-Estimated Platinum difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 51 (37 10 2 1)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 7-12 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Glitched Trophies: No
-Required peripherals: 2 Controllers
-Do cheat codes disable Trophies?: No. Cheats are located in options menu.

Known Cheats so Far:

Unlimited Turbo
Enter 721953 as a code.
All modes and tracks
Enter 959595 as a code.
Laser Guided Aim
Enter 123456 as a code


Cars 2: The Video Game brings players inside the international training center C.H.R.O.M.E (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage), where they choose from more than 20 different characters and train to become world class spies. As part of their international training, they will participate in simulated hazardous missions using high-tech gadgets to evade and slow down adversaries. IGN's Overview


Step 1: Complete all C.H.R.O.M.E. missions

This step is plain and simple. Just complete every C.H.R.O.M.E. mission. Try to get at least a bronze on every mission, but aim for gold on the hunter missions if you don't want to replay them later for LEADER OF THE TRACK. If you use the unlimited turbo cheat, this step should be a walk in the park. If you constantly use turbo, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get bronze on every mission. Keep your eye open for Spy Point pickups during the C.H.R.O.M.E. missions for MASTER TRACKER as well. Most pickups can be obtained on the first lap of the race, so you should have 3 chances to get each one. During this step you should also go for miscellaneous trophies like HOP-A-LONG and SMASHING.

Step 2: Freeplay mode

At this time, you should start up freeplay mode to get the Arena trophy along with the disruptor trophies. You will need two controllers to get these trophies. You will need to set up a freeplay match and deliver the disruptor 35 times. The arena has only one trophy and that is to get 50 takedowns.

Step 3: Clean up

During this step, you will be going for all the trophies you still need to obtain to get the platinum. This is where the last bit of clean up should be, the trophies that interfered with playing through the game and having fun.

[PST Would Like to Thank AndrewAnonymous for this Roadmap]

Cars 2: The Video Game Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 10  37  )

  • Unlock 49 badges and crests.

    The badges and crests are the trophies, so collect all the trophies and this shiny, nice looking platinum will be yours.

  • Drive through 100 breakable objects in a single event.

    You can get this in the first real event that you participate in. There will be crates that are stacked up, some with 5 to 10 creates stacked high. Drive into them throughout the whole race (3 laps). By the end of the third lap, you should get this trophy. You will get the message in the middle of your screen that says Smashing, the trophy will follow. You should still be able to win the race if you have enough turbo. You can also get this in any freeplay event. I suggest starting a freeplay arena event. Just make your way around the course and destroy everything.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • Drive backwards for a total of 60 seconds in a single event.

    To drive backwards, move the right analog stick down. You can get this trophy in the first tutorial mission. Make sure to avoid any walls and do not use your turbo. Driving backwards also means the controls are reversed.

  • Complete 10 air tricks in a single event.

    You can get this in the second tutorial at the part where you learn how to use the turbo. There will be a ramp and you can use turbo () right before getting to it. Once you are close to the ramp, press to jump. After you are in the air, use the right analog stick to do tricks. 1-3 tricks in the same direction maximum for them to count. 3-5 laps around that track doing 2-3 tricks per jump will get you this trophy.

  • Use 15 turbos in a single event

    Easily obtained during the tutorial events. The tutorial events are broken down into 2 or 3 tutorials in one event. You can do this in any event you participate in just by pressing , but since the turbo is replenished by itself, you can boost an unlimited amount of times.

  • Get a perfect Quick Start

    You will need to rapidly hit the button until the boost meter under your car is full. It must be full by the time the countdown reaches 0. This can be difficult, but if you have a rapid fire controller or if you can tap the button quickly, you shouldn't have a problem. You also can hold the controller up to your chest and press the button rapidly. I used 2 fingers when doing this.

  • Hop 20 times in a single event.

    You hop by pressing the button on the controller. Just hop 20 times in any event and this trophy will be yours. I earned this on the first tutorial event.

  • Earn 30 seconds of bonus time by destroying Lemons in a single Attack mode event.

    Lemons are Professor Z’s minions. They are miniature cars that you must destroy. By destroying them, you will receive extra time on the clock. Destroying 30 of them is easy. Just make sure to chain your kills to gain more time before you reach your goal.

