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Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a playable coloring book adventure that puts you in a world full of cute animals and locations all named after kinds of food. While the game deals with topics such as the stress of success and feelings of inadequacy in creating works as an artist, it eases the player into the creative mindset by handing you a paint brush and allowing you to paint the world. The game has only a few instances of combat that are not difficult by any means and can be adjusted through the accessibility options for further ease, if you wish.  

At its heart, Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a therapeutic experience that allows you to paint as much of the world of Picnic Province as you want and gives you the chance to create 20 different paintings as well as designing clothing items, brush styles and color palettes. Whether you are a true artist or just along the ride for the fun, there is something for everyone on the creativity scale and no judgement--only heaps of praise--from everyone (well, everyone except Radish, that is).

GLITCH WARNING: This game was created by a small team and is packed with love and an open canvas for you to color as you see fit and place decorations wherever you want. Because of the level of customization this game offers, it is known for crashing quite often the more you customize the world.  The game has a fairly robust auto-save cycle so you shouldn't lose too much data if you do experience a game shutdown and most of the times I ran into a crash was on startup but backing up your save data regularly may be prudent the further you get into this game.

A second minor bug the game has is involved with the collection of one of the Decor items, The Family Portrait. Please see Master Decorator trophy_gold.png for more information on making sure you acquire the item when it is available so you are not forced to get 100% in the game a second time for the collectibles clean-up.


For this Roadmap, I will be suggesting a specific order of quests and trophies to be completed following the story trophies. This will be based on my personal experience with tracking the wide variety of collectibles the game contains and the metroidvania-esque way areas of the map are unlocked through the story. As you play through the game and move about the map you may choose to pick up clothing items (found in small gift boxes), litter, Lost Kids (kittens hidden in shaking trees) and brush styles (found in large gift boxes) as you find them - and you are welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that the guide leaves 99% of the collectibles for after story completion so your experience following along with the collectible guides may vary based on what you pick up along the way. 

The only two items I would suggest you get your paws on (Get it?...because you are a dog?) are the brush Style Starter pack and the Fill Color brush style. You are given the Starter Brush Style Set during your first class at the Art Academy, which you can start taking classes at onc eyou open up the area called Potluck. The Fill Color Brush Style is located four screens right and two screens up from the Art Academy in the same region. The Starter Pack will unlock the ability to use brush styles and the Fill Color will make it much easier to fill in areas such as caves and tunnels or paint full screens in a few seconds of time in order to swim through at a greater speed.

Step 1: Play through the story

When you begin the game you will have a limited move set that will block you from most of the map outside the opening areas of Luncheon, Supper Woods and Potluck. As you play through Chapters One through Five, you will acquire new abilities that will allow you to enter dark areas, swim through cracks, jump over small openings, swim up walls and through water.

Once in Chapter Six, you will be given four Wielder Trials you can complete in any order. See Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png for further details and their locations on the map. By the time you roll credits for the story in Chapter 10, you will have all the abilities you need to clean up all the collectibles (and there are a lot).

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Helpful trophy_bronze.png 
Meet Your Hero trophy_bronze.png 
Phone Call trophy_bronze.png 
Muse trophy_bronze.png 
Ancient Beast of the Darkness trophy_bronze.png 
Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png 
Standing on the Mountain Top trophy_bronze.png 
Honored History trophy_bronze.png 
More Than Myself trophy_bronze.png 
Respect trophy_bronze.png 
Something New trophy_bronze.png 
End of an Era trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Lost Kids, Mail Delivery, Brush Styles and Art Classes

Once you enter the post game, I would suggest you stop in at the Art Academy from time to time to knock out a few of the 20 classes you will need to finish for Graduate trophy_gold.png and the 10 Decor items you will receive once you finish the classes for Master Decorator trophy_gold.png. In order to unlock later classes, you will need to find more brush styles so it never hurts to collect them out in the world when you find them. There are only 25 so it's not difficult to keep track of them. 

