Untouchable Trophy

  • Untouchable


    In Numa Numa Trail, avoid getting hit by the sniper

    Mission 5: Numa Numa Trail

    Halfway through this mission, you will come in front of a bridge with your teammates and soon a sniper will start shooting. Wait until your allies throw a smoke bomb and go take cover on the left side after crossing the bridge. Crouch and stay on the left side of this area, the sniper can't shoot you as you're in tall grass and there's trees in front of him. When there's no more grass you'll need to run and take cover behind a tree, you can be shot at here, even when behind the tree so if it happens just reload the checkpoints and retry. When you make it to that tree, wait until the sniper shoots again and run quickly to the next tree. From there hold circle.png to prone and make your way to the sniper, when you're close to him press dpad_up.png to highlight him and shoot at him.

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