Trials – Chapter VII Trophy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Trials – Chapter VII


    Complete all the trials for Chapter VII

    How to unlock Trials – Chapter VII


    Logic Gate in 7 moves: Drop the ball on left 1 time, in the center 5 times, then on the right once.

    Electric Laboratory

    Destroy the machine using only the tesla coil: Lower his health normally at the start of the fight then an event will trigger. He will go over to the big machine in the middle and regain health, a yellow button is now powered for you to use. DO NOT HIT HIM AT ALL, you have to get him in the middle of the machine then press - to hit the button on the ground to activate the coil. A good way of getting him on the machine then quickly getting over to the button is dodging him. Get him on the machine with your back to the electric wall. Hold then PRESS to jump over him when he attacks, do not hold as this will trigger a different move. Be sure to wait a split second before he attacks as if you do it too early he will turn while attacking as you jump over him. Repeat this 3 times to win.

    Chromatic Observatory

    Kill the 10 toys using normal hits: This basically means kill the toys normally without finishing them off by pressing . Magic is your best friend during this, as the area is a bit small and they like to jump around a lot. Using Final Light, Final Shadow and a dark crystal will really make this trial easier for you. Once you have killed 10 of them, you can begin pressing when they are stunned to fully kill them.

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