-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.56
-Offline: 43(22,17,2, 1)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to : 20-30
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3
-Number of missable trophies:None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: YES

Step 1: The Road to Paladin (With some Trials along the way)

Start the game on Easy if you want, I personally recommend starting on hard to prepare yourself for Paladin. There are 4 different difficulties and as far as I know, the only thing they change is how much damage the enemies do. The difficulties are Esquire (Easy), Warrior (Normal), Knight (Hard) and Paladin (Very Hard). You have to beat the game once in order to unlock Paladin, this can be done on any difficulty.

Each level finishes with an overview on what you did. You will see what and how many enemies you killed, how many gems you got, what upgrade you got and a trial completion (or unlock). You will have the option to buy new combos or just move on to the next level. You can always go back to any level you wish to farm EXP or pick up whatever you miss; take your time and learn the game, you'll need it. If you're ever having trouble with a level, go back to previous levels to farm for more EXP to buy more combos, or simply lower the difficulty level. You can use the Gem Guide below if you wish to get them now.

Each and every level has trials, special things you need to do to get that shiny trophy. Some are easier then others, so do what you can now; you can always come back later to do the harder ones when you're better at the game.

Note about trials: They are ONLY unlocked after you beat the level, only then can you go back and fulfill its requirements. Doing the trial your first time through the level won't get you anything.

New Game+ Info: Once you have beaten the game, you do not start a new game, you keep all of your stuff and now have access to Paladin difficulty. You HAVE to go back and replay each and every level on Paladin difficulty.

Step 2: Paladin Mode, Gems, Upgrades and Trials

Once you have beaten the game, Paladin Mode will unlock. You'll most likely not have all the gems and definitely not all the upgrades. Each level has a overview page where you can check what difficulty you beat it at at the top of the book page, i.e. if you beat the game on Hard, then you should have 3 checks for the skulls, with the 4th being blank. Go into the Configuration menu and change the difficulty to Paladin. When you beat a level on Paladin, you'll see a 4th check next to the last skull. Changing difficulty mid-level doesn't do anything, if you started on Esquire and switched to Paladin, the game will still count it as Esquire. Starting on Paladin then switching to Esquire, won't get you anything.

Use this guide: (Guide to Gems and Upgrades). Trial Guide located below.

Extra Info

Each level has a percentage attached to it when you beat it. The most you can get on your 1st playthrough is 100%, the highest it goes is 110%. Beating the level on Paladin will net you the extra 10%. Travel Scrolls do NOT add up to the percentage. Trials are required for a majority of the trophies and 110%.

Puzzles: Just unlock the answer, you will usually find a dead glowing body near the puzzle. Go to that certain body and you will get a scroll, it will usually go like "Been stuck for x amount of time, I think I have an idea how to solve this complex impossible puzzle. Damn it to hell, what could it be..." Then you will have the option to immediately solve the puzzle. Most of them aren't that hard, and the unlock scroll can be really helpful if you're really that stumped. Great for the statue puzzle in the garden maze, the ball logic puzzle and the eclipse puzzle.


If you have ever played God of War, then Castlevania isn't anything revolutionary to you. You have Collectibles (Light Gems, Shadow Gems, Health Gems) and Subweapons (Crystal, Holy Water, Dagger and Faeries) to find along the way. You upgrade your main weapon, the Combat Cross, as you progress through the story. The Combat Cross is a metal cross that has a very long chain-whip inside of it. You will use this weapon to crucify, swing, open and whip your way through the game.

You will gain special items called Relics that you give you special abilites, like the ability to sprint or double jump. You also gain the ability of Light Magic and Shadow Magic, each with their own set of combos and benefits. Light lets you regain health as you attack enemies while Shadow does more damage to them.

The game is composed of 12 chapters, some being longer or shorter than others, and after a level is beaten, you can go back to it to replay it to get missed items, beat a trial or for fun. This game also has special trials for each and every level. They range from "Don't get hit by X while Y is doing Z" to "Beat this puzzle in 2:00 minutes".

The game also has a counter system that can mean life or death if you mess up during it. Time your block right when an enemy attacks you and you can counter them with a combo, on the bottom of your screen you will see a meter called the focus meter, this will fill up quickly as you attack enemies with combos and counter a lot WITHOUT GETTING HIT. When the meter is full, enemies will begin to drop alot of neutral energy orbs, which are absorbed to fill your Light Magic or Shadow Magic meters.

