Death Dealer Trophy

  • Death Dealer


    Eliminate 2500 zombies with a PaP level 3 weapon

    The Pack-a-Punch is in the main hub, on the other side of the fountain when starting a new run. Upgrading a weapon to level 3 will cost you a total of 52,500 Zpoints. Don't try to get this amont during early rounds as it'll take a while from just killing zombies. It will come naturally while completing objectives. You can also find upgraded weapons in crates that spawn sometimes in the hub or through the magic box.

    Once you get your level 3 weapon it's just a matter of grinding kills. The Harvest objectives have an infinite amount of zombies if you don't complete it so it's a good way to farm. See Grim Reaper trophy_silver.png  for a good farming method.

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