You can also talk to Beans in Luncheon and help her find some of her lost kittens for Kitten Caboodle trophy_bronze.png. If you are going to go for all 40 of the Lost Kids at once, I would suggest you wait until you have delivered enough of the mail from the post office in Dinners to get the Lost Kid Tracker from Pepper the Skunk (See Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png for the mail quests and Lost and Found trophy_silver.png for all 40 Lost Kid locations). By completing the task of finding all 40 Lost Kids, you will also be given more than half of the Decor collectible items in the game from Beans.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Postal Service trophy_bronze.png 
Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png 
Explorer trophy_bronze.png 
Kitten Caboodle trophy_bronze.png 
Lost and Found trophy_silver.png 
Casual Decorator trophy_bronze.png 
Serious Decorator trophy_silver.png 
Stylist trophy_silver.png 
Style Pro trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Cleanup trophies

Before gathering all the remaining collectibles, I would suggest you finish filling in the map (See Cartographer trophy_silver.png), complete any of the remaining 20 classes you need for Graduate trophy_gold.png, deal with the two quests tied to the miscellaneous trophies Picture Perfect trophy_bronze.png and Turnabout Squeeze trophy_bronze.png, as well as beginning your clothing collectible run with Passion for Fashion trophy_gold.png 

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Graduate trophy_gold.png 
Cartographer trophy_silver.png 
Picture Perfect trophy_bronze.png 
Turnabout Squeeze trophy_bronze.png 
Passion for Fashion trophy_gold.png

Step 4: Collect all remaining Clothing Items, Litter and Decor

By now you should have more than half of the decor (130 or more of 223 items) and at least 25 of the 120 clothing items. If you haven't talked to many of the NPCs in Picnic, you should have only been given 3 of the 130 pieces of litter.

Continue picking up the clothing items stored in small gift boxes around the map and underground and begin picking up all the litter you pass by. Some clothing, litter and decor will be given through NPCs, whether they need you to paint something, decorate a room or outside area or simply talk with them. Other decor items will need to be purchased through the litter exchange vendors in Dinners, the Feast in Grub Deep and in Tea Time Meadows.  Please follow the guides provided in Master Decorator trophy_gold.png and head the warning concerning The Family Portrait (MISSABLE decor item) that requires specific and timely action or may require a second full playthrough of everything in the game in order to collect all 223 pieces of decor. 

Once you have completed all collectibles, bought the rest of the decor and received all painting rewards, you should have 100% and your platinum!

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Clothing Curious trophy_bronze.png 
Clothing Hunter trophy_gold.png 
Trash Mammal trophy_bronze.png 
Good Samaritan trophy_silver.png 
Clothing Hunter trophy_gold.png 
Ultimate Samaritan trophy_gold.png 
Master Decorator trophy_gold.png 
The Whole Picture trophy_platinum.png 

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

34 trophies ( 20  13  )

  • Do everything you can do

    Congratulations, you have brought color back into the world and have proven yourself to be a True Wielder.
  • Pick up Chicory's brush

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will need to pick up Chicory's brush in order to continue the story at beginning of the game.
  • Collect 25% of clothing items

  • Collect 50% of clothing items

  • Collect all clothing items

    There are a total of 120 Clothing Items to collect in Picnic Province. The majority of these items can be found in small gift boxes throughout the map. A few of the gift boxes will be hidden and will show up only if you paint the ground where sparkles appear. you will also need to speak to Biscuit and Gravy in Simmer Springs (the two young red pandas standing on top of a house one screen to the right of the waterfall) for pictures hinting at the locaton of the last four hidden gift boxes.

    You will receive a few clothing pieces from completing certain tasks or quests such as the Mailbag and Delivery hat for delivering all the mail for Artichoke in Dinners (see Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png), a Headband from Beans for finding some of the Lost Kids (See Kitten Caboodle trophy_bronze.png) as well as a collection of shades from Oats (See Passion for Fashion trophy_gold.png).

    The full collectible guide for all clothing, litter and decor can be found in the Master Decorator trophy_gold.png guide.
  • Pick up 25% of litter

  • Pick up 50% of litter

  • Pick up all litter

    There are 130 pieces of litter to collect in Picnic Province. Nearly all of these can be found on the ground or other surfaces around the map and in caves and tunnels. A few will be given as rewards for quests such as delivering the mail to Wisteria (see Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png) painting a mural in Dinners, painting the area for Olive (Kangaroo kid) in Elvensies, talking with Guac the Capabara in Potluck and painting Basil's garden in Luncheon (the old Hyena you will visit a few times).

    Litter serves two purposes in Chicory: A Colorful Tale: First, the collection of all 130 will earn you this trophy. Additionally, litter will also be used to purchase 72 of 223 Decor items from litter exchange vendors in Grub Deep, Tea Time Meadows and Dinners. Please be aware that the quantity of litter that shows in the menu screens and when you pick up new litter reflects how many pieces you have on hand at that moment so if you buy any of the decor items from these vendors before collecting all 130 pieces of litter, it may become difficult to keep track of how many more you need for completion.

