Call Me Number One! Trophy in Chaos Code

  • Call Me Number One!


    Score over 5,000,000 points in STORY MODE at default setting

    How to unlock Call Me Number One!

    You must have the default settings of difficulty 4, 2 rounds, and 99 seconds per match. This is rather tricky because you cannot continue, so you will need to know how to beat Kudlak consistently. You are awarded more points for having high life total (extra bonus for perfects), as well as having a lot of time left on the clock when you win. You also get more points if you do not lose a round (you lose more than you gain from fighting that 3rd round!). Longer combos also help quite a bit, so go ahead and throw out Ultimate Chaos moves with a decent combo length. Winning with Ultimate Chaos moves does not seem to add to the score (winning with Destruction Chaos DOES seem to add to score though, so use those if you can). You will also want to go the Ending B route to have 1 more match to get points in. With the extra match, you will have a total of 9 matches, so you want ~555000 per match. If you fall far short in a couple matches due to losing a round or losing too much life, you may want to restart. With a handful of perfects and overall fairly fast matches, you should have about 5.5 million after beating Kudlak - you don't have a lot of wiggle room on score, sadly.

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