Always counter, as this fills up you focus meter very quickly.

Buy Final Light as soon as you can. It's an amazing ability that heals, uses little magic and does lots of damage.

The best time to farm for EXP is when the game asks you to mount an enemy. Ignore what the game wants you to do and just kill the monster; the monster will keep spawning for easy EXP. Another good place is farm EXP is Chapter XII, just use Final Light and Final Shadow to easily beat the level, you'll get 5000 points for this.

Use your items - your dark crystal is a one-hit kill for most things and holy water is a great weapon against certain monsters, using it while in Light mode also gives you a temporary shield.

The best place to replenish on items, health and magic is Chapter 10, Level 3.

Faeries can really come in handy when being overwhelmed; use them to distract and stun the enemies.

Once you get a gem or upgrade in a level, you can quit that level and move on. Go to a checkpoint or die, then check the world map to see if it counted. If it did, you can safely leave without having to worry if the gem or upgrade was saved or not. Perfect for situations where you missed something and know where it is, but don't want to finish the level.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Jack For This Roadmap]


Reverie DLC


-Estimated trophy difficulty:
-Offline: 6 (2, 4)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to complete: 2-3 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 on Paladin, 1 for Trials)
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: YES
-Do difficulty trophies stack?: YES, beat on Paladin and all lower difficulties will be unlocked.


The Road to Paladin/Fingers & Trials:
First finish the levels on Paladin and collect the fingers of Frankenstein along the way.
Second playthrough change the difficulty to either Squire or Warrior and complete the trials. Please note that for the requirements for the Trials if you fail simply press the button and restart from last checkpoint > this way you dont have replay the whole level. Keep in mind that you must complete the game first before being able to play the DLC.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank StarGate55555 For This DLC Roadmap]


Resurrection DLC


-Estimated trophy difficulty:
-Offline: 5, 2-, 3-
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to complete: 3 hours approx
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes
-Do difficulty trophies stack?: Yes. Unlock Paladin difficulty by beating the DLC on any other difficulty.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow : Resurrection DLC is the second extra chapter available for the original Castlevania Lords of Shadow game and follows on from events of the first DLC, Reverie. Trophies are all story based with the exception of the Trials, which can be attempted only after that chapter's level has been beaten once already on any difficulty. It's worth noting that you can NOT play the DLC chapters until you have completed the original game, so if you have not done so, you will need to do this before you can play the DLC chapters.


Step 1 - Playthrough

As difficulty trophies stack, completing Chapter XIV on Paladin difficulty will unlock every other difficulty related trophy. Paladin can only be unlocked by completing the entire game (the original, not the DLC) on any other difficulty, so you can choose Squire difficulty if you wish. Complete the game start to finish and move on to Step 2 if you have not done so already.

Step 2 - Paladin Playthrough

With Paladin difficulty now unlocked, you can obtain the trophy "Epic victory - Chapter XIV" and any other difficulty trophies on any other difficulties you have yet to complete thanks to the trophy stacking.

Step 3 - Trials

Trials can only be attempted only after the level to which the trial applies has been completed on any difficulty at least once. As you have now unlocked all difficulty related trophies, feel free to knock the difficulty level down to make things a little less hectic as you go back to complete the trials.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank smartbomb For This DLC Roadmap]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

54 trophies ( 25  26  25  )

  • Complete all the trials

    After beating each level, you unlock a special trial for that level. They can be done on any difficulty. Beat all of them to unlock this trophy.

  • Gather all 30 Shadow gems

    See Master Jeweler

  • Gather all 30 Light gems

    See Master Jeweler

  • Gather all the 30 Life gems

    See Master Jeweler

  • Gather all hidden magic gems

    Each level will have special gems that you can collect to increase your Health Bar and Light/Shadow magic bars. Use this guide to help you find them.

  • Buy all the extra artwork

    Beating each level and chapter unlocks artwork in the Extras menu. You still need to buy each and every piece, though. You will need a total of 2395 EXP points to buy all of the art.

  • Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty

    See Epic Victory

  • Gest


    Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty

    See Epic Victory

  • Finish all levels in Knight difficulty

    See Epic Victory

  • Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty

    The trophies stack, i.e. beat the game on Hard and you'll get the Normal and Easy trophies. You will need to beat the game once to unlock Paladin, this can be done on any difficulty. After unlocking, change the difficulty to Paladin then beat every level. You will know you've beaten it on Paladin when at the end of a level you'll see 4 check marks next to all the skulls at the top of the page.

