Santino Featherland Trophy

  • Santino Featherland


    Complete all the questionings with "Living Legend" results

    There are a total of 8 Questionings that you'll do in the game. You need to get the "Living Legend" rank on one save file to get the trophy (progress towards this trophy does not stack across save files). To get "Living Legend", you need to remain on topic and successfully get information from the animal being questioned. Each answer gives a different amount of points so you want to go for the most amount of points possible. If you ask a question that gives you a negative score, it's guaranteed you won't get Living Legend and will need to try again. If you don't want to use the question-guide below, you can manually backup your save before each interview starts and if you mess up, just re-download your save file and try again. Otherwise, the answers you need to choose for each questioning are as follows:
    Chapter 1:
    Deborah Ibanez (Hotel Atlas)
    • Who exactly are you, ma'am?  (New Personal Information gained)
    • Tell me which part of the city do you live in? Calavera Hills? Flowerville maybe?
    • Why did you have to visit me on this particular evening?
    • Why did you come to visit me? Why not your employer herself? (New Personal Information gained)
    • What exactly did you expect by coming here to meet me?
    • Are you in some sort of jam?
    • Don't you think this whole thing is a little suspicious?
    • Tell me, Deborah, why should I believe you at all?
    • Be honest and tell me what you are so afraid of? (New Personal Information x3 gained)
    Hobart "Ibn" Wessler (Czar Club)
    • How did you feel when you heard about the blackmail?
    • You seem a very busy man. May I ask what you do? (New Personal Information gained
    • How are your alibis, Mr. Wessler?
    • Were there any similar incidents in Natasha's past?
    • Is everything alright between you and Natasha?
    • The mob boss and the pussycat, eh? How did you even meet? (New Personal Information gained)
    • Do you live in the same house as Natasha?
    • So Natasha feels like she's in grave danger, yet she's still going out alone? 
    Natasha Catzenko (Czar Club)
    • That was a remarkable performance... 
    • The place is very elegant. And so's your room. 
    • Do you think one of your admirers might be behind the threats? 
    • Do you have any material evidence concerning the threats? 
    • What was in those threats exactly? 
    • What about Filmar? Is he here because of you? (New Personal Information gained)
    • A dark shadow from the past? Ex-lover? A husband, maybe?
    • Let's stop beating about the bush. How do you know Molly?
    • You played me from the start, didn't you? 
    Chapter 2
    Madame Zaiwass (The Sweltering Nile)
    • Who is behind the legend, Miss Zaiwass? Who are you, really?
    • Tell me, were you really the king's spy?
    • Why did you decide to open a brothel? (New Codex Entry x2 gained)
    • If I guess who the card belongs to, will you tell me?
    • Why did you take her in? Maybe you saw yourself in Natasha? (New Personal Information gained)
    • Do you know where Natasha came from? Before Clawville? (New Personal Information gained)
    • Have you kept in touch? 
    • When was the last time you saw her Madame Zaiwass?
    • How did you feel when you learned Natasha was going to leave? (New Personal Information gained
    Chapter 3
    Timothy Saltwater (Hop-Dog)
    • So what the hell are you doing around here, Timbo? (New Personal Information gained)
    • And, why were you looking for us here, of all places?
    • Out with it, Tim! Who squawked?
    • What happened to Zipp, Tim? (New Personal Information x2 gained)
    • Working on a new front-page article, eh? 
    • As you're so well informed, Timster. Tell me about Madame Zaiwass...
    • Timbo, you pay attention to everything... Did anyone else come here? 
    • Help your old pals, Tim. What was Zipp doing before they took him away?
    • Zipp was hiding something in the Dog, right? 
    Zipp H. Murphy (Clawville P.D.)
    • Who did you escape from and why here, Zipp?
    • How did you manage to piss off Ibn Wessler? (New Personal Information gained)
    • What did you have to do for Ibn? 
    • So a dead body, huh? But what kind exactly?
    • If they let you out. what do you expect will happen?
    • Why did you keep that wristband?
    • What happened to the body, Zipp?
    • So he wanted to blame it all on the insects? Why would he do that?
    • I'm asking you for the last time... What's the wristband? (New Personal Information x2 gained)
    Chapter 4
    Dr. Sesuuous Quetzacoatl (Insane Asylum)
    • So, when did Albert, become a resident of your institute? 
    • What kind of special treatment did Albert get?
    • How did you see Albert when you first met?
    • Are you telling me Albert had multiple personalities?
    • When and why did Albert leave the institution for the first time? (New Personal Information gained)
    • So Albert had left on many occasions to continue working on the painting? (New Personal Information gained)
    • Maybe it's not easy for you to talk about it but did you examine his wounds thoroughly?
    • Concentrate, doctor! What do you think happened to Albert?
    • What happened then? How did Albert disappear? 
    Wessler (The Wessler Residency)
    • What were you thinking, Albert? How long did you think you could keep it up? 
    • When did you decide to take your brother's place? 
    • Did you ever believe that you were Ibn Wessler? (New Personal Information gained
    • So you feel you're two people at the same time even now?
    • That was your plan? Take his place and live happily ever after?
    • What was the moment you decided to kill him, Albert?
    • Do you think you can explain everything with your insanity?
    • When did you decide that we, too, have to die?
    • Natasha was kind to you, right? Too kind...
    • Maybe it's not too late, Albert. Tell her the truth and end this... (New Personal Information gained)

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