It was her, right?! Trophy

  • It was her, right?!


    Get the secret ending!


    To get the secret ending, you need to collect all 10 of the 'Chicken Police Novels'. Unlike the majority of the other collectibles, you don't need to get these all on one save file. The progress towards collecting these stacks across each save so when you've picked up a book on one, it'll actually disappear from the game should you start a new game (so long as you don't delete the original save file). Because of this, the 'secret ending' will happen on whatever save file you pickup the last book on. For the locations of all 10 books, please see either A real bookworm! trophy_gold.png or True collector trophy_gold.png (both trophies list their locations). The secret ending plays at the very end of the game, after the case has already been solved and everyone went home to have a sad cigarette. 

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