    Changing to a higher difficulty mid-level won't give you credit for finishing at that difficulty. You only get credit for the lowest difficulty you played during the level. Starting on Knight and changing it to Paladin will only count as Knight.

  • Buy a combo

    You will do this in the tutorial, simply buy a combo.

  • Buy 15 combos

    You will get this as you progress through the game.

  • Buy all combos

    You need to buy all relic combos, magic combos and whatever combos can be upgraded. If you need any extra EXP, playing the last few chapters will net you a lot of EXP.

  • Acquire 1000 experience points

    See Veteran

  • Acquire 20000 experience points

    See Veteran

  • Acquire 100000 experience points

    This trophy is cumulative. It will come naturally. You will get this trophy usually somewhere in the beginning of your New Game+ Playthrough. Anywhere between the end of the your first playthrough and beginning of your 2nd playthrough the trophy will pop.

  • Find all the secret Brotherhood arks

    The Brotherhood arks are the big blue glowing chests that increase the inventory space for your weapons. Use this guide to help you find them.

  • Get 110% completion rate in all levels

    For each level, you must get all gems, weapon upgrades, beat it on Paladin and beat the trial to get the full 110%. If you're on Knight difficulty and you get everything in a level, you will only have 100%. Be sure to beat the level on Paladin to get the last 10%. Travel scrolls and completing puzzles do not contribute to the percentage.


Secret trophies

  • Unlock all trophies

  • Defeat the Ice Titan

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Get the Dark Gauntlet

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Acquire the power of the first Dark Lord

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Kill the Crow Witch

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Gain access to the Vampire Castle

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Leave the Refectory with the Butcher's key

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Survive the encounter with Laura

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Acquire the power of the second Dark Lord

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Persuade Baba Yaga to open a portal to the Necromancer area

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Vanquish the Gravedigger

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Acquire the power of the third Dark Lord

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Defeat Satan and save the world

    Story-related trophy, can not be missed.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter I

    Besieged Village

    Defend the villagers: This is the easiest trial in the game, just stay near the Warg and he won't even look at the villagers.

    Hunting Path

    Don't heal yourself: No light magic and no drinking from the green health fountain.

    The Dead Bog

    50 Goblins: There is a part where you have to throw the goblin's grenades at a tree to use it as a bridge. Don't throw any grenades, the goblins will continue to spawn to be slain by you.

    Pan’s Temple

    Pan's puzzle: Turn the Largest and Smallest circles twice Clockwise, and turn the Middle one Clockwise once.

    Oblivion Lake

    Ice Titan in 1:30: You will need a Dark Crystal for this one. Run straight up to the Titan and use the crystal. His health will plummet, now every rune on him will break in one hit. Climb as fast as you can, make no mistakes and the Trial is yours. Never stop moving.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter II

    Enchanted Forest

    30 Goblins with their own grenades: There will be a part where you have to throw the goblin grenades at a big wooden door to break it. Just press to throw your whip at a goblin, you will grab them, point the analog stick in any direction and complete the QTE. Gabriel will throw them and they'll run around as time bombs.

    Underground Caves

    Spider Venom: To get yourself poisoned, attack the spider while it's blocking, it will preform an unblockable attack on you and poison you. While poisoned, attack the spider and kill it to get your 1st kill. There is no set way to MAKE them block, you just have to hope, restart your checkpoint if you mess up. Another way of getting poisoned is standing in front of it while blocking, it'll jump away sometimes, just dodge roll to it and should jump on you, purposely fail the button mashing sequence and you should be poisoned. At the 2nd encounter, there will be lycans running around. Get poisoned and kill the lycans, then the spider. Moving on you will find a group of goblins and you will use their grenades to blow up a door, do not kill these goblins. Blow up the door and the get the key, when you come back you'll find a spider waiting for you, get poisoned and kill everyone. If you still don't have it, there is another spider you can kill.

    Strategy 2: When you meet the 2nd group of enemies (the lycans and the spider), kill the lycans but leave the spider alive. Move on through the stage till you hit a checkpoint - restart your checkpoint and go back. The group of enemies will be back and you'll have kept your progress with the trial. Rinse and repeat until you get it.

