Hot Tempered Trophy

  • Hot Tempered


    Eliminate 10 zombies while your damage is increased by the Ring of Fire Artifact

    You should first get to at least level 4 before attempting this trophy, this is because you can then change loadout ingame and do many trophies on the same run.

    Once you are level 4, go to weapons => loadouts and create 4 different loadouts with the same weapon. For each of them choose one of the 4 different artifacts. Now ingame, press and you'll be able to change loadout and it will actually change your artifact. For this trophy you'll need the Rind of Fire artifact equipped. The artifact will be activated by pressing l1.png + r1.png but you need to charge it first, by killing zombies. When activated, a ring of fire will appear on the ground. Stand inside this ring and your damage will be increased, kill 10 zombies while you're in it.

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