There's No I In Beat 'Em Up Trophy in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

  • There's No I In Beat 'Em Up


    Play all titles online with another player

    How to unlock There's No I In Beat 'Em Up


    The sole online trophy is pretty simple. All that is required is to play each of the games online with another player. You do not need to complete the games. As soon as both players are in-game you are free to quit back to the main menu. The trophy will unlock as soon as you have played your seventh game.

    If you need help finding a partner, check the Co-Op Thread HERE.

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  • I supposed since there isn't a forum for this game yet, feel free to add me for this trophy.
  • Should be easy, sounds like you just need to play them, not finish them. Play for a few seconds then move on.
  • This glitched for me. I played all six games but one starting with Final Fight, I didn't play Battle Circuit. Switched PS4 went to bed. Came back in the morning, no pop on Battle Circuit, I went through many games with many people and then it popped starting Final Fight. In other words you seem to have to do all seven games in one session. LAME! Everything ok now since the game is new but in a few weeks/months when online is dead, might not be possible without boosting.
  • Hi looking to boost this one, online seems a bit quiet, add me PSN Davebrandy GMT time zone.
  • Got this yesterday, didnt glitch for me. @ #3 I played 4 out of the seven games a few nights ago and then returned to the main menu which prompted the autosave and then returned to the main title screen. They played the remaining games yesterday, joined the last game and trophy popped straight away.
  • Add me for boosting: Paulinger
  • Add me if you wanna boost this trophies. ID: devar666
  • Lookin to get this quick like. PSN: Kibakins
  • Looking for boosting partners. My PSNID is PewDPao.
  • PSN: EstebanKane. Madrid time zone (GMT +1). Feel free to send frendrequest with the name of the game on it. Thanks!
  • PSN: OMGmyFACE Down for boosting as well.
  • PSN: TheHittman3 Add me for boosting
  • PSN: AJ_Radio Need to boost this trophy with another player. Should only take 10 - 20 mins at most.
  • looking for some assistance with this trophy, thanks in advance. psn chaoswalker
  • Hey guys, here's my ID: WildZubatAppears

    My time zone is UK!

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