    Labyrinth Entrance

    5 Warthogs: When the pigs get stunned and you have to mount them, don't. Just keep attacking and they'll die, another pig will then come out. Rinse and repeat this for 5 dead warthogs.

    Waterfalls of Agharta

    20 Trolls: You will fight a Big Troll and be forced to mount him. Try and ignore the little tiny trolls and focus on the big guy, once you stun him, mount him, and go trolling.


    No shadow magic: Don't use any, simple.

    Dark Dungeon

    No gripping the gremlins: Gremlins are the annoying flying red guys that spit fire at you, you have to get through the level without grabbing any of them with the button.

    Sanctuary Entrance

    20 Neutral Orbs: There will be two parts where you fight 3 large lycans - that's two chances to get this. Focus block every attack and keep your focus meter full, when you feel there are enough orbs in the air, absorb them and be rewarded with a finished trial. You will also fight a big troll that you will need to mount, it's pretty big and slow, focus counter against him to get the orbs if the 3 lycans are too much for you.

    Sanctuary of Titans

    Titan in 2:00: You will need a Dark Crystal for this one. Run straight up to the titan and use the crystal, then run away. Her health will plummet, now every rune on her will break in one hit. Climb as fast as you can, make no mistakes and the Trial is yours. Never stop moving.

    The Black Knight

    No light magic: Counter frequently and use your shadow magic.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter III

    The Three Towers

    Kill enemies that are dazed by faeries: Use the dark gauntlet and attack the pillar. Move on and you'll fight a couple of lycans, kill them and go into the big area. You will be attacked by lycans, just fight through until you notice these green little bugs flying around, these are faeries. STOP ATTACKING, you will notice that the faeries are keeping the lycans stationary by distracting and dizzying them, when you see a lycan standing still looking up with green sparkles around his head, kill him. Repeat this for every lycan you see that is dazed.


    Defeat the Lycan Lord with No Light Magic: His 1st form is probably his hardest, learn his moves and counter, absorb them into your shadow meter as much as possible. Once beaten, he'll transform into his 2nd form, this form is much easier to counter. Use your shadow magic meter and pound away. Dodge and jump often as he has a ground shockwave attack. Using the Volcano Shadow magic move against him works well when he's knocked down.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter IV

    Mountain Fortress
    Kill the ogre without getting hit: This one is pretty annoying. Stay as far away from his hand at the start of the encounter as possible, he will try to grab you and that'll result in a failed trial. Once you start the full fight, watch his hands, left hand equals run to the right as fast as possible, right means run left. Do not stay close to him, his elbow will clip you and hurt you. Do the QTE once he has low enough health or use this moment to stock up on orbs if you want that's to the left of the bridge. Be very careful when you have fully blinded him, he will start slamming down with open palms. Use Shadow magic to help you lower his health.

    The Crow Witch

    The Crow Witch's Children: You have to kill the crow witch without killing no more than two of her children. As the fight starts off, the game will focus on the witch as she coughs up the eggs. You CAN NOT let no more then TWO eggs hit the ground, any more then two will result in a failed trial. When she starts coughing them up, starting mashing and spinning the left analog stick, do not stop this until she is dazed. Do the QTE while she is dazed to move on. Now you will have one or two children to fight, no matter what you will have to kill them, the Crow Witch circles around endlessly if you don't kill the kids. Remember, no more then one or two should be killed. Do the egg tossing QTE again and you should be in the clear as long as no eggs hit the ground.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter V

    Veros Woods

    Get your stuff back from the chupacabra in under 3:00: Once the little bastard has taken your stuff, ignore all the enemies and just keep running forward. You'll hit an area with a big wooden door where you'll need a warthog to bust through. Once you're done with that, run to the cliffside and climb as fast as you can. You'll see it staying by a cave entrance, USE A FAERIE, this will distract you allowing you to get your equipment back. Do this in under 3:00 and you're set.

    Wygol Village

    Don't let Zobek kill anything: This is a pretty easy trial as Zobek barely does any damage at all. If anything, make sure Zobek doesn't steal a kill while you attack the ghouls. The level itself is really short, so this is pretty easy.

