Duck And Dive Trophy

  • Duck And Dive


    In The Battle of Midway, avoid getting hit by bullets during the first Dive-Bomb

    Mission 4: The Battle of Midway

    This trophy is a very annoying trophy and will probably require multiple attempts. First off, it's way easier to attempt it on Recruit difficulty because being shot by bombs will kill you quickly in Veteran.

    Very soon in the mission, you will perform a Dive-bomb with your plane which is basically Dive-Bombing at the ship to drop a bomb to destroy it. While dive-bombing you will be shot at by the ship and for this trophy you need to avoid getting hit by the stream if bullets.

    The very good thing is that getting shot by the bombs doesn't void the trophy. You get shot by the bombs whenever you go too far from the action, it kinda work as an invisible wall. You can use this at your advantage to escape the bullets then get hit by bombs instead. However it only works for the first few streams of bullets.

    The bullets are not random, it's always the same order so after a few tries you should know where to fly to avoid them. Watch out for the final streams when you aim at the ship as you can get hit here too.

    Make sure to not get hit (you can tell when you get hit by buletts as it makes a different sound than the bombs) and if you do, restart the checkpoint and retry.

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