    The full collectible guide for all clothing, litter and decor can be found in the Master Decorator trophy_gold.png guide.
  • Collect 25% of decor

  • Collect 50% of decor

  • Collect all decor


    There are 223 pieces of decor to collect in Chicory: A Colorful Tale. You will acquire these items through a couple of means:
    • Perhaps because it is the only item you own at the beginning, your bed in your home in Luncheon counts as a decor item
    • 130 pieces in total will be awarded for finding all lost kittens (See Lost and Found trophy_silver.png).
    • 72 items will be purchased at the three litter exchange vendors (found in Dinners, Tea Time Meadows and at The Feast in Grub Deep) 
    • 10 paintings will be awarded at the Elvensies Master Gallery after you have completed all 20 Art Academy classes (see Graduate trophy_gold.png).
    • Chicory will paint you a portrait in Chapter 3, let you keep a brush flower after the Banquet Rainforest Wielder Trial (SE area of the map between Chapter 6 and 9) and give you a flag at the very end of the story
    • Basil the Hyena in Luncheon will give you three Chicory plants during the mail delivery quests (see Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png).
    • In that same mail delivery quest, Taiyaki the Fox in Brekkie will give you a gaming console
    • Avocado (The snake trying to throw a party on top of one of the tall buildings in Dinners) will give you a couch after you decorate the rooftop
    • Hummus (the grieving Koala in Tea Time Meadows who misses his friend) will give you three Honeysuckle plants after you decorate the grass with flowers.
    • Peppermint (the crazy-eyed bird that follows you everywhere because they are your biggest fan) gives you their reproduction of your self-portrait
    • Radish will let you pick and keep one of their three paintings when you help them arrange the gallery showing (see Cartographer trophy_silver.png).
    • Lastly and most importantly - The only MISSABLE item in the game at the moment: The Family Portrait: Midway through the story or at least once you have collected enough decor through some of the above means, you will get a call at an area phone booth and it will be your Mom. She will tell you to decorate your little house in Luncheon so she can visit. I suggest you drop everything you are doing at that moment and decorate your room straight away. Once you have placed down some floor and wall coverings, a chair or two and some Objects in your room in Luncheon, leave the house and the screen your home is located on and return to the inside of your home again. You should see your Mom inside your home - talk to her and exhaust all dialog and make sure she gives you the Family Portrait before you leave the scene. There is a known bug where if you miss out on talking to your mon when she visits or if you wait too long to decorate for her to come over, you will be locked out of her ever giving you the item. This means you will be forced to start a new game and collect everything (all litter and decor mntioned above) in a second full playthrough of the game.
    Below is a collectible guide in two parts that show how to collect all clothing items, litter and decor for all trophies that are associated with those collections. Please note I show how to collect the first 30 clothing items in better detail in Passion for Fashion trophy_gold.png and a few peices of decor and litter are gathered during the mail delivery quest so see Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png for more detail on those if needed:

  • Discover 50% of Brush Styles

  • Discover all Brush Styles

    There are 25 Brush Styles you can collect in Picnic Province. These are largely found in the jumbo-sized gift boxes found around the map but a few are given by NPCs, such as the Style Maker along Sips River, Kiwi the songbird in Tea Time Meadows, Stevia in Dinners and Dr. Cheese to the left of Brekkie Beach. 

    The first four styles will be given to you at the Art Academy in a Starter Pack during your first class. You will not be able to use any of the styles you find prior to taking your first class at the academy and obtaining this starter pack. Additionally, you will need to find all 25 Brush Styles in order to be allowed to take all 20 Art Academy classes for Graduate trophy_gold.png and the 10 Master Gallery paintings you will need for Master Decorator trophy_gold.png so it is best to knock these 25 items out during or soon after finishing your story playthrough.

    For a full walkthrough of all 25 brush styles and their locations, please see the video below:
  • Return Beans' kids to her

    In Luncheon (the opening area of the game) you will see Beans the cat meowing loudly for her lost children. If you talk to her she will ask you to let her know if you see any of her kids hiding around town. The kittens can be found hidden in trees, bushes and (in a very few instances) under rocks. You will know there is a kitten hidden on the screen because they will meow softly and will shake the tree or bush they are hiding in. Find any 4 Lost Kids for this trophy and the remaining 36 for Lost and Found trophy_silver.png.