    Abbey Catacombs

    Don't let Zobek get downed: By "fall in combat" they mean don't let the enemies pound on him for too long or he'll drop to his knees in despair. Only time to worry about this is when you ask him to hold the crowbar while you do the puzzle, if you don't go straight to the exit, he'll be attacked by the group of enemies and will drop.

    Abbey Library

    Light Mirror Puzzle in 2:30: At the start of the stage you'll fight two big possessed sets of armour, use this fight to completely fill up your Light and Shadow meter, you'll need it. After the fight, you'll drop down and start the puzzle.

    It'll take you a few tries to get it down quickly, go through the 1st area with bookcases. Once you are the 2nd area this is where it counts. Use a holy water against the gremlins as they like to gang up on you and it'll kill them all quickly, do the puzzle here, then sprint over to the next part.

    Move onto the 3rd area with the long hallway and go into Shadow mode. Use the powered up gauntlet twice on the 1st mirror you see, it should be at the end, deactivate shadow mode. Hit the mirror one last time to set it place, now go over to it and turn it so it is facing northeast. To your right should be a crumbling wall, go into Shadow mode (you should have enough left if your meter is long enough) and bust through the wall. Run over to the 2nd wall and bust through that. Run back into the room and run over to the last mirror. A set of armour will be summoned. Go into Light mode and use the final attack by holding , this will quickly take out the monster. Now run over to the mirror, punch it into place and finish the puzzle.

    Abbey Tower

    100 Objects in 1:00: Now you will need to destroy everything in your path as fast as possible. Soon as the timer starts, go to your left and destroy what's there, continue to the right, destroying along the way. Ignore the enemies and move on, when you reach the corridor, turn around and destroy what's there. Be on the lookout for barrels, wagons and boxes. When you reach the bridge part, you can do the button mashing sequence or double jump over there. When there you will swarmed by gremlins, use a holy water to take them out. Be sure to destroy everything here. Open the gate and you should only need a few more; there are a couple of objects here. You can also go right of where the gate is and double jump over to the next area.


    Hit Brauner 4 times with his own sword in a row: Pretty easy, Brauner will throw his weapon at you, time your to catch it and throw it back at him. Don't hurt him at all or else the trial will go back to 0, just wait him out and he'll throw it again.

    Castle Sewers

    Kill the 3 skeletons without breaking their shields: These skeletons like to block, don't attack them while they are blocking, this will only hurt their shields and they will break if you continue. Counter a lot to stun them, use holy water and faeries.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter VI

    Castle Courtyard

    Kill 3 skeleton warriors while on a warg: At the start of the level, you will fight 3 skeleton warriors, avoid them for a little and you will see a scene with vampires opening up a gate with a warg running out of it. Stun the warg and mount him, then kill the skeletons.

    Maze Gardens

    15 Mandragoras in 15 Seconds: Use holy water for this one. This might take a little bit of luck, progress through the level until you get to the spider. Here is where I fought alot of mandragoras, just throw around some holy water and you should get it.

    Castle Hall

    Win the Vampire Wargame without losing more than 3 pieces: I personally had some trouble with this one. The key to winning the game is destroying Laura's 2 sorcerers; you have to keep yours as well, as the sorcerers are very powerful. Be sure you know the power of your pieces, vampires deal little damage against other vampires but are good against werewolves and sorcerers. Werewolves are strong against all types and have little health, but can move two spaces. Sorcerers can summon zombies which is great for distracting the AI as Laura will always go for the zombie instead of anyone else. A sorcerer can also attack from two tiles away.

    Use the right pieces and be sure to know when to summon a zombie as they are great for drawing fire away from your pieces. This takes a little bit of luck as the wheel can really save your life sometimes by landing on monsters the AI doesn't have.


    The butcher must use 15 objects: This is merely a survival trial. Throughout the fight the butcher will run over to different parts of the kitchen to use certain items, he will throw butcher knives at you which are easy to dodge, eat a chicken leg to regain health then throw it, or drink a pot of liquid to breath fire. Avoid him and attack from time to time, sooner or later he will have used 15 objects, then just kill him.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter VII


    Logic Gate in 7 moves: Drop the ball on left 1 time, in the center 5 times, then on the right once.

