Top Of The Mountain Trophy

  • Top Of The Mountain


    Reach max level with an operator in Multiplayer (base game operators only)

    First thing first, you need to unlock an operator. Until you unlock operators, you will randomly play with any of them but you won't make progress towards their levels.

    There are 12 operators and you can unlock them through Multiplayer or Zombies:
    • Daniel: 200 Marksman rifle kills / 2,000 Marksman rifle eliminations
    • Wade: 100 headshots / 250 kills with field upgrades
    • Halima: 50 prone kills / kill 3 Sturmkrieger
    • Polina: 200 sniper kills / 250 critical kills with sniper
    • Solange: 10 double kills / 2,000 eliminations with assault rifles
    • Shigenori: 25 finishing moves / 100 slaughter medals (5 rapid kills)
    • Roland: 300 AR kills / 1,500 kills with pack-a-punched weapons
    • Lucas: 100 hipfire kills / kill 50 boom-schreiers with SMGs
    • Beatrice: 5 kills without dying 10 times / complete 100 portal objectives
    • Arthur: 10 kills with killstreak / Exfil 3 times
    • Constanze: 300 LMG kills / 2,000 kills with LMGs
    • Padmavati: 200 shotgun kills / 20 eliminations with a shotgun without getting hit 50 times
    As you can see, the conditions to unlock them are a bit grindy and/or difficult. In addition to that, each of them have a favorite weapon and when playing an operator with their favorite weapon you get Double XP for operators and weapons levels, which is very good.

    With that said, I would recommend unlocking Halima as killing 3 Sturmkriegers can be done in only one run in Zombies (it's the big zombies that carry guns, that starts spawning at round 4 or 5). Plus, the MP-40 is her favorite weapon and it's a solid weapon to use on zombie and on mp.

    Once you unlock her or any other operator, keep playing with that operator and if possible with their favorite weapon to level up until you reach level 20 which is the max level for operators.

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