    The easiest and quickest way to knock this out is to find the kitten hidden in Luncheon:
    • The first is directly behind Beans' House in a tree
    • The second is in a bush one screen below Beans' House
    • Travel one screen right from Beans' house, one screen up and then one screen right to find a shaking tree on the bottom right side of the screen for the third
    • The fourth and final Lost Kid in Luncheon can be found in a bush in Basil's garden. Basil is the old Hyena who lives three screens up and two screens left from Beans and will be along your path during chapter 2 if you haven't found him earlier 
    Once you return to Beans after finding any 4 of the Lost Kids you will be given a Headband clothing item, the chance to pet a kitty(!) and this trophy.
  • Complete all art classes

    Once you unlock the way into Potluck in Chapter 2, your sister Celmentine and a edgy hamster named Radish will be standing outside the Art Academy. Your sister will invite you in for a class and you will be welcomed by everyone in the class (except for Radish) and every subsequent visit to the Academy will give you the opportunity to continue taking classes.

    When you start your first class, you will be asked what a brush style is (the answer is: It is a preset shape that is for your brush to decorate drawings). Once you pass the quick pop quiz, you will be given the Brush Style Starter Pack with your first 4 brush styles and will be told to paint something that brings you "Joy".

    Every art class can be finished quickly by simply painting whatever you want, but feel free to unleash your creativity because each of your paintings will be posted in high traffic areas of the map and close to transit benches so you will see them from time to time.

    As you collect brush styles throughout the game (see Style Pro trophy_gold.png) you will unlock more classes you can take. Once you complete all 20 classes and finish all 20 paintings, you will be awarded this trophy.

    Make sure to head over to the Elvensies Master Gallery at any point after you graduate in order to pick up the ten Classic Paintings from Marzipan to add them to your Decor collection, and travel to the bottom right side of Sips River to complete Radish's quest when you have the time.
  • Deliver mail for Artichoke

  • Reveal 50% of the map

  • Reveal 100% of the map

    The map to Picnic Province is a 13x15 cell rectangle that will fill in as you gain access to all the screens within the area.  The finished map looks like this:

    The map does not include any underground areas, such as the Wielder Temple and any tunnels or caves. It also does not show most of the extended areas of the Wielder Trials that are located at the four corners of the map. You will fill out more than 50% of the map before you end the story and will likely have close to 90% of the map uncovered without much effort as you gather collectibles and carry out side quests. 

    If you are following the roadmap, you will have already followed the guide showing how to get into the locked area in Tea Time Meadows needed to collect Brush Style #9 (Multi-color) (see Style Pro trophy_gold.png for details) but if you have not and want to knock out this trophy first, below is the code to the door.   

    The path to getting this code is through a sidequest involving Radish, who you first meet at the Art Academy and will need to be completed at some point in order to get a Decor item. Radish's mother, Beetroot, is also a useful resource to find clothing item collectibles that are in small gift boxes throughout the world. You will want to make sure you don't skip visiting their house at the bottom right cell of Sips River leading into Gulp Swamp after you have completed half or more of the Art Classes.

    Here is a link to my capture of that sidequest and the Cartographer trophy if you would like more info: Chicory: A Colorful Tale - Cartographer (Tea Time Meadows Door Code and Radish's story).

    Whether the Tea Time Meadows hidden area is your last cell on the map to uncover or if you reach the final needed cell in any other way, once you reveal all 195 cells of the map, you will receive this trophy.
  • Fill in Gelato's photo gallery

    One screen below the transit bench in Brekkie Beach, there is an old bird named Gelato who lives inside the house on the right of the screen. When you visit him, he will show you 5 old photos of his favorite places in Picnic and will ask you to take new photos to replace the color-wiped gallery.  The five locations will likely be places you recognize already but they are:
    • The front door of City Hall in Dinners (where you get your transit pass)
    • A location in Appie Hills you need to colorbomb rocks on your way to Elevensies
    • the Luncheon screen just to the right of Nibble Tunnel
    • The river in Tea Time Meadows with eleven trees along the banks
    • In front of the Art Academy
    Simply take a picture of each of these cells after you paint a good deal of the screen and return to Gelato for a set of filters for your camera and this trophy.

    Here is a link to my video guide for this task: Chicory: A Colorful Tale - Picture Perfect
  • Solve the mystery of stolen furniture

    High up in the Northwest corner of the map is a building located left of the Dessert Peak Wielder Trial waterfall. This building is a Resort located in a small area called Simmer Springs. If you head inside the building and talk to Butterscotch, a non-descript creature (maybe a chipmunk or other rodent) you will learn that all the furniture has been stolen from the Presidential Suite and the only thing left in the top floor area is a mysterious black mess on the floor.