    Electric Laboratory

    Destroy the machine using only the tesla coil: Lower his health normally at the start of the fight then an event will trigger. He will go over to the big machine in the middle and regain health, a yellow button is now powered for you to use. DO NOT HIT HIM AT ALL, you have to get him in the middle of the machine then press - to hit the button on the ground to activate the coil. A good way of getting him on the machine then quickly getting over to the button is dodging him. Get him on the machine with your back to the electric wall. Hold then PRESS to jump over him when he attacks, do not hold as this will trigger a different move. Be sure to wait a split second before he attacks as if you do it too early he will turn while attacking as you jump over him. Repeat this 3 times to win.

    Chromatic Observatory

    Kill the 10 toys using normal hits: This basically means kill the toys normally without finishing them off by pressing . Magic is your best friend during this, as the area is a bit small and they like to jump around a lot. Using Final Light, Final Shadow and a dark crystal will really make this trial easier for you. Once you have killed 10 of them, you can begin pressing when they are stunned to fully kill them.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter VIII

    Outer Wall

    Kill 10 gremlins using only your silver daggers: You'll need quite a few daggers for this one. There will be a part where you have to turn a switch to move a gate. Here you will be swarmed by flying gremlins, charge up your daggers by holding then let go, this should kill a few, repeat this for all the enemies. If you need daggers during this, they will drop some.

    The Clockwork Tower

    Beat the level in 5:00 Minutes: Get to the top as fast as you can. This one really isn't all that hard, I made a few mistakes and even stopped to pick up a gem and I had some time left over. When you get to the spider, just use a dark crystal or Final Light to kill him quickly.


    Keep the focus meter full for 60 seconds: Counter Olrox to get the meter full. Now just hit and run for 60 seconds. Dodge as often as you can and make sure to keep a good distance away from him, as he will randomly jump on you to suck your blood and this ruin your focus meter.

    Throne Room

    The Shadow Lord kills 10 of her own vampires: Do not kill any of the vampires as you will need the Shadow Lord to kill them instead. A great way of keeping them together is using -, this will hurt the vampires around you then bring them together at the last part of the combo, you can keep doing this to group them up in one spot. When the Shadow Lord attacks, just run back and the attack should kill all the vampies, rinse and repeat.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter IX

    Bones Forest

    Don't get grabbed by the headless corpses and kill 10: In the 1st area you will fight a few, but it will not be enough for the trial. Use holy waters and the zombies will instantly pop out of the ground will no health, use your grip to kill them. Move on and you'll come across a chasm that you have to jump over, sprint then double jump over to the area above the cave you have to go in, you will be trapped and have to fight more zombies, this is where you'll get the rest of the zombies for the trial.

    Woes Moor

    Scare the crows only 13 times:

    • scare 1st flock 2 times - scarecrow battle

    • scare 1st flock once - another flock appears

    • scare 1st flock again

    • unblock passage to 2nd flock

    • scare 2nd flock 5 times - scarecrow battle

    • 2nd flock moved behind the shed - scare them 2 times

    • unblock entrance to shed on the south - 3rd flock appears

    • scare 3rd flock 2 times - last scarecrow battle

    (Strategy by eightbitartist)

    You should complete the trial with 0 scares left.

    Warning: Try and not fight near the crows, there is a chance you could hit the post and scare them.

    The Music Box

    Beat the music box without getting hurt: Pretty self-explanatory, be careful.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter X

    Titan Graveyard

    Accumulate 100 points of poison: Just jump into the water and let the counter go up to 100, make sure you have enough health to survive this.

    Fire Pinnacle

    Don't let Pan Heal: Pretty easy trial, use Final Light on him when he is Red and use Final Shadow on him when he is Blue. Make sure you don't get hit by the opposite colour or else the trial will fail.

    Fire Cemetery

    20 zombies in the air: At the end of the stage you will encounter a very large number of zombies. Let them group around you, go into Shadow mode, --

    Crematory Oven

    15 creeping corpses: The gravedigger will dig into the ground and bring up 3 creeping corpses for you to kill. Wait for him to do this enough times for the trial then kill him normally.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter XI

    Necromancer’s Abyss

    Kill 60 Reapers: When you get to the 2nd portal you should fight 8. After that you should fight again, total is now 18. Kill the 1st necromancer and take the right mirror, more reapers, 21 now. The mirror after you go into the right now should have a lot of reapers, 41 now. Take the left mirror in the area where you fought the 1st necromancer. Go right and swing, go down the cliff to fight more, 44 now. Then go left, into the portal, swing, into more reapers, 56 now. When you fight the 2nd necromancer he will summon some reapers, kill them for the trial, I got 61.

