Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 7/10 (Personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
Offline Trophies: 18 (3 , 5 , 9 , 1 )
Online Trophies: None
Approximate time to 100%: 5-15 hours - skill and luck dependent (Personal estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Number of Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Listening Club (seems to glitch in the player's favour, popping up before it should). Wall of Sound and Play Quicker unlock later than described.
Does difficulty affect trophies: No
Do cheat codes disable trophies: None available

Chime Sharp is a music oriented puzzler with an eclectic and impressive array of electronic and ambient songs to choose from. You are tasked with joining together Tetris-like pieces to create groups of blocks 3x3 or larger in size. The inclusion of a continuous beatline will clear completed quads leaving leftover blocks that will either help or hinder your progress as you attempt to cover the entire grid. You are competing against the clock and the more of the grid you cover the more additional time you will earn. The squares in the background will change colour to identify which parts of the grid you have already covered and this can be viewed by pressing the button at any time.


There are a number of modes available for each song in which the rules of the game are altered slightly. These modes are:

Practice - a simplified grid which allows you to get to grips with the pieces on offer in each song.
Standard - five grids are attempted one after the other if time and coverage allow. To progress to the next grid you must get at least 90% coverage.
Sharp - you start with ten lives and formed quads no longer fill over time. Once the beatline touches them they vanish. Any leftover pieces must be removed quickly as, when they begin to flash, you will lose lives when the beatline touches them. Lost lives depend on how man blocks the flashing segment is made up of.
Strike - faster beatline and removal of leftover blocks makes this mode rather challenging. Time is limited to 90 seconds and cannot be extended. If flashing leftover blocks are not engulfed by a quad before the beatline passes, they are removed from the grid and your coverage percentage will drop drastically.
Challenge - a more complex grid pattern and a smaller range of available block pieces make reaching 100% far more difficult.

Step 1 - Unlock all songs

Once you fire up the game for the first time you will only have access to a single song: Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians. There are 15 other songs to unlock. Your first step should be to play through each available song on standard mode with the aim of unlocking the next track in the sequence. This will allow you to get to grips with the game's mechanics, learn each stage's pieces, figure out how to form perfect quads, and discover which stages you are comfortable with. In the process of working through these steps you should unlock the majority of Chime Sharp's simpler trophies. It's Just Noise is the easiest gold you will ever earn and should be the first trophy you aim for as it can be unlocked in seconds by dumping 20 pieces around the grid. Trophies like Wall of Sound and Sustain might come naturally, but focusing on them at the end of this step is a good time to try as you should have got to grips with how Chime plays by then.

Trophies earned during this step:
Perfect 10
Perfect 100
Up To 11
Deep Cuts
Wall of Sound
The Hundred Club
It's Just Noise

Step 2 - Play a stage in Challenge Mode

Once all songs are unlocked, fire up one of your favourites and play that track's challenge mode. In this mode, grids are more complicated and available pieces are limited. The easiest grids to aim for on this are the first two songs: Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians or Chipzel - Psychonaut. If you finish below 90% coverage and the trophy doesn't pop, try again and aim for that magic number to fully complete the stage. Once you have the trophy, leave the other challenge modes till later as there is a high possibility that you won't have to play them at all to earn the platinum.

Trophies earned during this step:

Step 3 - Work through Sharp and Strike Mode

Starting from the beginning, play each song's sharp mode until you achieve 60% coverage. This will unlock the song's strike mode variant. Continue to play sharp and strike mode for all songs aiming to 60% sharp mode and finish strike mode (which lasts a fixed 90 seconds) without worrying too much about score or final coverage percentage. This step might be needed to achieve the Listening Club trophy but, if like me you are lucky and the trophy pops well in advance of when it should, you can abandon the unfinished modes in other songs and move on to step five. Once you get to grips with the altered rules of these two modes you might want to try for the Fast Cuts, Think Quick and Play Quicker trophies. They are, however, extremely difficult to achieve, even with prior knowledge of each stage's grid and available pieces, so don't be afraid to leave them till the cleanup stage if you are struggling.

Trophies earned during this step:
Fast Cuts
Think Quick
Play Quicker

Step 4 - Finish up Challenge Mode

To earn Listening Club you must complete (don't worry, apart from sharp mode this simply means playing to the mode's natural end) all songs and their modes. As I worked through the songs and their modes, this trophy popped for me far in advance of completing all the stated requirements. If you have played through all standard, sharp, and strike modes and the trophy still hasn't popped, go back to the unplayed challenge modes and play them through to their conclusions. Once this is done you should earn the Listening Club trophy.

Trophies earned during this step:
Listening Club

Step 5 - Grind and cleanup

The final step will involve working towards any final trophies you don't yet have. These are likely to be Mastering and Perfect 1000. Load up your favourite stage and keep trying to get 500% coverage - this means getting full coverage on all five of the chosen song's boards. Depending on play style, you might unlock Perfect 1000 during your 500% attempts but, if you don't, simply keep repeating a stage solely focusing on creating perfect quads to speed this one up. When focusing on perfect quads, don't worry about extending the time limit. If it runs out just restart the stage. It's a grind but, once the requirements are met, you'll likely earn your platinum. Well done, you're a star!