    You will then be tasked with playing detective throughout the small area looking for other instances of the black substance, taking photos of the clues and interviewing the suspects. Once you have found all four spots, zoomed in and taken a picture of the reticuled mess, talk to Quince the Bat at the resort and give your best guess at whodunit.

    The screens you want to check out are:
    • The top floor of the Simmer Springs Resort to initiate the quest
    • The bottom area behind the resort with the garbage bin and the Dog
    • The bottom of the waterfall where the Frog Detective is relaxing
    • Inside Chili's Cave (the alligator located two screens right of the resort)
    Make sure to talk to Butterscotch and Quince again if you are not given the option to reveal the culprit straightaway. Once the scene plays out and all is revealed, you will receive this trophy.

    Here is my video guide for the trophy: Chicory: A Colorful Tale - Turnabout Squeeze

    Incidentally, during the quest Butterscotch may ask you to decorate the Presidential Suite. There is no need to do this for the quest here nor is there any reward for the decoration quest. I also never had Pistachio appear in the Resort, no matter how many chairs I put down so if you are running low on decor and are afraid of wasting it in Simmer Springs, save it for another location.
  • Solve all of Oats' outfit riddles

    At the Luncheon Cafe, there is a very trendy sheep named Oats who can be found inside the cafe at the beginning of the game but will likely always be sitting outside when you go looking for them.  Oats would like you to show them specific trendsetting outfit combinations that they will give through semi-cryptic clues. Not only will you need to decipher the clothing combos, you will more than likely need to acquire all fourteen pieces by uncovering them in small gift boxes throughout the map.

    The combos are as follow:
    • Beanie and Pocket Jacket
    • "The sun over flowers" - Sunhat and Flower Dress
    • "A howdy to the stars" - Howdy (cowboy hat) and Big Star (t-shirt)
    • "A full moon" - Half Moons and Moon Tee
    • "Clown college" - Clown (face makeup) and College (button-down shirt)
    • "Tough and fancy" - Spike Helmet and Tux
    • "A dinosaur professor" - Rex Head and Scientist (lab coat)
    Each time you bring an outfit to Oats in Luncheon, they will award you with one of seven styles of shades for your clothing collection. Find and show off all 7 outfits and you will receive this trophy.

    See the video below for the location of all fourteen clothing items and the interactions with Oats that will give you the Shades collection and trophy:

Secret trophies

  • Met Chicory!

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will be told to visit Chicory in their room in Wielder Tower at the beginning of Chapter 2 and will be forced to do so to progress the story before the end of the same chapter.
  • Had a conversation with Chicory on the phone!

    Story related, cannot be missed

    Chicory will call you from a payphone before you enter the Wielder Temple in Appie Foothills in Chapter 2.
  • Muse


    Chicory painted you

    Story related, cannot be missed

    Chicory will offer to paint you (and you will need to return the favor) outside of the Wielder Tower in Chapter 3.
  • Met Queen Drosera

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will fulfill this trophy when you visit The Feast in Grub Deep during Chapter 4.
  • Started the Wielder Trials

    Story related, cannot be missed

    By the time you reach Chapter 6, you will be given the option to start any of the four Wielder Trials located at the four corners of the map. Each will be needed to complete the story but they can be done in any order. Each trial will also give you a unique trophy:
    • Dessert Peak (NW) - Platforming and swimming up wall sections high up a mountain that incorporates wind guiding your trajectory and paint bombs in a new way. At the end you will receive Standing on the Mountain Top trophy_bronze.png.
    • Brunch Canyon (NE) - Cliffs, vines, waterways and a veil of mist hide your path with large areas blacked out with a void that will need to be painted to move through quickly and is the only trial that contains a Corruption Boss fight. At the end you will receive Respect trophy_bronze.png.
    • Spoons Island (SW) - A series of puzzles that involve moving platforms in order to connect a circuit from one screen to the next. At the end you will receive More Than Myself trophy_bronze.png.
    • Banquet Rainforest (SE) - Platforming that introduces flowers that can move and elevate to higher levels to transport you to new areas as you gather flowers in the rain. Completing this trial will get you a decor item and Honored History trophy_bronze.png.
    Chicory will explain some of this information to you at the beginning of the chapter. When they have finished the introduction of the trials you will receive this trophy.
  • Sang with Chicory

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The Wielder Trials are four challenges you will need to complete between Chapter 6 and 9, can be done in any order and are located at the 4 corners of the map. See Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png for more details

    When you reach the top of the Dessert Peak Wielder Trial, Chicory will tell you to look out from the cliff. When you do so, a rythym mini-game will begin that will give you a chance to sing a song about self doubt with Chicory. 
  • Planted the Brushflowers

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The Wielder Trials are four challenges you will need to complete between Chapter 6 and 9, can be done in any order and are located at the 4 corners of the map. See Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png for more details.

