talk to the old man in the barn and he'll give you the key in exchange for feeding the dragons.

    Choose option 2 if you need to learn how to feed them, then choose option 1 to start. Thankfully this new verison give you the Time Shifter right off the bat, instead of it being a NG+ item. Slow down the game and feed them as needed. You don't have to keep the Slow-Mo on the whole time. Just when one of the dragons starts yelling for food, then turn it back on as not to miss any. They'll want food faster as the number gets higher around 50 so stay vigilant.
  • Complete the Grand Slam.

    When on the S.S. Zelbess (Home), you can find an arena below the area where you talk to The Sage. If you've been collecting monsters via Sprigg, then you should have no problem finishing all 3 rounds. If not, come back later after you have collected monsters. Talk to the demi-human blocking the entrance and you'll enter the contest against Janice.

    Round 1 - Recommended Monsters: Man-At-Arms (Viper Manor (Another)), Taurminator (Mount Pyre (Home)), TotalChaos (Temporal Vortex) (it is ok if you do not have Man-At-Arms or TotalChaos but the Taurminator is essential)

    If you have TotalChaos, try using HellSoul+5 against Janice's Taurminator to try and insta-kill, if not, you can run away and try again or move on. Use all your monsters to attack your opponents Taurminator then finish of the other two monsters.

    Round 2 - Recommended Monsters: CatBurglar (Mount Pyre (Both)), Lagoonate (Default), SnibGoblin (Default)
    This one can be tough but if you take it slow, you'll finish just fine. Have CatBurglar use Strengthen on himself and have him attack Janice's Spearfisher. Lagoonate needs to attack Cybot and use SnibGoblin for his heals if needed.

    Round 3 - Recommended Monsters: Airframe (Isle of the Damned (Both)), Cybot (Fort Dragonia (Both)), Any other monster as it doesn't really matter.

    Thankfully this is the easiest and last round. Janice has a Cuscus so do not use any elements on it as it will retaliate with the same element. Kill the Airway first, then the Cassowary, then finally the Cuscus.
  • Get 10,000 points in the compass roulette mini-game.

    They patched the original exploit so you can no longer pause the game. However, there are 2 different ways where you can still cheese it.
    1. You can use the PS Home button to exit to the XMB and for a brief second, you can see where it lands. The red tip needs to be between North and East. If it is, spam the cross.png button to stop the needle when you reopen the game. (I found this method tedious and didn't use it. It might be easier for some people though)
    2. As soon as it starts spinning, count quick numbers i.e. 123 instead of 1, 2, 3, then hold the cross.png button till it stops.
    • Count to 3
    • Hold cross.png
    • If at west, immediately hold cross.png after selecting continue
    • If at east, count to 4/5 then hold cross.png to hopefully get to north
    This method seemed to work better for me. You can adjust the counting to anything you prefer. It's honestly trial and error but you can easily establish a pattern.
  • Obtain 99 level-growth stars.

    This requires 2.5 continuous playthroughs, as each playthrough only has 48 Stars. You should unlock this during your final playthrough. When you go through Fossil Valley for the first time, you'll fight Solt & Peppor, they'll give you the 99th Star.

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