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    Complete all the trials for Chapter XIV

    How to unlock Trials - Chapter XIV

    With there being only 2 levels in this DLC Chapter, there are only 2 trials to complete. Below is a detail on each trial, a brief summary of how to obtain it, and a video to help you courtesy of Youtube user On3ManCr3w

    Trial 1 : Chapter 14-1 - Defeat the Forgotten One after absorbing 100 Neutral Elemental Orbs during the fight against him.

    This fight is tricky, and you must stay on your toes to defeat the Forgotten One. You must be able to raise your Focus Meter until it is full and remain unhit while attacking the Forgotten One to have him drop Neutral Elemental Orbs. On Paladin this can be quite difficult as it takes longer for your Focus Meter to fill up. Either way, stay on the move, get a quick combo in where you can, keep an eye out for his ground stomp and jump in the air when you see it coming. Make sure you collect the Neutral Elemental Orbs by holding down and/or before they disappear and sustain your attack and evade strategy until you have collected at least 100 Orbs - now defeat him and go on to complete the level to complete this trial.

    TIP: It is significantly more tricky to sustain a combo and therefore get Orbs from the Forgotten One after Round 1 of this fight, so purposefully fail to deflect the energy attack which leads you on to Round 2 and keep attacking and failing the QTE until you reach 100 Orbs. Thanks to Turbo Squirrel for the tip

    Here is a video showing how it is done :

    Trial 2 : Chapter 14-2 - Finish the level after destroying all the Flaming Skeleton Warriors

    There are 16 Flaming Skeleton Warriors all located in the same place on this level and they spawn in groups of 4. You can immediately dispose of a group of them by using a Dark Crystal to instantly kill them, very handy if you are on Paladin difficulty. The same strategies that applied to the original game Skeleton enemies apply here, try to counter their attacks in good time and unleash heavy combo's to break down their shields. Similarly, don't forget about their ability to reform once you have beaten them once if you do not finish them off with a ground attack. If this is too much of a challenge and you keep getting killed, don't forget you can knock the difficulty down to something more manageable - just remember not to do this on your Paladin playthrough. Once you have killed all 16 of these enemies, continue on to the end of the level.

    Here is a video showing how this can be done :

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