  • Destroy 5 explosive trucks in a single Attack Mission.

    To get this easily, start up a freeplay attack event. Set the truck frequency to high and the difficulty to easy. On easy difficulty, you should have plenty of time to get this. Destroy as many lemons as you can for extra time. I got this trophy on my second lap.

  • Gain access to the upper level of a skyscraper in Tokyo Arena.

    This trophy is earned on the “Tokyo Arena” hunter event. When you start, there are ramps on your left and right side. You need to go up either of these ramps to get on the roof of the skyscraper. To do this, you need to use turbo right before you hit the ramp and jump as soon as you reach the top of the ramp. The trophy will unlock when you land on the roof.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • Get a gold trophy in a single Survivor Mission.

    In survivor missions, you have to keep your shield power up for the duration of the 3 laps. Make sure to collect the batteries to keep your shield power up. Perfect combos give you more shield life then great combos. To get a perfect combo you have to collect a total of 9 batteries in a row. Also, use the power-ups to shoot the enemy that drives in front of you. That car will net you some shield life.

  • Knock the Disruptor out of any opponent's grasp 5 times in a single Disruptor Challenge.


  • Destroy 3 Lemons with the Satellite Quake weapon in a single Hunter Mission.

    You can easily get this in freeplay. Start a hunter event on easy difficulty. Set the weapons to Satellite Quake only. Now, all you have to do is destroy 3 Lemons with your weapon.

  • Collect 3 bonus batteries in a single Survival Mission.

    The professor is after you again, this time you use a shield to avoid getting hit by his attacks. There will be a purple bullseye in a checkpoint banner. Drive into the banner and a trail of 8 batteries will appear in front of you. Collect all the batteries that are in front of you to earn a bonus battery. Do this three times to get this trophy. You don’t have to get them in any order, just get them in one survival mission.

  • Hit any opponent 2 times with the Satellite Quake weapon.

    You will need 2 controllers for the following strategy. To easily get this trophy, start up a freeplay arena event. Set the weapons to Satellite Quake only. All you have to do is use your power-up on the other player 2 times.

  • Bash 15 Lemons in Hunter Mode.

    There are five waves of enemies in hunter mode. The first 4 waves are a minute long, and the fifth wave is 2 minutes long. This gives you a total of six minutes to get this trophy and come in first place. Just use the right analog stick to perform a side bash. Once you get 15 bashes, the trophy will pop.

  • Jump over an airplane's wings 3 times in Airport Arena.

    The second hunter mission you participate in has 2 airplanes and 2 ramps in front of the wings. Gain some turbo and use the ramp to jump over the airplane’s wing. Make sure to press to get more height off the ramp. Doing this three times will get you the trophy.

  • Drive through 10 fruit stands in Italy Arena.

    Italy is full of fruit stands. I earned this trophy without trying. Just hit every fruit stand you see and you will earn this without trouble. I recommend starting a freeplay disruptor event. If you do this in freeplay, you can make your way around the track and hit every fruit stand without worrying about enemies.

  • Use the island as a shortcut in Casino Tour.

    During one of the survival missions, you will have to collect batteries off of this island. Just go about collecting the batteries and this trophy will be yours. You will encounter that island on the third lap. It’s a little stone platform on the left side. The event title is Foe Interior.

    During the “Casino Tour” Event after starting the race, on your left side there will be a small raised stone area that has gas cans on it. Just jump from that island and back to the main road for this trophy to pop.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • Drive through 6 hedge sculptures in the Castle Courtyard in Hyde Tour.

    You can do this in freeplay. From the main menu pick Freeplay > Race > Hyde tour. After passing the trains in the race, you will make a right into the Castle Courtyard. In the middle, you will see green and red flowers shaped as a car. Hop onto them and then reverse 2 more times and repeat. You can also complete three laps and get two each lap. Remember, you cannot turn the car around to get them, you have to reverse. Trying to turn around will warp you back to driving forward.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • Drive through 15 lamp posts in London Arena.

    Start a freeplay hunter event on London Arena. You can drive around the course slowly to hit every lamp post. There are large and small lamp posts. You need to hit the small ones for the trophy. As long as you take your time to find them all, you should get the trophy without trouble.

