Deal With The Devil Trophy

  • Deal With The Devil


    Equip 3 Covenants

    In the main hub on zombie mode, you will see a skull with big horns near the fountain and the square.png prompt will ask you to sacrifice hearts to get covenant abilities.

    You get 1 heart each time you complete a portal objective. The 3 different objectives are:
    • Blitz: You need to kill as many zombies as you can in a short period of time
    • Transmit: You need to escort an orb to its destination while killing zombies
    • Harvest: You need to kill zombies and feed 5 runes to 3 different pillars
    Each time you complete an objective, you'll receive a Heart and the game will move to the next round. This is basically how Zombie mode work in this game. Once you get 3 hearts, equipe any 3 covenants and you'll get this trophy. Then after sacrificing 13 hearts (buying 13 covenants) you'll get Baker's Dozen trophy_bronze.png.

    Note that Baker's Dozen trophy_bronze.png doesn't need to be done in the same run, it can be on different runs but the hearts that you don't spend will be lost once you finish a run.

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