Trophies earned during this step:
Perfect 1000

[PST would like to thank Lexingtonge for this Roadmap]

Chime Sharp Trophy Guide

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18 trophies ( 3  )

  • Collected all other trophies

    The platinum trophy will pop immediately upon completion of all other trophies. Quelle surprise.

  • Create 10 Perfect Quads.

    See Perfect 1000 for details.

  • Create 100 Perfect Quads.

    See Perfect 1000 for details.

  • Create 1000 Perfect Quads.

    To earn this trophy (and the two preceding ones) you must create perfect quads. Perfect quads are blocks that form perfect squares or rectangles that, when removed from the board, leave no leftover pieces. Perfect quads can be created in numerous ways, most frequently from my experience by the long L shaped pieces and the stumpy thumbs up pieces. These pieces appear frequently in stages and can be used by themselves four times or combined with each other twice. The Chvrches - Science and Visions stage is a good one to select for this trophy as the blocks that appear allow for easy and frequent perfects. Below are some examples of perfect quads, although there are certainly other combinations that will also fit together perfectly. In the images the white piece should be placed last.

    Keep an eye out for leftover 2x2 quads as adding a corner bracket to them allows for another quick way of getting a perfect. In my experience, these 2x2 areas appear naturally fairly often so stay watchful.

    It will be a grind to earn Perfect 1000, but the ones before with smaller requirements will pop pretty speedily.

  • Complete All Songs and All Modes.

    Other trophy descriptions in the game use the word "complete," which makes you think that you need to reach a certain score in a stage or mode in order to unlock this. Don't fret, it simply means playing a mode to its natural conclusion and doesn't take score or coverage percentage into account (except for Sharp mode where you need reach 60% to unlock the Strike variant). This, in essence, means that you will need to play each mode for each song once for the trophy to unlock. However, for me the trophy popped after I had played about fifty percent of the modes available. Maybe this is a faulty counter in the code, but whatever the glitch was, it worked in my favour. Time will tell if you are so lucky!

  • Got the Max Multiplier of 20.

    This trophy requires you to create a 20x multiplier by creating quads of at least 3x3. Each new quad you make raises the multiplier by one to a maximum of twenty unless your dropped pieces are eradicated by the beatline. The multiplier starts as 1x so you'll need to lock in 20 quads for this trophy to pop. As the beatline moves across the screen, any fragments that were formerly part of a quad will gradually darken until they begin to flash. Any flashing leftover fragments need to be dealt with quickly as, if the beatline hits them, your blocks will be scrubbed and your multiplier will be lost.

    This one might require quick fingers and block placement but in standard mode, it takes a number of passes for lingering fragments to be destroyed so, as long as you keep an eye out for flashing areas, you should reach the maximum multiplier fairly quickly. As you improve and go for other trophies you'll likely hit the 20x multiplier on a regular basis so this trophy shouldn't be one to worry about too much.

  • Finish Sharp mode in Under 5 Minutes.

    This, for me, is the hardest trophy in the game and it's only a silver! Speed and luck will play a huge part in gaining this trophy. Additionally, any leftover quad blocks must be dealt with speedily otherwise your lives will take a hit and you'll end with a game over. Perfect quads are favourable here but the tight time limit means you don't have a great deal of choice in where you dump pieces. I'd recommend finding a stage with pieces and a grid you're comfortable with and play it repeatedly until you have mastered how the blocks fit together. This will take a lot of time, patience, and effort, but with luck, you should earn this one eventually. Be prepared to pull your hair out when you come close and think about padding the walls of your room to protect controllers flung in anger and frustration.

    See this YouTube video for an idea of just how skilled you'll need to be to earn this trophy. Good luck - you'll need it!

  • Complete Standard Mode without Losing any Fragments.

    Easier than it sounds. Create a single perfect quad in standard mode then allow the clock to run down. Dump any generated pieces that won't form a perfect quad around the empty parts of the grid - as long as they aren't leftovers from a partially formed a quad the beatline will not remove them. Use the image below for help on how to create perfect quads. The trophy should pop once the timer has reached zero.

  • Create a Very Large Quad with at least 100 Cells.

    Creating large quads is imperative in completing certain other trophies so this will likely come naturally - as such, I wouldn't focus on this specifically, but work on other trophies instead. You will be more likely to earn this one in standard mode as quads take time to lock in meaning you can extend them without much trouble. Simply slap together as many pieces as quickly as you can without letting the quad fully lock down.

    Due to the way the game is programmed you actually need to have at least 101 blocks in your quad. I reached a perfect 100 twice and didn't get the trophy.

  • Create a Quad that is the Full Length of the Grid.

