Coronation Trophy in Child of Light

  • Coronation


    Dethrone the Queen of the Night.

    How to unlock Coronation

    Story-related, can't be missed.

    This trophy is for beating the final boss and finishing the game. It takes place right after you recover the sun without doing anything in between, if you get game over then you will start back on the altar, allowing you to free roam and level up if necessary, then just speak to the Queen of the Sun to fight the boss again. After you have beat her, the trophy will pop.

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  • And yet another gorgeous game with wasted trophy potential. It's getting frustrating.
  • It's frustrating that even if this is a trophy site that people base their entire purchase on trophies...
  • I'm with #2 on this one. This game is really good from what I've played so far, but it exists in an entirely different realm from my need to grind out the Platinum in Velocity Ultra.
  • Definitely one of the best (shorter) games that I've played. I'm a trophy hunter myself, but the story in itself makes up for everything. I don't mind having very little trophies. I got my money's worth on this one, hope you all enjoy the journey also :)
  • My copy of the game crashed right after I defeated Norah (right before you face the Dark Queen) and said the game data was corrupt. Luckily I always make sure my data from the previous day uploads to online storage so I was able to do it over w/ no major time loss. Idk if this is a common problem but be aware! Might be best to ensure you upload data to online storage right before fighting Norah in the poison chamber to prevent having to restart from the beginning for one trophy.
  • Video Guide for getting the trophy:
  • got to say im with number #2 on this trophys do not make the game better or worse at the end of the day we play games for fun right
  • Loved, loved, loved this game. Short and sweet. I didn't care that there wasn't a gold or platinum trophy and just enjoyed it for what it was. Totally worth the price and the time. I really hope there's some sort of sequel or another game based in this world.
  • The achievement "through the looking glass" requires a friend with a Ubisoft UPLAY account, to send an "OCULI" gem to. If you have said uplay account & would like to help, then send friend request(you don't have to remain a friend & sever all ties if you want) My PSN & uplay user name: MIK525. After a reasonable amount of time, I will not accept any further actions, thank you.

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