Explorer Trophy in Candleman

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    Light all candles in Chapters 10, 11 and 12.

    How to unlock Explorer

    Each level has a set amount of candles; the amount in each level is listed on the chapter select screen so you will have a way to track this and all candle-related trophies. Additionally, whenever you light a candle in a stage, it will show you exactly how many candles are in the stage. For the most part, the candles will be directly in your path so this is a lot easier than it sounds, plus lighting candles is in your interest, as they will help you see more of the stage without sacrificing Candleman's life.

    You don't need to light all candles without dying. If you die, whatever candles you've lit will remain lit; you do, however, need to light everything without failing back to the main menu (i.e. dying 10 times in a single stage).

    Also note that eventually the candles will burn out but again, they're still counted as having been lit. Additionally, in Chapter 12, sometimes the candles will be lit by the fireworks you light instead of by you directly lighting them.

    Finally, keep in mind that if you use chapter select to clean up these candles, you will need to finish the level to save your lit candle count.

    AbillionX has made a 100% walkthrough video, which I've posted below. Following it will get you through all levels with all candles lit.

    If you'd rather not load a 3.5 hour video, Game Guides Channel has a playlist of the entire game, broken down by chapter here: LINK.

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