  • Grab the attention of the Trimaran spotlight 3 times in a single event.

    You can get this during the CHROME missions or you can start a freeplay race. There will be an event called “Oil Rig Run”. During that event, there will be spot lights aimed at the track. Driving into any of the lights will make a minion shoot a rocket at you. Do this three times and the trophy will pop. Please see the video for more info.

    Thanks shoe478 for the video.

  • In Disruptor Mode, destroy the opponent's base.


  • Tip 3 tractors in a single Canyon Run, Timberline Sprint event or Radiator Springs Arena.

    I got this in Radiator Springs. The tractors are closer to the end of the race and you will definitely drive by them. Use the right analog stick to hit them. Hit three tractors in the same event and the trophy is yours.

  • Drift on a drift strip for a continuous 6 seconds in a single event.

    There are strips in every race event that keep the car moving and help the car pick up speed. They are arrows on the road that point in the direction that you need to go. Use the left analog stick in the direction the track is going and to drift on that strip. Do this for six seconds and the trophy will pop. You can easily get this by drifting at a very slow speed.

  • Drive through 17 street signs in a single Tokyo race.

    Each Tokyo event has blue streets signs that hang from a metal post. Just jump into them 17 times and the trophy is yours. You can also back your vehicle up and hit the same blue sign 17 times. Most street signs will need you to have turbo, so make sure to build up turbo.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • Collide 3 times with a landing aircraft in Runway Tour.

    While in the CHROME Missions, pick Clearance Level 2 and Runway Invasion (Attack). There will be a runway where planes come to land. You need to let the planes land on your car three times and the trophy will pop. You can stay in the same location until you are hit three times.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

  • String together 5 tricks in a single jump.

    You can do this on all the major jumps in the game. As long as you have turbo and use the button to jump, you should have enough air time to pull off this trophy. Push the right analog stick to the right to have your car do a quick spin, it’s the quickest stunt to pull off in this game. You have to land the stunt for it to count.

  • Side bash 100 cars.

    To side bash a car, push the right analog stick either left or right depending on what side of you the enemy is on. You can earn this in the side bash tutorial. Just keep driving around the track and bash every car you see

  • Drive through 500 breakables.

    There are tons of breakables in the game. Breakables include crates, road signs, fruit stands, light poles, and lumber. As long as you drive through as many breakables as you can, you should have no problem earning this trophy.

  • Spend 5 minutes drafting cars.

    You will need to be in a race to do this.You will see the draft sign come up on the bottom right of your screen when you are drafting another car. Just draft cars until this trophy pops. I earned this in my 3rd race

  • Drive backwards for 15 minutes.

    This can be accomplished in any of the tutorial missions. I found the third one to be the easiest to get this trophy because there is no gap to worry about. Press the right analog stick down after picking up enough speed to drive backwards. Remember, the controls are reversed when driving backwards.

  • Perform 150 air tricks.

    Throughout the game there will be ramps for you to jump off of, Just use the right analog stick to perform tricks. Pushing the right analog stick to the right is the quickest way to pull off a stunt. You can also do a stunt without ramps. Just hop with , and then do your stunt. Do this 150 times and the trophy will pop. As long as you do a stunt whenever it is possible, you should have no problem earning this trophy.

  • Use turbo 250 times.

    This will come naturally as you play the game. Under your car, there will be 4 bars that show up empty when you start the event. Perform tricks, drive backwards, drift, or pick up gas cans to build turbo. When you have 1 full bar of turbo, press to use it. Do this 250 times for the trophy to pop.

  • Get 40 perfect Quick Starts.

    You will need to rapidly press the button at the start of an event to do a quick start. Having a rapid fire controller works very well, but if you don’t have one, holding your controller at an angle and using your fingers to quickly press can do some justice. If you want to know how many perfect quick starts you have completed so far, head to the main menu and go to awards. This trophy info is under the crests section.

  • Unlock any 10 badges or crests.

    This will unlock after you have earned your 10th trophy.

  • Unlock any 20 badges or crests.

    This will unlock after you have earned your 20th trophy.

  • Unlock any 30 badges or crests.

    This will unlock after you have earned your 30th trophy.

