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    Defeat a boss with 5 players in skeleton form.

    The easiest is Chapter 1 boss. This trophy must be gotten online with five other players. When you reach the boss, have five of the players die intentionally by the boss. Now just simply have the final character kill him, but make sure the final character can kill him. If you want to boost this online, head over to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

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  • lol
  • Most anything thing ever! Why trophies you have no hope of getting unless you know enough people? WHY? : (
  • Looking to get this done. Obviously we need 5 people, add me, get your friends together, and lets get it done! :) PSN Nucleartrask Add Me!
  • Hey I just brought this game :) PSN: LuisGhoul if you need another person for this :)!
  • Please message me at tgrz314 for help in getting this. I already have one other friend so need 4 more.
  • Hi I have 4 ps3 controllers so I need 2 persons. Add me. PSNID: Neku787
  • Super late to the party here but as far as I see I cant start play online while also having other players locally? Since that seems to be the case I'm looking for people to get this done. PSN: Smingledorf

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