Grim Reaper Trophy

  • Grim Reaper


    Eliminate 10,000 zombies

    No secret here, it will take a while to kill 10,000 zombies. During the Harvest objectives however, there is an infinite amount of zombies that will spawn so these challenges are the best to farm the kills.

    There is a pretty good method to farm kills quickly and with almost no effort but it requires a bit of preparation (this method was posted by Dylan-Mehl on PSNP but I added a few things):
    • First you want to start with the Einhorn Revolving shotgun in your loadout. This gun is a pain to reload but is good to kill zombies in one hit and works very well against the big zombies with guns.
    • Complete objectives until you have enough to upgrade your shotgun to PaP level 3
    • While doing that, try to get the Ammo Gremlin covenant (refills ammo when stowed) and the Death Blow covenant (critical hits return one bullet) - if you get rare or legendary covenants it's even better
    • Get another gun at PaP level 3, any weapon that you're confortable with will do, you probably won't have to use it with this method but it's just in case
    • Once you have all that you should be at round 10-15 so start a Harvest objective when there's one and find a good spot to farm zombies. If you're lucky enough to be inside the house, you can stand on the staircase, zombies should not come from above you so they will line up perfectly below the stairs. Aim for the head and you almost all of the time will perform Critical hits, which will return one or more bullets to your gun depending on how rare your covenant was. Which means you virtually never have to reload your shotgun and can keep shooting at zombies. If you ever need to reload, just switch to your other gun for a few seconds and with the help of the other covenant, your shotgun will refill automatically.
    This is not a magical method but that might save some time for this trophy. Unfortunately, this shotgun is not a favorite weapon for any operator so you won't make fast progress towards these trophies.

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