Why Does the Candle Burn Trophy in Candleman

  • Why Does the Candle Burn


    Complete Chapters 10, 11 and 12.

    How to unlock Why Does the Candle Burn

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    See Explorer for a full game walkthrough.

    General tips:
    • Don't ever hold down the burn (/) button. instead, briefly tap them to get a burst of light. You only have ten seconds worth of wax to get through each stage and tapping the burn button will get you through most stages with only about half of Candleman's wax.
    • You have ten lives in each stage. Whenever you clear a stage, you will go back to ten lives.
    • The only thing that you will always be able to see, regardless of light level, are candles and whatever wax Candleman has shed. Use this to your advantage and briefly light Candleman on tricky ledges to mark where they are so you can more easily navigate platforms in case you die, thus saving precious wax.
    • In every stage, you will encounter at least one short, fat candle. These act as checkpoints. While they don't count towards the lit candles trophies, it is still very much in your interest to light these.
    • You do not regain your wax if you die and respawn at a checkpoint. If you've used a lot of wax by the time you hit a checkpoint, consider suiciding before lighting the checkpoint and trying again. You won't have to relight any candles on the way.
    • Take your time. You're not working against a timer and any jumps that may require timing will always give you multiple chances to make them.
    • Sometimes there will be puzzle doors where you will need to press buttons in a certain order. The solution is always scratched somewhere nearby – usually on the door or by the main switch(es) that let you access each button. You will never need to guess at the solution.
    • There will be some levels where fire will be an obstacle. Surprisingly, standing near these flames won't actually melt Candleman so again, take your time.
    • In the Chapter 9 "boss battle", having the boss' laser on you for a brief amount of time doesn't seem to affect Candleman's wax. Any longer, seems to and having its charged laser hit you definitely takes away wax so don't just rush through.
    • Chapter 10 introduces large blue candle ghosts. They will only come towards Candleman if he lights up. If they touch you, you will die instantly so watch out. That being said, don't be afraid to get close to them – you will often have to use their shadows to pass safely through Chapter 10's stages.

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