    The Dracolich

    Destroy the dracolich in 5:00 minutes: The second the fight starts, use a dark crystal and his health will plummet. Climb him and do everything as fast as you can, always press while on a ledge to shimmy faster, while standing also press as you will jump around. Note: The timer is still running during the first cutscene with him because you can't skip it, do the QTE and climb around him as fast as you can. Break the rune and skip the next cutscenes. Quickly jump into his mouth and destroy the last rune.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter XII

    Final Battle

    Beat Satan without getting hit by the opposite magic attack: This is actually pretty easy. Just use Final Light on him when he is Red and Final Shadow on him when he is Blue. Do not get hit by the opposite colour or the trial will fail. Be sure to watch out for his Earthquake attack and his Firestorm attack. Then do the QTE while he is stunned to continue on with the fight. Rinse and repeat to beat the trial. Remember: You have a huge amount of magic this fight, it also regenerates very quickly.

DLC: Reverie

6 trophies

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Squire difficulty

    see Epic Victory

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Warrior difficulty

    see Epic Victory

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Knight difficulty

    see Epic Victory

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Paladin difficulty

    The difficulty trophies stack. So simply beat the levels on Paladin and all other difficulties will be unlocked. For chapter walkthrough please click on this Thread. Please note that changing the difficulty mid-level will only count as the lowest of the difficulties selected.

  • Gather all the fingers of Frankenstein

    Please click here for a detailed video walkthrough of all the fingers.

    Castle Hall (chapter 13-1)

    • Finger #1: In the Vampire Wargame (looks like a chess game board) area go all the way to the BACK on the LEFT there is a small passage

    Abandoned Wing (chapter 13-2)

    • Finger #2: After the very first water-run you will climb up/down the columns, after the columns you will fall down and start your second water-run, once you reach the first platform look to the RIGHT behind the ICE.
    • Finger #3: Its in the room where Laura fights the ghouls, after killing the ghouls Laura will let Gabriel come up. Then go back to that round room on the LEFT there is a ICE-WALL break it with shadow magic (infinite neutral orbs right outside the round room)
    • Finger #4: After reaching the blades checkpoint, pass the circle mechanism in the middle (that increases/decreases the speed) and pass the 3 blue blades. Then instead of going left go DOWN you will see LIFE ORBS, fall down and its right next to it

    Founder's Quarters (chapter 13-3)

    • Finger #5: Right after you complete the puzzle on the floor the door will open go through and instead of going to the CHAPEL go LEFT.
    • Finger #6: Once you reach the room with the 3 Lords of Shadows entrances (infinite neutral orbs in the middle room), go LEFT into CORNELL's shrine, you will see a puzzle on the floor looks like a jigsaw puzzle, from the center of the room its on the RIGHT, break the object and retrieve.


  • Complete all the trials for chapter XIII

    Please note that if you FAIL the Trial simply press and Restart from Last Checkpoint instead of starting the level from beginning. Also for the Trials do not rush, take your time at certain points.

    Castle Hall

    • Requirements: Finish the level without allowing Laura to kill a single enemy.
    • Tips: I would recommend playing on Warrior difficulty simply because Laura can kill enemies too easy on Squire difficulty. A good tip is to kill the first wave normally (without using any magic) then once Laura comes to help you either give it a few seconds for all enemies to spawn (ghouls, skeletons) or use holly water, then simply use the Dark Crystal and it will clear the room of all the enemies; after that finish the level. Like mentioned in the full game guide the best place to obtain a Dark Crystal is in chapter 10 level 3.

    Abandoned Wing

    • Requirements: Finish the level and cross the deadly blade wall without dying, keeping the mechanism at its maximum speed at all times.
    • Tips: red blades move fast, blue blades move slow keep that in mind. Before passing the very first blade make sure you put it at maximum speed by pressing the twice (if done correctly the blue blades will be moving). Make sure you take your time here, do not rush. Where appropriate (only left to right) do a fast move by moving or in the direction desired and pressing the to jump (keep in mind that both have to pressed at the same time otherwise it wont work). When you reach the first blue blade (above the circular mechanism) stay above the circle mechanism and get a feel of the blade's movements. After the first blue blade you will have 2 red blades below it, go to the far left end of the 2 red blades (once on the far left you can go up and down without having to worry; this is where you can repeat the up/down process until you get aquainted with the movements of the 3 blue blades below) and look for optimal choice for the below 3 blue blades. After passing the 3 blue blades do NOT go down but go LEFT instead. (To me this is probably one of the hardest trial in the entire game).


