Legend In The Making Trophy

  • Legend In The Making


    In Stalingrad, protect the Partisans without missing a shot

    Mission 3: Stalingrad

    You start the mission with a sniper, keep it with you until the end at this trophy takes place near the end of the mission and you will need that sniper.

    After rescuing Misha after the 2 big enemy encounters, you will climb on some roof and will need to protect the Partisans from that roof. Both this trophy and Rain Of Fire trophy_bronze.png take place here and you can get them both in the same run.

    Use your sniper and start shooting at enemies below. Make sure to not miss a single shot so take your time and wait until enemies don't move to shoot them. Do not try shooting at enemies when they're moving. After a while, some halftracks will come in to action, you can find some molotovs on crates on the roof. Pick them up and throw them at the halftracks, it might take a few shots to earn the trophy but as long as you don't miss the halftrack you're good. Once you get Rain Of Fire trophy_bronze.png , stop with the molotovs and get back on sniping enemies. Keep killing them one by one, taking it safe and make sure to never miss a shot. If you miss at any point, reload the checkpoint and retry. There are multiple checkpoints during that fight.

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