Lights out Trophy

  • Lights out


    Kill the 2 lights of the enemy car in one of the car chase sequences

    There are two car chase sequences in the game, both of which will give you unlimited tries to get this trophy (so long as you keep dying, of course). The first chase is in Chapter 3 and the second chase is in Chapter 4. Out of the two, I personally found the second sequence to be much easier to get this on as the enemy car swerves much less, giving you a better chance to aim properly (the aiming controls in the game are quite heavy, making manuevering about a bit difficult). You need to shoot out both of the headlights before destroying their car. If you feel like you're doing too much damage to them and not enough bursting of headlights, just let them shoot Marty and after a few rounds of bullets, you'll die and will get a chance to try again. You need to do this before their car pulls up to the side of yours, as it'll be near impossible to shoot the headlights from that angle. 

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