  • Unlock any 40 badges or crests.

    This will unlock after you have earned your 40th trophy.

  • Get a gold trophy in all of the C.H.R.O.M.E. Hunter Missions.

    There are a total of 6 hunter CHROME missions. Hunter missions required you to destroy lemons and build points. Each mission has a set amount of points needed to get gold. Make sure to chain your kills together to build more points get to the next level sooner. The Hunter missions are broken up into waves, 5 waves ranging from 1 minute to 2 minutes. That is more than enough time to get the required points for gold. Green cars are worth 10 points, purple are worth 20, and yellow/red cars are worth 50.

  • Collect and use each type of weapon.

    There are a total of ten types of weapons in the game. While most will come naturally from playing the CHROME missions, there will be one that can only be achieved during a race event when you are in 9th or 10th place. This weapon is a purple orb that sends out a purple wave, harming any car that is close. All the other weapons you can get from playing in the arena in the freeplay section of the game.
    Thanks to shoe478 for the following tip:

    Start up a Free Play Battle race and sit on a "?" and keep using the weapons. You should get it eventually.

    Here is a list of all the weapons:
    Troika Missiles
    Machine Gun
    Skate Jack
    Drop Mine
    Impact Mine
    Oil Slick
    Satellite Quake
    Satellite Blitz

  • Destroy 250 Lemons in Attack Mode.

    You will earn this from playing the attack events in the CHROME missions. If you have not received this trophy by the time you beat the CHROME missions, just start up an attack session in freeplay and go about getting the trophy from there. You can check your progress from the awards section on the main menu.

  • Hit the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival Mode.

    This should come naturally as you will need to hit chase cars to gain batteries to improve the life of your shield. You can easily get this in a freeplay survival event. Set the difficulty to easy and the weapons to satellite blitz only. The satellite blitz weapon locks on to the enemy, making this trophy much easier.

  • Deliver the Disruptor 35 times in Disruptor Mode.

    You will need 2 controllers for this trophy. To earn this, start a freeplay disruptor event on any map and set the score limit to 5. Simply drive to the disruptor and bring it to your opponents base. Repeat this until one team has 4 points and the other has 5 points. Now, restart the event and repeat until you have delivered the disruptor 35 times.

  • Knock the disruptor out of 30 opponents' grasps in Disruptor Mode.

    This trophy requires 2 controllers. This is actually easier than it sounds. Start a freeplay disruptor event on any map. All you have to do is get damaged while holding the disruptor. You can get hurt by explosives or just fall off the edge. It doesn’t matter which controller loses the disruptor, both count towards the trophy. It’s always easier to side bash the car to have them drop it. This way, you can have the same car pick up the Disruptor twice before it gets destroyed.

  • Drive 250 kilometers.

    This will come naturally as you play through the game. I got this during my level 1 CHROME missions. The distance driven will accumulate over all events. You can check your progress in the awards section of the main menu.

  • Take out 50 opponents in Arena Mode.

    You will need two controllers for this trophy, any controller will do. From the main menu, pick freeplay > Arena. Your options should look like this:

    Takedowns to win --- 20
    Weapons --- Satellite Quake
    Friendly fire -- Yes

    If you have the options set like that, you will only need to reset the match 2 times until the trophy pops. Have one controller get 19 takedowns and the other get 20. Takedowns for both controllers count towards the trophy. Once you get the 20th takedown, restart the match and repeat. It’s also best to stay in the spawn area of the opposing player.

  • Get a bronze trophy or better in every C.H.R.O.M.E. mission.

    This is fairly easy to accomplish since most of the events are not hard at all. As the trophy says, earn a bronze in all the CHROME missions. You only have to take 3rd place on these missions. If you use the unlimited turbo cheat, this trophy should be easy

  • Spend 20 minutes in the air.

    This will come naturally through the course of the game. I earned this during my level 3 CHROME missions. Hopping counts as air time, so hop as often as possible.

  • Collect 20 Spy Point Pick-ups.

    There is one Spy Point Pick-up in each CHROME mission. Find 20, and this trophy will be yours. Most of the pick-ups are hidden in plain sight, but some can be tricky to find.

    Thanks to shoe478 for the video.

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