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    'Disturb Bloodbolye''s peace at least three times'

    Bloodboyle is the Chief-in-charge at the Clawville P.D. who wasn't supposed to be working New Year's night but due to a certain unruly and sloshed Captain, he's found himself back at the station for the night. If that weren't enough to piss him off, he's also not your biggest fan so seeing you back at the station has 'ruff'led his droopy ears even more. He won't take too kindly to you bothering him but you need to do just that for this trophy so be prepared to get yelled and cursed at a few times. There are a four points in the game where you can disturb Bloodboyle. Make sure you exhaust all the dialogue in at least three of these to unlock the trophy (make sure you talk to him until he starts to repeat his profanities at you so the game registers the interactions properly). The locations are as follows:
    Chapter 1
    Clawville P.D. (Initial Visit): After you get Marty out of the shooting range, Bloodboyle will appear in the lobby. If the "Speak" option isn't immediately available, choose to "Look" at him first, then exhaust all the dialogue.
    Clawville P.D.: After you visit the Weekend House the first time, the Clawville P.D. will open up as a Limited Location. Make sure you visit here before you go to the Hotel Atlas. If the "Speak" option isn't immediately available, choose to "Look" at Bloodboyle first, then exhaust all the dialogue. 
    Chapter 3
    Clawville P.D.: After visiting the Hop-Dog as a 'Main Location', the next Main Location that opens up will be the Clawville P.D.. When you go here, Zipp will be inside, letting you know that you're at the right part. If the "Speak" option is not immediately available, speak with Monica (the receptionist) first, then exhaust all the dialogue with Bloodboyle. 
    Chapter 4
    Wessler's Residency: At the very end of the game, when you've solved the case, Bloodboyle will be standing outside the residence. Exhaust all the dialogue with him.  

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