Trials – Chapter XI Trophy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Trials – Chapter XI


    Complete all the trials for Chapter XI

    How to unlock Trials – Chapter XI

    Necromancer’s Abyss

    Kill 60 Reapers: When you get to the 2nd portal you should fight 8. After that you should fight again, total is now 18. Kill the 1st necromancer and take the right mirror, more reapers, 21 now. The mirror after you go into the right now should have a lot of reapers, 41 now. Take the left mirror in the area where you fought the 1st necromancer. Go right and swing, go down the cliff to fight more, 44 now. Then go left, into the portal, swing, into more reapers, 56 now. When you fight the 2nd necromancer he will summon some reapers, kill them for the trial, I got 61.

    The Dracolich

    Destroy the dracolich in 5:00 minutes: The second the fight starts, use a dark crystal and his health will plummet. Climb him and do everything as fast as you can, always press while on a ledge to shimmy faster, while standing also press as you will jump around. Note: The timer is still running during the first cutscene with him because you can't skip it, do the QTE and climb around him as fast as you can. Break the rune and skip the next cutscenes. Quickly jump into his mouth and destroy the last rune.

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  • Don't get to excited with the 2nd necromancer. I noticed that once you bring his life down to 50% he stops summoning reapers. I ran around for the longest time hoping that he would but he just kept summoning zombies.
  • He is only supposed to summon five. No more than that.
  • For me, he summoned 2 groups of 5. And for the matter of health, yes, he only does it at the very start, I don't know exactly how much healt it is. And more yet, I almost killed him the first time and waited him to summon the reapers, and not only he doesn't summon reapers, but with low health (almost zero) he doesn't even summon zombies.

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