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    50wins in SURVIVAL MODE

    How to unlock Survivor

    This is the hardest trophy in the game. You will need to win all 50 matches of Survival mode in one sitting. At rounds 10 and 30, you will fight Kudlak-Sin. At 20 and 40, you will fight Celia II. At 50, you will fight the boss version of Kudlak. After every match you will regain a small amount of life.

    Obviously you will want to use a character that you are very familiar with, but there's a few general strategies (and some character specific strategies) that you will want to know:

    • Try to master a decent combo that can do ~30% health with no meter use. A longer combo is better, but that depends on your skill and isn't as vital as just being consistent with a weaker combo. Depending on the character, you may want to learn an exceed combo that uses all 3 meters for big damage, but I think that being left without emergency meter in case you don't kill them (or if you drop the combo) is too risky.
    • The computer isn't very good on defense and rarely wakes up with moves, so if you are constantly on the offense, you should be able to keep attacking them with strong combos until they die. In general, any time you knock them down, you can air dash in with a C or D and it will connect most of the time and let you continue with your combo of choice.
    • I played survival very aggressively and was almost always rushing in for combos. Learn how to maintain your pressure vs keeping distance and aggressively countering any time they hit you, and you can keep the ball in your court most of the time. Don't be afraid to burn meter often, you get it back quickly with pressure strings and combos.
    • You can treat survival as 5 sets of 10 matches. In matches 1-5, the computer will usually be very timid and not attack too much, so you can treat these as practice matches and use them for life regain for the harder matches to come. At matches 8-9, the computers start getting very aggressive.
    • Find good reversals to protect yourself when they are attacking you. Your options are a) A+B roll, b) EX special move (one with invulnerability that lets you combo is the best option), or c) wake up Ultimate Chaos. All have their uses, but b generally gets you out of all situations if you have the meter to spare. For example, Celia II's 214PP lets you get a full OTG combo and is fully invincible on startup, so you can use that to get out safely under any pressure.
    • If you manage to launch the computer in the air and they tech, you can throw moves at them as they come down repeatedly for easy damage - for example, Hikaru's 623K rising kick, or Celia II's 623P drill attack. You just need to pay attention and ONLY do these when they tech, and as they are falling. If they tech and air dash to spend more time in the air, or do not tech at all, then you may miss and get punished. This works well on ALL characters except for Kudlak at 50 because he does not air tech (be careful of Hermes, Cerberus, and Catherine, as they can sometimes hit you out of it if your timing is bad). When the opponent does NOT air tech, then wait for them to hit the ground, and air dash in with j.5C and hope it connects so that you can combo them and start the process over.

    Character specific strategies (specific to if the character is at the 6-9th match):

    • vs Hermes - when you are ~1/2 screen away, she can destroy you with pressure. You can either play against her at long range with projectiles, or at close range (but be careful because she likes to throw wake up UC moves or UC moves if you leave a hole in your offense). Either way, do anything you can not to let her hold that 1/2 screen range on you, including wasting meter just to knock her away.
    • vs Bravo - he is slow and rarely jumps, so you can play a projectile game against him if you just want to play it safe. Be very careful about getting close without a solid offense, because his UC grabs are very painful.
    • vs Cerberus, Kagari, Vein - these characters have very tricky offenses with warps. Vs Cerberus you can play a full screen projectile game, but either way, you will want to be defensive here. If you go on the offense and they block too much, back off and let them come to you, then use your reversal to turn it back around.
    • vs Rui - she likes to jump a lot, so prepare your anti-air moves for her. Unlike other characters, she tends to air tech a lot even at lower match numbers, so you can just get her into the corner and kill her that way.
    • vs Kudlak-Sin - unlike Kudlak, Kudlak-Sin's offense is a lot more holey and easier to punish. Air tech chains work very well here, especially because his life is so low.
    • vs Celia II - she's very aggressive, so always have your reversal on hand. Against her, it's almost ok to just throw your reversal move any time she's at 1/2 screen distance or closer, because she will always come rushing in. At full screen she will always throw her projectile once or twice before running in to attack.
    • vs Kudlak - any time you let him get some distance on you, you're in trouble. Abuse A+B rolls, moves with long travel distance (such as Hikaru's 236+strong P dash punch or Celia II's 623+strong P drill), or projectile UCs to get in close, interrupt his moves, and let you get offense. Once you are up close, keep the pressure on and it should be an easy win, but he won't let you get there easily.

    The best character to use for this is simply one you know best. With that in mind, any character can do well here, but for the sake of advice, I used Celia II. She has a GREAT reversal with 214PP that lets you combo afterwards, she has an ok projectile with 236P, and 214K is a great general purpose reversal with complete invincibility and projectile reflection. Her 623P travels half or full screen depending on strength, and a counter hit floats the opponent for a full combo. It's actually worth the risk to randomly throw out 623P and fish for counters against some people, because the computer rarely blocks it. Also, her 236236P is a full screen laser that excels at dealing some easy damage when you're across the screen from them.

    Her BnB combos require 50% meter to do, but she gains meter quickly enough that it was never a problem. The BnB combo I used (a bit advanced) is:

    A B C 6A (3hit) 214PP (small dash if you need) 2A (delay) 5C superjump j.5B (delay) j.5C (delay) j.5D land 5C superjump j.5A j.5C j.5D j.623P
    - (delay) means wait a bit before inputting the next move

    If you can't do that regularly, try this easier version:

    A B C 6A (3hit) 214PP (small dash if you need) 2A 5C superjump j.5B j.5C j.5D j.623P

    On full connect both versions will get you back the 50% meter and more, so you can use whichever. They also leave the opponent launched in the corner, so you can connect with 623Ps if they tech as they are falling for extra damage and stun.

    For her extra moves, I used the 214KK 236KK teleport and the 214214P Ultimate Chaos. With this UC move, when I was being comboed in the corner, I would use this combo for a hard knockdown to let me get back on the offense:

    214PP dash 2A 214214P (costs 150% meter, but is well worth it because you will be sitting at a full 300% very frequently)

    Good luck, you'll need it!

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