Pied Piper Trophy

  • Pied Piper


    In The Rats of Tobruk, lead the Rats through the desert without getting detected

    Mission 7: Rats of Tobruk

    Halfway through this mission, after taking out an outpost, you will need to interact with a map on a table. Before doing that, take the silenced MP40 on a table right of the map.

    When interacting with the map, it'll be your starting point for this trophy. Follow the mission marker and you'll see a tank on your right. You'll need to make it inside the ruins on the left without being spotted. After that, keep going left and there will be 2 enemies that you will want to kill with your silenced weapon.

    Keep following the marker and soon you'll see enemies on your right and on your left so just take the middle path above some rocks until you make it inside a house. In this house will be 2 enemies to kill on a right side and another one outside on the left. After leaving that house, you're done with this trophy.

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