    For this trophy you will need to create a quad that stretches across the full grid from left to right. Forming a quad that goes from top to bottom will not suffice. A lot of this trophy comes down to what order your pieces are generated. Building the centre of the grid will likely be a piece of cake but, as you reach the walls of the grid, you're relying on Lady Luck smiling on you. Choosing a stage with blocks that kind of look like a lower case T is beneficial for this trophy as they are long and thin enough to fill gaps along edges. Manipulate your pieces as quickly as you can so the active quad doesn't lock down before you reach the edges.

    Restricting your quad to three blocks in height will make this trophy slightly easier as it means you only have to worry about adding blocks to the sides and not the top or bottom - have a gander at the picture below for a better idea of what I'm describing. It might take a few attempts to get this trophy but, with a little perseverance, it shouldn't be too hard. You could well earn Wall of Sound as you work towards this trophy if you decide to make your quad taller than three blocks in height.

  • Complete Standard Mode with Only 3x3 Quads.

    Again, easier than it sounds. Select standard mode, create one 3x3 quad, then let the clock run down. It doesn't matter if there are leftover fragments remaining on the board that are later removed by the beatline. Easy.

  • Complete a Challenge Mode.

    In challenge mode you have to work with a more complex grid pattern and a smaller range of available block pieces. Other than these changes, the game will play exactly as it does in standard mode. Simply try and cover as much of the grid as possible in the time limit with the limited pieces available. I'd recommend playing one of the first two songs as their grids aren't really that complicated in comparison with later stages. I had over 90% coverage when this trophy popped but, like other trophies in the game, it might just be a case of playing the mode a single time to its natural conclusion. Worth a go.

  • Get 99% Coverage.

    To earn this trophy you must finish a stage in any mode with 99% coverage. In standard mode this can happen if you get 99% in your first grid and then let the timer run down in the second or by getting 95% in your first grid then 4% in your second and letting the timer run down and so on. This will likely come naturally as you play so don't aim for it specifically and work towards the more difficult trophies instead. Before you know it, this one will be yours.

  • Get 100% Coverage.

    To earn this trophy you must finish a stage in any mode with 100% coverage. In standard mode this can happen if you get the full 100% in your first grid and then let the timer run down in the second or by getting 95% in your first grid then 5% in your second and letting the timer run down and so on. Again, this will likely come naturally as you play so don't aim for it specifically and work towards the more difficult trophies instead. Before you know it, this one will be yours.

  • Get 500% Coverage.

    One of the harder trophies in the game. Each standard board is made up of five stages, each with 100% coverage available. To unlock the trophy you must fully cover all five boards in a certain song. To earn this you'll need to choose a stage with pieces you are comfortable with and learn how best to fit the blocks together to cover as much of the grid as effectively as possible. Try and avoid leaving numerous blocks scattered across the grid when a quad is removed by the beatline - this is, however, easier said than done. Luck will also play a part in the likelihood of your success as sometimes the game can hold back the piece you need for a perfect quad for what seems like forever. Remember, once past 90% you only have a set number of beatline scans before the next stage is loaded so you have will have to be swift to get that last 10%.

    Keep an eye out for the Final Loop warning that pops in the top right of the screen as when this appears, you will have mere seconds to cover any remaining areas before the beatline reaches the far edge of the grid and moves to the next board. Reaching 500% in practice mode, which often has far simpler grids, will not unlock this trophy. Practice, practice, practice on your chosen song and you should eventually earn this gold.

  • Complete Strike Mode without Losing Coverage.

    In strike mode pieces are removed from the board much more quickly - after three passes of the far faster moving beatline. This trophy requires you to play to the end of the stage (which is always 90 seconds) in this mode without the game removing any of the flashing blocks that are left over from a completed quad. The key to this trophy is creating perfect quads when possible as they leave no parts for the beatline to remove. If you do have blocks left over, you will need to remove them as quickly as possible.

    I unlocked this naturally and it was frustrating, but it might be possible to unlock this trophy by simply creating a perfect quad and allowing the clock to run down similar to other trophies in the game. I haven't been able to test this method, but it's worth a shot if you want to attempt this one quickly.

  • Get 40% Coverage on Strike Mode.

    This one is difficult. If you are a ponderous or slow-fingered player you are going to struggle with this trophy. The faster beatline means that it is much more likely that you will have remaining blocks left over after a pass is completed. Perfect quads are essential as they leave no leftover blocks. Luck needs to be on your side, too, as the randomly generated pieces need to fall conveniently in order for you to succeed.

    You will actually need to hit 41% for this trophy to unlock as reaching 40% actually means you'll be unsuccessful.

    I suggest the stage Chvrches - Science and Visions as the available blocks for this song allow for the easiest, most varied, and most frequent perfect quads. I managed 47% coverage on this stage as opposed to videos I watched on YouTube of other songs where people scraped by with 41%.

  • Place 20 Pieces without forming a Quad.

    Probably the easiest gold trophy you'll ever earn. Simply place twenty pieces across any board of your choosing without activating a quad to have it pop. Pieces can touch just so long as they don't form a 3x3 grid. See the image below for a better idea of what I'm describing.

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