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    In Lady Nightingale, take out all of Steiner's troops in the department store using only takedowns

    Mission 6: Lady Nightingale

    There's always an annoying and frustrating trophy on CoD games, well it is most definitely this one. It's not very difficult but it's really frustrating. Definitely attempt this on Recruit as it is impossible on Veteran.

    So after the section where you carry Misha, you'll end up inside a building which is the department store. From now on, you need to kill every enemies with takedowns only. Press r3.png when prompted, to perform a takedown on an enemy. It's very important to wait for the prompt to appear, otherwise you'll just punch the enemy and it won't count.

    In the first section, there are 6 enemies to kill before climbing up. They're pretty easy to get rid of, they won't see you unless you get really close to them so wait until they're alone and get rid of them one by one. If you get spotted it's easier to just reload the checkpoint and retry.

    In the second section, there will be 4 enemies. One in front of you when you enter, one on the right, one on the left and the next one at the end of this section. Again, pretty easy.

    You can miss these enemies so make sure you kill them all before moving on. After that you don't have to worry as it'll be mandatory to kill them all.

    After that, you'll reach the top floor and you'll have to kill the sniper. You'll get spotted here but don't worry, just go on either side and sneak your way behind him to perform a takedown. As you need 2 takedowns to kill snipers, do the same when he moves on the other side of the area.

    After killing the sniper, there will be a first group of 12 enemies but it's very difficult to explain a good strategy as they are random and will go wherever they want through the area. Just stay hidden and wait until you see one of them alone and kill them with takedowns, one by one. Just take your time and play it safe, if you get spotted reload checkpoint. After killing these enemies (or before, if they find out something looks wrong, it's a bit random here) more enemies will spawn. The same strategy here to take them one by one.

    Now the fun begins. After killing a certain number of enemies, you will get spotted. No matter what you do, combat will be triggered and you can't do anything about it. A sniper will also spawn as well as an MG enemy.

    The thing here is to stay very close to enemies and wait until they run to take cover. You will have a few seconds to perform takedowns but make sure to not miss as sometimes it'll just punch them. If it happens, just reload checkpoint. Again, take them one by one, this is a bit of a mess as they will contantly shoot at you and you'll need to retreat and get back to crawlspaces etc. Keep doing that and eventually you'll get them all, then take care of the sniper and the trophy should pop.

    Here is a video by PowerPyx, as I couldn't record a decent one when attempting the trophy and will never get back to trying it again:

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