Cel Damage HD Trophies

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16 trophies ( 15  )

  • Win all levels in all modes

  • Win any level

  • Win all levels in Smack Attack mode

  • Win all levels in Gate Relay mode

  • Win all levels in Flag Rally mode

  • Win 12 different matches with a single character

  • Earn a first place finish in each Desert level in Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally modes

  • Earn double smacks by damaging an opponent in Smack Attack while powersliding with the brake

  • Earn 10 boosts in one match by completing forward flips with the right stick

  • Complete 10 sideways dodges in one match by using the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

  • Flatten 3 opponents in one Gate Relay race by dodging into them with the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

  • Win Smack Attack while getting points from at least 10 different weapons

  • Win Smack Attack while using only your character's favorite weapon

  • Win Gate Relay having used turbo boost 20 times

  • Win Flag Rally with at least two captures of 3 or more flags at a time

  • In Death Valley, drop the 100 tonne weight on an opponent by shooting the nearby target with your Basic Attack

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Cel Damage HD Trophies FAQ

  • How many Cel Damage HD trophies are there?
    There are 16 Trophies to unlock in Cel Damage HD. Of these trophies, 1 Gold, 15 Bronze.

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