    Founder's Quarters

    • Requirements: Finish the level by filling the three pots of the Blood Orbs puzzle at the same time.
    • Tips: Rows will go top to bottom (top row, middle row, bottom row); Squares from left to right (left, center, right)

      Middle Row - Right Square -
      Middle Row - Center Square - then
      Middle Row - Center Square - twice
      Bottom Row - Center Square - (at this point you should have left and right blood ready)
      Bottom Row - Center Square - (all 3 bloods should be ready)
      Then press to Drop the Blood


DLC: Resurrection

5 trophies

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Squire difficulty


    See the trophy description "Epic victory - Chapter XIV"

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Warrior difficulty


    See the trophy description "Epic victory - Chapter XIV"

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Knight difficulty


    See the trophy description "Epic victory - Chapter XIV"

  • Finish the levels from Chapter XIV in Paladin difficulty


    There are only 2 levels in Chapter XIV so there should not be too much trouble completing them both on Paladin difficulty. It would help enormously if you have taken the time to max out your Life Meter as well as both Light and Shadow Magic by collecting all of the gems in the original game so consider retracing your steps through earlier chapters to do this if you have not done so already and are finding the going a little tough.

    Also worthy of note is that the last level should be approached with a full health bar and full light and shadow magic bars as the end boss fight is extremely difficult. There are 16 Flaming Skeleton enemies once you complete the jumping mini game spawning in lots of 4 but you can double jump to the chasm above without fighting any of them whatsoever, highly recommended as the boss fight is next and you will need maximum everything to defeat him. See Here for a strategy on this boss fight. In addition to this guide and the detailed boss fight walkthrough, x410xDragon has also written a superb Forgotten One FAQ which can be found Here

    **NOTE** Do NOT lower the difficulty mid chapter, as this will be saved and completion of either chapter having done this will only count as complete on the lowest difficulty you set it to be.

  • Complete all the trials for Chapter XIV

    With there being only 2 levels in this DLC Chapter, there are only 2 trials to complete. Below is a detail on each trial, a brief summary of how to obtain it, and a video to help you courtesy of Youtube user On3ManCr3w

    Trial 1 : Chapter 14-1 - Defeat the Forgotten One after absorbing 100 Neutral Elemental Orbs during the fight against him.

    This fight is tricky, and you must stay on your toes to defeat the Forgotten One. You must be able to raise your Focus Meter until it is full and remain unhit while attacking the Forgotten One to have him drop Neutral Elemental Orbs. On Paladin this can be quite difficult as it takes longer for your Focus Meter to fill up. Either way, stay on the move, get a quick combo in where you can, keep an eye out for his ground stomp and jump in the air when you see it coming. Make sure you collect the Neutral Elemental Orbs by holding down and/or before they disappear and sustain your attack and evade strategy until you have collected at least 100 Orbs - now defeat him and go on to complete the level to complete this trial.

    TIP: It is significantly more tricky to sustain a combo and therefore get Orbs from the Forgotten One after Round 1 of this fight, so purposefully fail to deflect the energy attack which leads you on to Round 2 and keep attacking and failing the QTE until you reach 100 Orbs. Thanks to Turbo Squirrel for the tip

    Here is a video showing how it is done :

    Trial 2 : Chapter 14-2 - Finish the level after destroying all the Flaming Skeleton Warriors

    There are 16 Flaming Skeleton Warriors all located in the same place on this level and they spawn in groups of 4. You can immediately dispose of a group of them by using a Dark Crystal to instantly kill them, very handy if you are on Paladin difficulty. The same strategies that applied to the original game Skeleton enemies apply here, try to counter their attacks in good time and unleash heavy combo's to break down their shields. Similarly, don't forget about their ability to reform once you have beaten them once if you do not finish them off with a ground attack. If this is too much of a challenge and you keep getting killed, don't forget you can knock the difficulty down to something more manageable - just remember not to do this on your Paladin playthrough. Once you have killed all 16 of these enemies, continue on to the end of the level.

    Here is a video showing how this can be done :

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