    For the Banquet Rainforest Wielder Trial, you will be tasked with collecting 4 brush flowers (There are 5 in all to collect and I suggest grabbing all of them in order to have the full amount in your Decor collection) When you finish the trial, you will fulfill this trophy requirement.
  • Painted your wielder self-portrait

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The Wielder Trials are four challenges you will need to complete between Chapter 6 and 9, can be done in any order and are located at the 4 corners of the map. See Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png for more details.

    You will fulfill this trophy's requirements at the end of the Spoon Island Wielder Trial.
  • Shook Chicory's hand

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The Wielder Trials are four challenges you will need to complete between Chapter 6 and 9, can be done in any order and are located at the 4 corners of the map. See Apprenticeship trophy_bronze.png for more details.

    The Brunch Canyon Wielder Trial ends with a Corruption Boss fight. Once you finish the fight, you will speak with Chicory and fulfill this trophy requirement
  • Grew a brush

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy will be fulfilled before the end of the story.
  • Destroyed the Brush.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy will be fulfilled before the end of the story.
  • Find all lost kids

    In Luncheon (the opening area of the game) you will see Beans the cat meowing loudly for her lost children. If you talk to her she will ask you to let her know if you see any of her kids hiding around town. The kittens can be found hidden in trees, bushes and (in a very few instances) under rocks. You will know there is a kitten hidden on the screen because they will meow softly and will shake the tree or bush they are hiding in. Find any 4 Lost Kids for Kitten Caboodle trophy_bronze.png  and the remaining 36 for this trophy.

    Before you set out to find all 40 of the Lost Kids, I would suggest you consider completing the mail delivery quests for Artichoke the Armadillo Postmaster General in Dinners first (see Such Great Heights trophy_silver.png) If you finish delivering the 10 pieces of mail before attempting to find the Lost Kids, Pepper the Skunk and Beans will give you a useful item for your camera that will show how many kittens are still lost in each region of Picnic.

    At the onset, the amount of kittens you will need to find is as follows:
    • 5 in the Northwest Simmer Springs / Dessert Peaks region
    • 6 in the Potluck/Appie Hills/Elvensies region
    • 3 in the Sips River/Spoons Island region
    • 5 in the Dinners and the surface area around Grub Cavern
    • 7 in the Brekkie/Tea Time Meadows region
    • 4 in Luncheon
    • 3 in the Banquest Rainforest region
    • 7 in the Gulp Swamp region
    None of the Lost Kids are found in any underground tunnel, cave or cavern. They will all be fairly visible as you move about the map and none are deep into any of the Wielder Trial areas, though two are quite close to the beginning of the trial areas of the map so you may see them on your way in between Chapters 6 and 9.

    Below is the video showcasing where all 40 Lost Kids are hiding, including a review of the 4 I collected for Kitten Caboodle trophy_bronze.png (and one extra). The end of the video also shows the 130 pieces of decor that are awarded to you by Beans for completing the collection:
  • Delivered all of Artichoke's mail

    Artichoke the armadillo runs the Post Office in Dinners and seems a bit understaffed when you arrive in town. Help the Postmaster out by delivering 5 pieces of mail to get Postal Service trophy_bronze.png, then return to Armadillo for five more pieces of mail for this trophy. 

    I suggest completing this quest early in your post game or somewhere between Chapter 5 and Chapter Nine because there are a number of rewards you will get from finishing these quests. Pepper (your first delivery destination) will join Beans in Luncheon and give you the Lost Kid Tracker for your camera, Armadillo will give you two clothing items and the Mailbag, the Style Maker will give you a Sequins clothing item, Wisteria the Spider will give you three pieces of Litter for your collection, Taiyaki the Fox and Basil the Hyena will give decor rewards and by the end of these quests you will recieve both of these trophies.

    See the video below for where all the mail needs to be delivered and the items you will collect during the quests:

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